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Pretty Little Liars S05E17 "The Bin Of Sin" Review

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So here I am again reviewing "Pretty Little Liars", the self-flagellation I engage in everytime I watch this show (although enjoyable) in episodes such as these it's really hard for me to get behind the characters, amidst the jumping to conclusions, the diving into situations without having enough information and those damn secrets that aren't that damn serious! After 4 Seasons of this madness nothing is really happening and this episode plodded along to build and end a few relationships. I'll get to the play by play after the break.

This episode saw the girls (specifically Hanna) wondering what to do about the potential liquid Mona left at the storage unit. Hanna believes it's a trap set up by "A" (I say "A" because I don't believe nor did I believe it was Allison...not entirely anyway). I'm of the school that the storage unit was a gift to Hanna from Mona to aide The Liars in blowing this case wide open...but leave it to The Liars to jump to conclusions like Olympic gymnasts. So Hanna goes all Black-Ops (cause she's a badass) and commit some major B & E with Caleb in tow. Set you watches to see how this bites them in the ass (if it does at all, knowing this show). Spencer gets wind that the laptop is moving. I liked this moment because it finally gave us a little mini-mystery. We knew for a fact that Caleb and Hanna weren't moving the laptop, but the girls didn't, which caused them to follow "A". We had more information than they did, and because we did, we felt confident we knew what was going on. That's what this show needs more of, a glimpse on the other side. I want to see what goes on in the world of "A". Sometimes the mystery isn't who done it, sometimes the mystery is why...and at this point we've got no who's, no whys and we sure as sh*t ain't got no how about throwing us a bone here, writers?

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CALEB: Hanna, what are you doing?
HANNA: Gangsta shit.

Now here's something I've been meaning to address for awhile you'd think after 4 seasons of this "A" nonsense these girls would know better and be armed everywhere they went, especially after being almost frozen to death. I'm waiting for the montage of Hanna (and it would be Hanna) at the firing range shooting off rounds with a 9mm. Hanna and Caleb seriously have the strongest relationship out of everyone on this show, Spencer and Toby, as much as I like them (especially Spencer when she's out of her mind and hocked up on pills) are usually at each other's throats about what to do in regards to "A" and such. Are they gonna break up, because honestly, this show doesn't need more break-ups.

Funny how Emily always manages to catch this chick cooking. Hitting on a girl over a plate of mashed potatoes...classy.  Also that little moment of Emily saying she's the less neurotic...IN WHAT BIZZARO WORLD is she referencing? Need I remind her that for the majority of the 3rd season Emily suffered from a pretty serious drinking problem...or did she conveniently forget that too in her many black outs? Oh and as far as Talia being into Emily, I hope someone answered that phone because I CALLED IT! Now everyone can set their watches to see how long it takes Emily and Talia to make out with her...because that's just what we need, isn't it, more relationships, f*ck answers and explanations, no, just more relationships.

Are Ezra and Aria doing this "break up" thing again? Seriously? Are we going down this road again? Can we not, seriously? Can we not? Because the truth of the matter is Aria missed out on most of high school because a sociopath's been bothering her for the pass 4 1/2 years. And yet despite all of that, Aria still managed to pass high school, amazing, in the real world Aria would be failing school and a few shells away from stuffing a shotgun in her mouth, I kid, but the fact that these girls aren't on the verge of suicide and are somehow still making their way through school and on their way to college is mindboggling. I'm waiting for Spencer to pull a "Final Destination II" and just lock herself in a room. Just a side note, with as much school as these girls skipped how in the hell are they still able to go to college? And how in the hell is their lunch break long enough for Spencer to go the police station and back.

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Ezra, you do understand that you're the LEAST of my troubles right now?

The girls are still caught up on Holbrook and again, he and Aria just made out, if everyone who made out at least once in this show were cohorts this show would make less sense than it does. Why is everyone still hung up on Holbrook? Can't someone tell the f*ckin' truth! Maybe, Allison should spill the beans about everything she knows. There isn't much to say about this episode except, if what's in the barrel is liquid Mona, that's pretty hardcore, but I'm other the impression that it might be something else entirely...just like at the beginning of Season 4 when it was that pig in the trunk instead of Wilden's body (that was a massive gip) and now here we are again. Well atleast it's a barrel of liquid someone. And what's up with the ending of this episode? I'm starting to believe that MAYBE, MAYBE Mona isn't dead, after all Allison was buried alive and no one exactly said that that was in fact Mona's blood...I don't know, I'm holding out hope that Mona is still alive somewhere...if for no other reason than because I think she's adorable and crazy. This episode was unfortunately pretty bad, but I'm hoping it's laying the ground work for something that'll be pretty big in this season's finale. One can only hope and time can only tell, until then...

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  1. I'm glad you are still watching the show, though the slow-paced episodes and the TWO more seasons to go make everybody imagines if we can bare with it...
    Anyways, I would just love to hear your opinion on this theory of A being HAnnA. It's a pretty solid one:1) she has the motive (always an outcast or tortured by Alison until Alison was gone), 2) she's showing lately she has the means and the brain... adn who else would work with MonA and Lucas?
    I guess nobody has stolen MonA's game after all - remember her at Radley telling the mysterious blondie "I did everything you asked for"? Like, I even ran over you when it was necessary. And all the crazy episodes with the twins is about HAnnA's mum.... makes one asks what is that all about.
    But that means that someone entirely different killed MonA, maybe someone who is into them, and is now trying to frame HAnnA for it. Damn it, would it be good!
    Also, the guy in the end of the last episode? That's definitely Ezra. The book writing is BS, and since the writers decided he is one of "the good guys", he must be out there trying to protect Aria and gather evidence, Maybe we've seen him a couple of other times without knowing it. If not, just cut him off the show, like the parents.... the Brew storyline is so boring.
    Keep up with the reviews. At least you'll have a good show to talk bad about \o/
    PS: Where is that whilstling parrot???