Friday, December 30, 2016

Video Games Woes

As the Christmas season has passed and 2016 is rapidly claiming life after life (Rest in Peace Carrie Fisher, Garry Shandling & George Michael) thus making the being that is The Keith Richards stronger, I figured I'd write about a topic I don't talk about frequently and that's video games. With my recent purchase of "WWE2K17" for the PS3 (which is another article all together, believe me), I've become faced with a dilemma that's albeit easy to solve but one that requires some thinking on my part. So I figured, why not make an article out of it. Here we go;

As I've stated before in a video I made previously that's unavailable (curse you, Blip!) I'm an extremely limited gamer, hence why I hesitate calling myself a "gamer" proper. I consider "gamers" to be people who take their gaming seriously. You know the type, people who binge play, who have headsets, who use the term "lag" as a 4 letter word and loathes "campers" to high hell, those people and I'm not one of them. I am however a Hardcore Wrestling gamer, why? The answer is simple, one of the main staples of wrestling games is The CAW feature. Only us hardcore wrestling gamers know what CAW is and it stands for "Create-A-Wrestler". Ever since wrestling games have introduced this feature I've been playing them and I'll more likely continue to play them for as long as this feature is available.

Then something else happened, I got wind of "Saints Row 4" and low and behold, it also had a create a character feature on it and I love that game! Then "Dragonball Xenoverse" came along and love that game as well. Long story short, I've found that I'm far more apt at playing games where character creation is a feature rather than playing as a standard protagonist. Don't get me wrong, sometimes that works, like in the case of Zelda or something similar but overall, it makes the game far more personal when you're playing with a character of your own design. I mean Hell, I love character creation so much I'm one of the VERY FEW people who actually enjoyed "Mortal Kombat: Armageddon" (Blasphemy, I know).

Yeah, I actually liked this game...

The thing is I really like video games! I loved every minute of playing "Xenosaga", I enjoyed playing "The Last Of Us" and despite the many mundane tasks, "Heavy Rain" was pretty cool too...but with the exception of "Xenosaga" & a few areas on "The Last Of Us", not too many games have great replay value. "Heavy Rain" despite having multiple endings and different scenarios, the game has so many mundane tasks and "going through the motions" B.S. that it's not worth it.  And then there are DLCs which I've written about before. Gone are the days when a game's replay value was based on unlocking hidden content or obtaining some God Weapon or some super badass hidden character or cheats that'll make game play a little more interesting and fun. Nope! Now all of that can be yours for $9.99 or a few months of waiting until the "Special Edition" is released.

Looking at you again, Mortal Kombat...

Thankfully, The WWE Games, despite their MANY failings, still has you play the game in order to unlock characters and content and the DLCs are just added bonuses for fun, but a lot of games don't do that. Furthermore, video games are rapidly becoming obsolete, this couldn't be more evident with The WWE2K Series. I have "WWE2K14" & I bought "2K17" not too long ago and as it stands there is NO immediate difference between either game EXCEPT certain aspects are missing ("Create-A-Story" & Showcase Mode) but EVERYTHING is exactly the same! Not so with the PS4 version of "2K17" which features "My Career Mode" and a host of other brand new bells and whistles.

From what I hear isn't that great though...

Sorry to keep you waiting but here's where the purpose of the article comes in: My ONLY reason for getting a PS3 was so that I could play "WWE2K14" and have my CAWs with their own original entrance music, THAT'S IT! That's the ONLY reason I bought a PS3. That reason and that reason alone! Now that I have that in abundance and since PS4 no longer allows you to use custom music, there's little to no reason to purchase a PS4...or so I thought. Now that I've discovered other games like "Dragonball Xenoverse II" and a few others that escape me at the moment are exclusive to PS4, I'm once again behind the curve.

So far not much has changed to be honest...

Not to mention the other games that GREATLY interest me, such as "Detroit: Become Human" which is created by the same developers of "Heavy Rain" and it also features my hometown of Detroit, so VERY interested. Not to mention if a "Saints Row V" is ever released, PLEASE BELIEVE I'd love to play that! Video games have lost their playing mechanic and have largely become interactive movies like "Until Dawn", EXTREMELY interesting game but in my opinion only worth one play through and I'm much more interested in the next Mortal Kombat's story mode than I am actually playing the game. Again, I'm looking forward to "Death Stranding" but only for the story and watching someone else play it, I have no actual interest in playing these games.

I do like my choices to actually matter in the overall narrative...

And let's say I do! Then what's going to happen? In a little under 3 years The Playstation V (not Five, V like the letter, because let's face it Playstation 5 sounds terrible) will come out and I'll be behind the curve once again. But sadly, I find myself wandering the aisle of the video games section in various department stores looking for something that catches my attention or tickles my fancy, not even the new "Grand Theft Auto" has me interested (to be fair, no GTA game caught my interest passed "Vice City"). So maybe there really wasn't a point to this article, maybe I'm just realizing that I finally got what I wanted out of a wrestling game and have peaked as they say? Maybe I'm trying to create a need where there isn't one...I don't know, what do you think?

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