Friday, January 6, 2017

Did 2K Sell Us The Same Game ?

I'm a HUGE wrestling gamer. I loved wrestling games ever since the days of "WWF: Warzone" (so you know I got cred). The main reason why was because of Create A Wrestler Mode. A function of the game where you get to create your own wrestler with their own moves, entrances and so on. Then "WWF: Attitude" upped the ante in allowing you to create an arena and create a PPV and introduced a Career Mode. Now I was a Nintendo64 for guy so unfortunately I never got to play any of the SMACKDOWN series for Playstation that I hear were actually REALLY good, but when I gotta Playstation 2 "SMACKDOWN!: Shut Your Mouth" & "SMACKDOWN: Here Comes The Pain" were my go to games and I also did partake of the awesomeness that was "WrestleMania 2000" & "WWF: No Mercy". Then the "SMACKDOWN vs. Raw" series came out and more creative ability came with it. I gotta PS3 VERY late in the game so my last wrestling game purchase was "WWE2K14" and at long last I got what I've finally been missing in wrestling games all my life, the ability to add custom music. With, the ability to create a story, a title, an arena, a whole show and 100 create a wrestler slots I had finally gotten everything I had ever wanted in a wrestling game...but alas, my victory was a hollow one, here's why after the break;

I'm not going to lie, I did purchase WWE2K17 for the PS3, I'm also not going to lie, I don't have any plans as it stands to purchase a PS4. With those 2 things out of the way I can begin this article proper. So what am I writing about? The TL;DR version: WWE2K14 and WWE2K17 are the same game EXCEPT WWE2K17 has LESS than more. Now if you're paying attention you'll see the magnitude of the situation as I do. WWE2K14 came out in 2013 and WWE2K17 came out in 2016, that's a 3 year difference and with in those 3 years there has been NO significant difference between the games for PS3 users. The differences being Roster size (which if you're a wrestling game player the fact that the roster is expanded from the previous year's is a no brainer and not worth mentioning) and some new unlockable arenas, that's about it.

Also why does one member of The New Age Outlaws cost more than the other?

Now don't get me wrong, I'm no dummy (that's debatable) I totally understand 2K wanting use to shell out the extra cash for a PS4 so we can enjoy PS4 exclusive things like "My Career" Mode & Create-A-Show Mode and better graphics, and I'd gladly pay 59.99 for that...BUT NOT FOR THE PS3 version which shamefully enough is the same exact price as the PS4 version despite not having anything from the PS4 version! Now, before I harp too much on this, I should say that I got "2K17" on sale for 29.99, so I wasn't one of the many unfortunates who paid full price only to discover they've been duped, and quite shamelessly, I might add. There's a reason E3 doesn't seem to give too much of a crap about wrestling games, it's because for the most part, wrestling games are easily the bottom tier of Gaming Culture. You look at the video games that get the most coverage, things like Metal Gear Solid, GTA, Street Fighter and so on so forth. These are the games that people are looking forward.

Wrestling games come out every year and a churned out like fast food. By October, "WWE2K17" will be obsolete and "WWE2K18" will be the next big thing. No one's really looking forward to them AT ALL because they know there will be another one by the end of the year. NO! For starters if 2K is going to improve it's product, for starters, it needs to stop making Past Gen versions of their latest games. If you're going to make content exclusive for next gen consoles, the polite thing to do would be either stop making past gen versions OR give past gen versions their own exclusive thing that'll make the 59.99 worth paying to them. Because from what I see, there's no reason to purchase WWE2K17 for the PS3 aside from A.J. Styles.

Part of the reason why I bought the game.

2K has done quite a bit in expanding wrestling games but now they're resting on their laurels and that's a NO-NO in any business. I've read more than enough forum post and I've been outspoken about my displeasure with wrestling games in the past, but now this...this is...selling people the same game for full price 3 years afterwards and just slapping a new cover on it...that's unforgivable. And this isn't to bash 2K, after all they've given us Universe Mode & Create-A-Story mode and those were steps in the right direction. NOW'S THE TIME TO GROW! Unfortunately, I don't see 2K advancing their games at all BUT the silverlining is hopefully when 2K's contract with The WWE expires, it'll go to someone else who's more willing to listen to their consumers. Until next time, take it easy everybody.

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