Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Movies I'm Looking Forward To In 2017

Better late than never. Here is my list of movies I'm looking forward to. Many obvious ones on this list. Here we go.

M. Night Shyamalan is a name that sparks a lot of debate film-wise, and while he's lost his marbles in the past, "The Visit" definitely brought him back into the conversation. "Split" is a movie of M. Night more or less getting back to his roots and going back to thrillers. This deals with multiple personalities and kidnapping. James McAvoy is in the lead on this one and he's an awesome actor. Chris Stuckmann had some good things to say about it and while I disagree with him on a few things, we seems to share the same opinion of M. Night. Looking forward to this one. Here's the trailer.

I loved "The Ring", it was the first horror movie in recent memory to really scare and also the progenitor of Asian Horror American Remakes, all have failed and failed miserably except for "The Ring" and while this movie appears to be taking the mythos in it's own direction, it still pays homage to the original film. Only time will tell how this one pans out but nonetheless, it's on the docket. Check out the trailer.

So this is a thing that's happening, a full on "Power Rangers" reboot. Despite it being completely unnecessary, after seeing the teaser and the production stills this can go either one of two ways: Completely awesome OR So good it's bad! At the very least it could be "Oh, wow, this wasn't bad.". But that all depends on how other things in the movie are executed. I've written about the things that bring me hope and the things that give me pause in my Strange Log so I suggest checking that out. Here's the teaser.

The first movie was such a blast! Great cast, great sense of humor and this one seems to be more of the same and that ain't the same! Marvel has really done right by these characters and I'm looking forward to enjoying this!

Yeah, Spider-Man has had a HARD go of things since Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man. The character suffered a reboot with Andrew Garfield and now Tom Holland is donning the red & blue. He was backdoor piloted in "Civil War" much to the enjoyment of many (myself included). Now that Spidey is back home with Marvel and included in The Avengers (either directly or indirectly) this looks like the movie legitimate Spider-Man film since Tobey Maguire's portrayal.

Can I live in denial for just a moment? Please?! Thus far DC/Warners Bros. has failed and I mean utterly FAILED to impress me, "Batman vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice" was lackluster to say the least, the less said about "Suicide Squad" the better and now "Wonder Woman" is coming out...and if any movie needed to be more than "okay." it's "Wonder Woman" and I'm sorry to say but Wonder Woman ain't gonna blow the roof off of anywhere. But thus far the "Justice League" trailer looks decent, certainly looks like they're moving in a better direction, aside from the horrible CGI on Cyborg. I will be seeing this and giving it a full review. Here's the trailer.

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