Thursday, March 23, 2017


FINALLY!! Geez! If there was EVER something I was waiting for, it was this! Whether you were waiting for this negatively or positively or wasn't even aware it existed (like a good 80% of the internet, shocking, right?) we're going to talk about the American Adam Wingard "Death Note" teaser and see what we see! Let's dive in!

Right outta the gate it looks like Light (Turner being his last name in this version) doesn't find the Death Note, it's merely dropped off next to him, not a huge change but a change nonetheless. Also it looks like he will be using the name "Kira", I have issues with this, for starters the name "Kira" come from the Enrgish pronunciation of the word "Killer". In Japan I can see why he was called "Kira" even though they're actually saying "Killer". But when translated into English they continued calling him "Kira" even though that's a girl's name. Calling him "Killer" is stupid and calling him "Kira" is even more stupid, However, I'm not certain how to correct that as there isn't a nickname that'd do "Kira" justice. So hopefully they have an American reason why he's using a girl's name as his name.

That aside, L...*sigh*, I'm not sure what to make of him, it all depends on how he does as L and whether or not he makes the character his own. I really enjoy L as the diabetes baiting, pasty, heavy-eyeliner, no sleep getting, monkey footed, can't comb his hair, eyes as black as my ex-girlfriend's heart, Misa loving (but who can blame him she's really hot), kinda having a bromance with Light, capoeira practicing, detective dude and changing his race and appearance is asking a LOT because L has such an iconic look to him. Say what you want about Light, at least Nat Wolff looks enough like the part, but Keith Stanfield looks nothing like L. Everyone who's complaining about White-washing should also be complaining about Black-Washing because these Ls look nothing a like and he will either make or break this for me. I'm hoping he does a great job.

Speaking of great job, Willem Dafoe sounds amazing as Ryuk and if there is NO redeeming thing about this production at the VERY LEAST HE will be the most entertaining thing in this. Cannot wait to see what they do with him. I am given pause on whether or not they will label him as a Death God or merely a Grim Reaper. Seeing as how it's Netflix, I think they'll just say "Screw it!" and call him a Death God (I don't see them using Shinigami). Either way, he's bound to be tons of fun, it's Willem Dafoe after all.

What I believe to be Misa (Mia as she's known in this version) is smoking whilst engaging in cheerleading, how she's able to do that is unbeknownst to me. She looks tired but nonetheless as comely as the actual Misa, however I doubt she'll be as integral to the story as Misa actually was. You have to remember this is a movie and we don't need to complicate things by involving another "Kira". How she'll fit into the world is anyone's guess but we'll see.

So now that we have our first few images, let's begin. For starters I'm wondering just what exactly the story will be. We all know the basics but how will they involve Mia, will there be Near & Mello? Will there be a 2nd Kira? What will L be like? What is happening at the carnival? Will Light a raging douche bag with a god of a god complex or will he be an avenging angel? There has been much speculation and some rumors here and there but nothing has exactly stuck point blank. In the end Adam Wingard is a very capable director, I loved "The Guest", "You're Next" was excellent, the less said about "V/H/S" & "The ABCs Of Death", the better, but with all that being said, I feel like this is in pretty good hands, but we'll see come August 25th. Until then, let's talk people!

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