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A "Grimm" Solution

Okay, now that the dust has settled around "Grimm", I can write this article. I've made case, after case, after case about the glaring issues with "Grimm" and even now I can still see some considerable issues but I won't address those issues so much. Rather than just being some guy complaining about a show online, I figured how about I show you guys how I could have done "Grimm" better! Before I continue I'd like to say that minus a few missteps in my opinion, I really did enjoy the finale of "Grimm" and I didn't think I was going to. But I digress, let's do the previous seasons of "Grimm" better and see what we can do.

There's much debate about when "Grimm" went off the rails, however if I had to pin-point an exact moment, I'd say the whole Adalind's Baby snafu. For me The Royals never had a solid reason for wanting Diana, aside from constantly saying "she's a royal baby" (which we've established, she's not because she's a bastard of a bastard, which means whatever Royal blood she has is diluted). So my re-write being in Season 3. For starters, Diana isn't Sean's baby she's Eric's baby. In this re-write of "Grimm" there are no other Princes, so there won't be a Prince Viktor & Prince Kenneth (and I love me some Kenneth), why? It's simple, in my version of "Grimm" King Fredrick has only 2 heirs, Eric & Sean, HOWEVER considering that Sean is illegitimate, and since Eric is dead, Diana is the ONLY heir to the throne.


The Resistance is also another enigma in "Grimm" since all the backroom deals and hushed phone calls ultimately lead to nothing. The Resistance's goals weren't entirely clear, they were so unclear that they were completely dropped in the later seasons for Hadrian's Wall. In my version of "Grimm", The Resistance have been planning a coup to establish Sean as King, however now that Diana is a legit Princess, this complicates things. So The Resistance wants to obtain Diana to keep The Royals from getting to her so The Resistance can say that there is NO heir EXCEPT Sean to take The King's place. So naturally, The Resistance wants to kill Adalind. However, Sean, being who he is can't allow that, let alone kill his own brother's daughter and he decides to leave Adalind with Nick in order to protect her (not only from The Resistance but from The Royals as well).

Meanwhile, Nick is dealing with an emergent Wesen movement calling themselves Black Claw (still a stupid name). Black Claw is dedicated to killing all humans and destroying all things Grimm. Black Claw will function like terrorist cells, creating chaos in large areas and disturbing political functions by using their Wesen abilities. Conrad Bonaparte hears about Diana and considers this an opportunity to gain the upperhand by holding Diana for ransom to leverage power from the King. While a Black Claw member is spying on Adalind, he sees this;

In haste he calls up Conrad and says "The plan has changed, I'll explain everything later!". So the spy arrives and Conrad wants to know what the deal is, the spy reveals himself to be a member of The Beati Paoli and tells Conrad a legend of a "Wesen King", a Wesen so powerful that not even the Grimms could kill him, they could only stop him, this Wesen King didn't have a name but the Grimms feared him so much they called him Zerstorer. Conrad wants to know what that has to do with Adalind's baby and the spy tells him that he saw Zerstorer's seal on Adalind's stomach. That seals means that Diana is a shaphat, the one being powerful enough to allow Zerstorer to re-enter our world. The spy shows Conrad a series of old Grimm books and Hexenbiest tomes in order to prove his point.

Black Claw, being the Wesen fanatics that they are decide that they need to obtain Diana in order to release Zerstorer. So now you have 3 factions attempting to get ahold of Diana for 3 different but nonetheless important reasons. The Royals want Diana to maintain power by having a continual Royal bloodline, The Resistance want Diana to keep her from being able to claim the throne that they want Sean to have, and Black Claw want Diana because she can help them achieve their goals in helping Zerstorer enter our world. Sound good? You see the problem with Zerstorer isn't so much Zerstorer himself as there wasn't enough build up to him. We had only seen him in this season and we had only heard of the concept of a shaphat in this season, that's not enough time to really grasp what those thing entail.

However, if we had spent a few season prior bringing up Zerstorer or at least mentioning such things as a shaphat & Zerstorer we could at least be somewhat knowledgeable about these things when they're finally introduced en toto. Moving right along, The season would end the same, with The King being pushed out of the helicopter (still the greatest scene in television history and I'm not even kidding) and Meisner (working with Sean) safely taking Diana away to make sure she lives but stays out of the way as Sean prepares to claim the throne. And that's how we'll end Season 4.


As we being Season 5, Sean is preparing to step down as Police Captain and establish Nick as such, however Black Claw sends Sean a ransom demand (after all Sean is the heir to the throne now so Black Claw would have to deal him). Conrad reveals that he has Diana and demands that Sean meet their demands in order to save Diana & his own claim to the throne. Sean agrees after failing to fight Conrad (after all Conrad is full Zauberbiest while Sean is only half). Basically, Black Claw orders Sean to cover up their political assassinations. Eventually, Hadrian's Wall catches on and hires Nick in fear that Sean is working with Black Claw. Through H.W.'s resources and Nick's detective skills, they discover that Black Claw are targeting antiquers and international historians & museum curators.

Both groups see this as odd because why would an organization bent on world domination busy themselves with killing historians and curators, this seems odd until Nick realizes they're going after the keys and Sean is basically covering up for me. Nick confront Sean about this, recalling the time that Sean gave Nick the key back as a sign of trust. Sean reveals he's being blackmailed by Black Claw and that they have Diana. Nick & H.W. secure Diana in a fight with Black Claw and in the scuffle, manage to take The Spy prisoner. H.W. interrogates him and The Spy reveals that the whole schpeel about Zerstorer & Diana as a shaphat and also that the keys unlock an ancient power that Zerstorer had. Nick and Monroe set out for the keys.

One of the issues I had with them finding The Treasure of The Crusaders is that it was too easy. In this version it'd be a race between Nick & Black Claw, almost Indiana Jones style in Raiders Of The Lost Ark. So the same events would happen, Nick would find The Stick, discover that it has the ability to heal, heal Monroe etc. etc. However, the final confrontation would see Nick & Bonaparte kill each other. Nick dies and then after a beat or two he'd open his eyes suddenly and draw breath, revealing The Stick's power and this is how we end Season 5. Season 6 starts off with Nick revealing to his friends that he was dead and having them trying to figure out what The Stick is and who Zerstorer is.

Using H.W.'s resources and complied information from Black Claw, Nick discovers The Truth about Wesen. In this Season, Monroe scoffed at the idea that Wesen could possibly be from another planet, however this isn't entirely far-fetched, at least not in my version. Wesen, in my version would be from a parallel universe. In that universe, Zerstorer was King. Millions of years ago, Zerstorer found a way to enter our world and by doing so, unleashed hundreds of thousands of Wesen into our world. In order to create a balance, Grimms emerged. The Grimms realized they couldn't kill Zerstorer BUT they could trap him. They managed to damage his Stick and by using a piece of it they forced Zerstorer back to his home dimension. However, The Grimms were left with a bigger problem, the world was now running wild with Wesen who were not only breeding with themselves but with human women.

Over time Wesen forgot about their origins and decided to go into business for themselves, becoming Gods and heroes of lore. Eventually, the legend of Zerstorer became a myth, so far removed that Wesen even denied his existence, but The Grimms knew and hid a piece of The Stick. That Stick is the ONLY way to trap Zerstorer should a shaphat rise again. Hence why they didn't destroy The Stick, only hid it. With the history lesson over, the same events happen, however, instead of a prophecy, it'd be an aligning of the stars that would set Zerstorer free (The Crusaders cataloged the original event which allowed Zerstorer to cross over into our world). The stars would have to align perfectly in BOTH universes (hence why Nick saw the alignment when e crossed over to the other place) for Zerstorer to cross. So instead of them releasing Zerstorer by accident, Zerstorer is released by the same event he was originally released.

From here on you can insert the finale here and tell me that this doesn't tiddy the previous Seasons of "Grimm" up a bit? Let me know what you guys think! I'll see you guys later! Peace!

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