Friday, March 3, 2017

STRANGE LOG: 3-3-2017

What's going on in Ugo's life of Strange? Not much but nonetheless I've felt the need to establish contact once again by updating you all with a Strange Log. Here we go everyone!

Will I ever return to Youtube? Ya know, I've been doing Live Streams with Larry Williams and Uberhikari but at the end of the day, I'm nonplussed when it comes to Youtube. When I started Youtube way back in April of 2009, I joined up with the Dragonball Protest people and met some awesome people from Youtube, 4dabigtime and Jynx5150, when that ran it's course I started posted AMVs and that fizzled out, I did movie reviews and the storylines but that fizzled out as well. Ultimately, I'm not sure what to do on Youtube anymore. The landscape of Youtube has changed drastically since I began and sadly I've been failing to catch up and because of that I've found myself behind the curve despite being one of the beginning Youtubers.

That being said, my passion for Youtube has waned mostly because of the grand multitude of Copyright notices that other channels has suffered and the fact that Youtube has picked it's favorites when it comes to who can and cannot claim "fair use" when showing footage from a trailer and other things. Eventually it got to the point where if I wanted to continue making videos I'd have to be content when being just another schmo in front of a camera, and that wasn't going to do it for me at all. This lead me to creating my storyline videos but alas, I once again failed to find an audience for it and nothing happened (despite that I still have 2 Seasons in the chamber before I'm finished).

Youtube hasn't done much for me to be honest, despite introducing me to some really cool people, it hasn't promoted me and despite many others doing so, I haven't earned a single dime from Youtube. It got to the point where the effort and quality I was putting in to make my videos good was inverse to the return and response I'd get from said videos, so why push a rock up a hill? I basically stopped to decide if I wanted to continue and if I had a solid way to promote my videos if I chose to continue. Ultimately, I decided not to and stuck to a blog (this blog) as a way to get my opinion out and available in a timely fashion and it's pretty much served me well. Considering it takes me less time to write a blog than it does to record, edit and upload a video. So will I ever return to Youtube? The answer is no time soon.

Speaking of returning, I've lost all passion for battle rap. It's something I've been struggling with for a long time but I just have to admit it, I've lost all passion for battle rap. When, why, how did this happen? To be honest it was gradual, I started to notice some nonsense occurring in the battle rap world that pretty much drained the fun out of it. The nonsense included the Daylyt/Pat Stay title match, there was no obvious reason why Daylyt would get a title match and then the fact that only moments after losing the title to Arcane, Dizaster would get another title match against Pat Stay for no other reason than the two wanted to battle each other. There were other factors to, Pat Stay's pointless title reign, the lack of judged battles, battlers not admitting loses when they lose, unimpressive performances from battlers and just lackluster match ups.

The last classic match up I've seen...

The current title match in Head ICE vs. Rone and I couldn't be more bored despite the fact that I love Head Ice and Rone is awesome. I'm just not that interested in battle rap anymore. Maybe it's because I've seen all the matches I wanted to see, maybe it's because after Pat Stay took an ACTUAL "L" there was nothing left for me to complain about or maybe it's because I've grown out of it, whatever the case maybe, I think me and battle rap are pretty much done save for a few matches. Thesaurus pretty much puts in an excellent performance regardless, I'll watch a Kid Twist battle, I'll watch a Loe Pesci battle but for the most part unless Murda Mook comes back and he battles Math Hoffa, I'm none too keen on watching battle rap.

On the brighter side of things my "DEXTER-ity" videos have been re-uploaded and reposted here on the blog, check them out if you haven't already! I'm super happy those videos could get posted again as those were some of my favorite videos that I took a lot of time and effort producing. Also my Super Sentai Flashback video is available as well detailing the differences between Power Rangers and Super Sentai and the contrast between series. Hopefully in the future I'll be able to post more videos but for now those are available and I hope you'll enjoy them.

In other news I've been relaxing my TV schedule drastically, I've given up on "Gotham", "Pretty Little Liars" and now "The Blacklist" has found it's self on the chopping block. This isn't to say "the Blacklist" is a bad show but apparently I've become extremely impatient with TV shows to get good, and why not, what with shows like "Hannibal", "Cult", and "Forever" proving that network television can still tell good stories if given the chance. No, with "Gotham", "Pretty Little Liars" and "The Blacklist" available on Netflix, I think those shows would be better viewed in an (extremely rare for me) binge watching session. However, "The Path", "Grimm" and "Sleepy Hollow" remain on my To Watch list mostly because I'm watching them with my wife, but lone TV watching is quickly becoming reserved for later in the year when "House Of Cards", "Iron Fist" (kicking off on the 17th) and "The Defenders" make their way to Netflix.

...and "Stranger Things", gotta find out what the hell this thing is.

Speaking of Netflix apparently no one else is excited or even aware of the upcoming live action American "Death Note" movie. This is weird. Only a handful of Youtube videos even discuss it and it's primary discussion has been the casting of Keith Stanfield as L but outside of that nothing else has been said about it making this (for me at least) one of the most anticipated films to be released this year. I still can't wait for the trailer and see what exactly they do with the material. Adam Wingard is a more than capable director but I'm worried he might be out of his depth. Only time well tell...or a trailer for that matter, when that will be is anyone's guess as it still has yet to have a release date.

What else is there? I suppose not much. Ah yes, Project Blue. Listen, just because I haven't posted constant updates in regards to Project Blue doesn't mean there hasn't been any movement on it. So no, Project Blue is still ongoing and still going strong. Thanks for everyone if you were curious. Not really much to report other than that. Super excited about my upcoming progeny, coming this May! Anyways, that'll do it for me. I'll see you guys later. Here's a GIF of a burnt steak causes the destruction of the world, why? Because why not?

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