Saturday, April 15, 2017

My Thoughts On "Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi"

Here we are, living the dream as more "Star Wars" has arrived to our screens in a timely fashion to get some questions and speculation out. This time we're taking a look at The New Trilogy's 2nd entry "The Last Jedi" and I'll be sharing my thoughts on what I believe to be the most interesting pieces of the trailer. Here we go.

Just like the previous trailer, it begins with a bang and a character (this time Rey) in distress. As we all know the 2nd entry in The Star Wars trilogy is usually the time where the heroes get their asses handed to them (with the exception of "Attack Of The Clones") In "Empire Strikes Back" Luke lost a hand, Han got frozen in carbonite, Lando betrays his friends and Luke leaves Yoda to save his friends against his advice obviously rushing into a trap. A lot of noble but poor choices were made by the heroes in "Empire Strikes Back" and considering the title of this film is "The Last Jedi" which is an incredibly dark title, can we believe that this maybe as dark as "Empire Strikes Back"?

Stepping back for a second, in "The Force Awakens" many touted Rey as a Mary Sue which I strongly disagreed with (considering she spent a good portion of the battle with Kylo Ren running from him), but now is the time where we'll see whether or not I was right in defending her. Every Star Wars hero gets maimed in the 2nd film, Anakin lost a hand, Luke lost a hand, Rey has to get hurt physically in this episode OR I will proclaim she's a mary sue myself. Some of the images show The Resistance being attacked and I think this shows the full might of The First Order. The First Order took a considerable blow in "The Force Awakens" and perhaps now is the time for them to showcase "The Knights Of Ren", previously mentioned by Supreme Leader Snoke.

Depending on where they go with this a lot of things can happen that would explain the title "The Last Jedi". As it was mentioned Kylo Ren had killed all of Luke's students and turned to Snoke, Luke's connection with the force could be lost and Rey could be (at the time) the last Jedi until she can train more. Just because something is called the last doesn't exactly mean there can't be more, especially when it comes to an organization. Considering the fact that anyone can be trained to be a Jedi, that and Jedi is a religion, it stands to reason that the title really means that Rey is The Last Jedi for now and not permanently the last Jedi. However, Luke's comments that "It's time for The Jedi to end." is certainly ominous, but again, it just makes me believe that his connection to The Force has waned.

All in all here's what I want to see, The Resistance getting their asses handed to them by The First Order, I wanna see The Knights Of Ren (whoever they are) dominate, I want Rey to lose a hand, arm, leg, something and get bested by Kylo Ren, I wanna see more on Supreme Leader Snoke and just exactly why he's so dangerous and I wanna know what Luke's been up to since his disappearance. Last but not least this is Carrie Fisher's last film as she's dead in real life and Harrison Ford won't be in the film as Han Solo is dead, Mark Hamil is the ONLY human cast member from the original trilogy alive and well but I doubt they'll spam Mark Hamil. That means this new crop of Star Wars characters are gonna have to hold their own, thankfully they all can and I'm excited to see this movie. Catch ya'll later and may the force be with you!

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