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STRANGE LOG: 4-20-17

Here we are lad and lasses, yet another Strange Log where I just go through various miscellania about my life and other things. BEWARE, THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THE MOVIE "SPLIT". Ya'll ready, here we go!

Just finished "Iron Fist" not too long ago, I gotta say out of the span of the Marvel Netflix series, "Iron Fist" is easily the weakest but not for a lack of a good reason. As I've explained to a friend of mine, Danny Rand has a major uphill battle to go through after having been believed to be dead for 15 in proving that he is indeed who he is. The focus of this series is to establish who Danny Rand is and what The Iron Fist is and that I can say was well done, but the actual focus of the series to set up for "The Defenders". The choices made in "Iron Fist" were interesting to say the least but I feel like this series could have benefited from the "Daredevil" treatment (the majority of the develop is told through flashbacks). "Daredevil" started off with Matt Murdock already established as a vigilante, and we learn how he came to be Daredevil.

If "Iron Fist" had started with Danny Rand already established and living in New York and then discovering The Hand was operating within Rand the entire time then we could move along a lot of things. The reveal of Harold having killed Danny's parents was more than obvious and if that was the central focus of the series that'd have been amazing. Danny having to tread this fine line between being the Iron Fist and being Danny Rand. Then we could have the whole character arc of him ducking his responsibilities as Iron Fist, his survivor's guilt and trauma. But for what we were presented, I'm okay with. However, I will say that I feel like Daredevil kicked considerably more ass than Iron Fist, maybe it's the caliber of opponent that Iron Fist had as opposed to the people Daredevil were taking down but maybe that's just me. Hopefully, I hope in "The Defenders", Danny Rand is showcased as the badass he actually is.

With that out of the way, I'm still going game crazy, my most recent purchase is "Betrayal At House On The Hill". I very much so enjoy this game, however I'm learning that games can only be enjoyed if you're playing with people who enjoy games. Sadly, I'm not surrounded by those people and it's incredibly unfortunate seeing as how I feel like I'm coming into my own with my new found love of board games. That being said both "T.I.M.E Stories" & "Betrayal At House On The Hill" play more like video games than they do board games, especially "T.I.M.E Stories" but "Betrayal At House On The Hill" is like "The Cabin In The Woods" the board games. The Haunt Mechanic is amazing in my humble opinion as it adds replay value.

If you haven't played "Betrayal At House On The Hill" I'd say it's a pretty good primer for more advanced gaming (things like "Elder Signs", "Zombicide" & "Dead Of Winter"). The story is that you and your friends play a group of explorers who explore the eponymous House on The Hill. While going through the house you collect various items & omens, eventually based on your location and the omen in your possession, one of you become a traitor and the game completely changes, monsters maybe unleashed, ghost brides may try to begin a wedding and zombies might try to integrate you into their family, ya know, typical Wednesday night stuff. I adore the random nature of the "haunts" (as they're called in the game) and how both sides have their own objectives. That's really awesome and I wonder if one could replicate those in a video game. But I digress.

Let's talk about "Split" which is out on Blu-Ray & DVD! Here's a thing about "Split" that I don't think has been said, much like "Unbreakable", "Split" contained a number of flashbacks. While in "Unbreakable" the flashbacks focused on Elijah and his childhood (with only one flashback for David Dunn), "Split" focused on Casey and her childhood with only one flashback for Kevin. Nice parallel there for the two movies.  Not sure why I wanted to discuss that but I felt the need to mention that. I loved "Split" if I haven't mentioned that, I feel like this is M. Night's return to form and I really hope he sticks with it. The prospect of having David Dunn face off with The Horde is awesome and I can't wait to see what comes next.

Moving right along, "Pretty Little Liars" is coming to a conclusion this year. Ya know, I've shared a lot of memories with "Pretty Little Liars" and after Season 6's reveal of The "A" who we all knew was "A" it was more than a little disappointing. With the announcement of a Season 7 I was EXTREMELY skeptical and how they'd continue the series and sadly they haven't presented anything new. I have mixed feelings about it. To me, "Pretty Little Liars" had already ended, "A" was revealed and all is right with the world, but that's not the case. "Pretty Little Liars" went past the point of being a parody of it's self and actually tried to become more and by in large started to get less and less funny. Will I ever watch the latter Season of "Pretty Little Liars", eventually but just like "Gotham", no time soon.

Anyway, here's a project I've been trying to keep secret but I figured I'd put it out there and make it known. I've been trying to do a review of "VR Troopers", I'm up to episode er...13 I do believe and I've been taking notes and really focusing on character development, similar to how I've done my "Power Ranger" reviews. "VR Troopers" is one of those shows from the 90s that I watched but let's be honest, "Power Rangers" was where it's at, but "VR Troopers" just like "Power Rangers" had it's origins in Japan being originally footage mined from "Metal Hero" (the same series that gave us The Big Bad Beetleborgs"). So now I'm interested in "Metal Hero" and getting to know the base story before I get to the differences between "VR Troopers" & "Metal Hero".

I've been trying to get into Super Sentai, I got a few episode of Akibaranger just out of curiosity that I haven't sat down and watched yet due to time and just needing to acquire more episodes but I'm very interested. Super Sentai, Power Rangers and all that as a concept is just fascinating to me and I just want to see more of it. Eventually, I might due a review of the ONLY Saban property not based on any Super Sentai or Tokusatsu, "Mystic Knights Of Tir Na Nog" but let's not get too ambitious. Anyways, here's a GIF of Evil Fluttershy stomping on an orphanage, why? No reason.

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