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STRANGE LOG: 6-22-2017

It's that time once again for another STRANGE LOG! Yeah, it's been a minute (not really) but my world is constantly and rapidly changing now that I'm dealing a 1 month old son and a job that's sucking my soul out and eating away at my sanity like every season of "American Horror Story" I've ever watched (still accepting donations for lost brain cells, any and all donations are welcomed). There is a lot going on and a lot I want to talk about and get off my chest, so let's dive in.

For starters, Summer is upon us and while that's good news for some it spells nothing but bad news for me. Unfortunately, my hours will be increasing, I'll be working 9 to 6:30 in the 2nd Circle of Hell (that's Lust for all you uncultured folks where the condemned are blown hither and thither by violent storms and winds with no rest...and that's oddly enough very parallel to where I work) and because of that I'll be struggling to find time for some upcoming projects for this blogs, some personal projects and just general life stuff and because of that some things are gonna suffer...namely this blog. Sleep is scarce in  my world and when sleep in obtained rest is not and my job...uh...I loathe my job, I never hated anything more than I hate this job and when I get home I really wanna kick back and do nothing but hanging out with my son. Sadly, I've got somethings that I've been neglecting, namely a series I've been trying to write since 2008 and I've been making head way on it but now that the baby's here every time I try to sit down and draw he needs his bottle. I'm not complaining I'm just saying that my time is stretched VERY thin and I'm REALLY trying to squeeze in too much.

On the plus side I've been re-watching "Death Note" with my wife to prepare for the upcoming Netflix "Death Note" film coming out in August and afterwards we plan to re-watch "The Critic". This is in contrast to my trying to watch "House Of Cards" in my alone time which is very little and trying to get started on "Project Canceled" and my "VR Troopers" review. Meanwhile coming down the pike also in August is "The Defenders", later this year "The Punisher" and further down in October is "Stranger Things". Also not to mention that lately I've just been having a hard time keeping a single thought in my head. That being said, I guess I've just been biting off more than I could chew. "Blue Mist" has to be retooled once again, rules wise. Last time I scored a 65 out of 100 and recently I scored a 50 out of 100.

Light's reaction to the trailer. I kid.

*Sigh* so much going on, so much to do and so little time. Meanwhile I've been watching anime and have finished "High School Of The Dead" & "One Punch Man", both are stellar and a lot of fun! While there isn't going to be any more "High School Of The Dead" (sadly) "One Punch Man" has been announced to be getting a 2nd Season, so yay! More on anime, let's talk "Sailor Moon". Oddly enough, back in the day I lost Cable and thus no longer had access to "Sailor Moon". With that said, I haven't finished "Sailor Moon", and by that I mean I haven't seen any of the Sailor Stars Series. Back in those days a lot of anime was lunch room talk and well researched and by that I mean you could pretty much know what's going to happen in an anime without having actually seen it. Goku hitting Super Saiyajin was already well known during his fight with Vegeta. So while I haven't seen the Sailor Stars Series, I am aware of it and now I have the ability to watch it. So I will be checking it out in my "Anime RE-Claimed" Series.

In the name of the Moon!

Aside from all of that I've been burning out...I haven't been writing much, I haven't been doing much of anything I'd consider productive towards advancing anything to be honest. I've been looking for a new job but nothing's popping up and I wanna be out of my job by the end of this month...not very likely but one can only hope. Because I have a son now my out going time is going to be limited so I won't be seeing very many movies aside from the really big ones "The Last Jedi", "Wonder Woman" (probably won't end up seeing this, just because of time constraints) "Spider-man: Homecoming" and "Justice League", that's right going full nerd mode! Superheroes & Star Wars! I don't know guys, I haven't been feeling like myself lately, I seriously haven't been. This job is making me more cynical, more cruel, more angry and more ill-tempered than I usually am. My fuse is getting shorter and my patience is wearing thin, I'm not sleeping well and I'm ill-rested and as Summer time rolls in it's only gonna get worse...and I fear for my temperament. I don't know, you guys, I feel like I'm just complaining.

Maybe after I get these projects done I'll take a MAJOR break from everything and just try and veg on nothing for awhile...maybe that'll work. Lastly I think I'm cutting out "The Blacklist" I know I've threatened to do so before but this time I'm 100% serious. I'm fine with shows not addressing and answering questions but with "The Blacklist" I never can tell just how or if questions are being answered. Last season Liz finally confronted Red on being her father however when Red & Dembe were alone, Dembe said "And you didn't deny it?" which leads me to believe that Red's connection to Liz isn't genetic, just too simple and Red's connection to Katarina isn't entirely as a lover. But in reality I really don't care and have stopped caring. Maybe I'm cynical on the matter but at this point the episodic nature of the show bugs and the fact that people with answers just don't come out and say them. Mr. Kaplan could've easily told Liz everything and given her all the information she needed but the show makes it needlessly vague and thus Season 5 is fast approaching. No, thank you.

Who is this? Who cares?!

Now I'm gonna get into some spoilers of the 5th Season of "House Of Cards" so if you haven't watched it and are currently watching or wanting to get into "House Of Cards", please skip this section. If you don't care, hey, welcome! So this season of "House Of Cards" Ugh! What a mess! And I say that lightly, the previous season wasn't all that great but this one, wow. Way too much focus on Claire and sadly Claire isn't as interesting or as ruthless as Frank. This season saw Claire's first official 4th wall break, speaking directly to the audience and I assume with her being president we'll be seeing her do it much more but this honestly doesn't bode well for me. And before anyone starts this has nothing to do with her being a woman and everything to do with her just being uninteresting.

Her previous storylines weren't interesting, the previous season saw her have an affair with Tom Yates and boy was that boring. Claire is not a good central character because she's good at pushing others over the line but not good at crossing it herself. Sure she killed Tom Yates, but Frank already had too ruthless kills under his belt, Peter Russo & Zoe Barnes. Claire couldn't even handle that Gay activist committing suicide with her in the same room. I'm sorry but I like my ruthless characters to be as ruthless as they come and in the words of Freddy, Frank is "the wrong mu'fuckin' rattlesnake.". Also with Doug being set up for Zoe's murder and Seth being forced out, all of the big players are off the table and the new players Campbell Scott's Mark Usher & Jane Davis aren't interesting either. Jane annoys me greatly with her soft spoken quirks and Mark Usher, while he portrays himself as a calm and collected guy, his not okay with murder, something I was sure he was okay with given his calmness around Will Conway, a decorated soldier.

"My turn." Whatever, Claire.

That's another thing, after Conway's defeat he just sort of vanished. I liked his character and was beginning to hope we'd see more of him but instead we got Alex Romero. Claire having The White House doesn't interest me because she never wanted it the way Frank did. Frank is fun because he has a genuine lack of remorse about his actions when it comes in the way of his goals. Sure, he felt bad about Freddy but ultimately brushed it aside. Also Frank has changed a lot since the beginning. He used to play video games and eat ribs. These things made him human as he wasn't just another buttoned down congressmen, he was a real dude. I digress, my only hope for next season is that Tom Hammerschmidt manages to piece together what really happen to Zoe and bring The Underwoods down...that and that Frank does indeed manage to kill Claire, that'd be delicious. Here's to hoping.

Save us, Tom you are our last hope!

Spoilers over. Anyways, coming to an end this year is "Pretty Little Liars". Oh my brothers and only friends do I have a storied past with that show. After the lackluster mid-season finale (of all things) of the previous season (My goodness was that really only last season?! Seems like ages ago) we found out that "A" and Charles DiLaurentis was Cece Drake of all already confirmed "A" from a previous season. Then in the next episode Cece ends up dead and the mystery starts all over again. The new big bad is called "A.D," and so much has happened that I'm just not at all interested. Thankfully, Netflix has "Pretty Little Liars" available (for how long is anyone's guess) so rest assured that if I have some down time in the future (not likely) I'll be catching up on what I missed. I shall not be reviewing it though...even though my "Pretty Little Liars" reviews are some of the funniest damn things I've ever written. Anyways, my son is screaming his head off (as usual) so I'd best mosey. I'll catch you guys later. Here's a GIF of Alex DeLarge toasting to a better week ahead!

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