Sunday, July 2, 2017

Strangeverse Reborn

And so here we are...once again I'm facing the death & rebirth of The Strangeverse. The first time this happened I lost all my video reviews, this time around it's a much more serious blow to the continuity of The Strangeverse. Photobucket, my previous image hosting site has decided to charge their users for hosting images on a 3rd party (that means embedding images as I frequently do here). Up until 2016 I was using Photobucket exclusively for hosting all my images. Now one would ask (as My wife had) why didn't I just directly upload all my images? My answer to that is because sadly hindsight is 20/20 (never understood that saying until now) and I'm a moron.

Self deprecation aside (but not concluded) because of my (EXTREMELY) poor decision to use Photobucket and because they are now asking that I pay $399.99 to continue to allow my images to continue to be visible I decided that effective immediately, ALL of my articles from 2015 and before will cease to be on this blog. Thankfully, I did not delete them, I merely restored them to Draft mode whilst I contemplated how exactly to move forward. But move forward I must. Lately, I don't have much I genuinely enjoy doing, I used to make Youtube videos until Youtube made it so I was just another schmoe in front of a camera. I used to do video reviews until decided to choose favorites and now sadly, I'm losing 5 years worth of articles & reviews...Poof! Gone because of one very bad decision.

Now one might be asking, why not just post the articles minus the text? Simple but that's still a TONE of work that in between my (figuratively) Hell job, the hours I'm home and functional and the small amount of time I can spend with my son, I'm none too keen on going through 5 years worth of articles and editing them. That and the pictures I post in the articles are VERY much so tied into the text its self and separating them would cause some articles to lose their context or their pictorial punchlines. This new change hurts me greatly because like I said it's 5 YEARS worth of reviews, articles, commentaries, insights, updates, plans and so much more. My "Pretty Little Liars" reviews, still the funniest things I've ever read are now gone, my "Hannibal" reviews (although incomplete) are gone, all my articles and insights on various movies and TV shows, GONE! I'm hurting, I'm not going to lie but I'm trying to look at this as a rebirth, not a death.  So join me if you will in welcoming The Strangeverse Reborn 2017!

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