Thursday, June 28, 2012

Movies I MUST See!!

Somewhere in the beginning of the year, I usually post a list of movies coming out that year that I wanna see and make it my resolution to see those movies. BUT more recently Indie flicks have been coming at me with a vengeance and I've discovered 3 indie flicks that I MUST see VERY soon. Check'em out!

My oh my, I LOVE me some Brit Marling, ever since her SPLASH on the scene with "Another Earth" I was IMMEDIATELY sold on this young girl's career and this is ANOTHER splash on the scene with the story of a "cult of personality" revolving around a woman named Maggie who claims to be from the future and two journalists infiltrate the cult to discover the truth about Maggie. This looks AMAZING!!

YET another story about Time travel and journalism, this time with a bit of a comedic twist to it but nonetheless as serious and mysterious as "Sound Of My Voice". When I first saw the trailer for this movie I was SOLD immediately, I LOVE Time Travel, I LOVE the everyday atmosphere it has and it looks like I'll really like these characters. Give it a look see.

A movie ? About apocalyptic visions you say ? In a small rustic town, you say ? Starring General Zod, you say ? Well SIGN ME UP! Yes, I saw this trailer and I was like "Sold.". The special effects look great, the acting looks great and the premise oozes awesomeness. Call me simple BUT I have a thing for small town horrors, the isolation and the focus it puts on the people of the town, this is gonna be good! Have a look for yourself.

Anyways, those are the flicks I wanna see either this year or the next. Let me know what you think about them in the comments below!

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