Monday, June 4, 2012


DAMN! DAMN! DAMN! Every time I open my heart!! I try not to throw fits of rage on my blog, mostly because I don't feel like constantly re-pasting The "F" Word over and over. And believe me, I was having myself a fine fit of nerd rage when I received this bit of news. It was officially stated that NBC's newest show "Awake" has been cancelled. This has effectively turned me off of NBC for awhile. I tried to rock with NBC, but they just haven't been in the way of picking winners as far as TV shows are concerned, "Awake" was an exception.

You have a're on NBC

But honestly, NBC has been dropping one load after another in the drama department. It made a MAJOR attempt with "Heroes" which overstayed it's welcome for 3 Seasons..."The Event" was getting dumber and dumber by the episode, plus with the apparently lame Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde wanna-be "Do No Harm", cheap ass un-welcomed "Dexter" rip-off that will be "Hannibal" The TV series and "Infamous" a murder mystery with Megan Good as the lead actress doesn't bode well for NBC's "Must-See TV" Hour.


"Awake" was a show that was just too smart for NBC and frankly I blame NBC's promotion, or lack thereof. "Awake" was a VERY smart and new series that was borderline "Inception" awesome and didn't dumb it's self down for the viewer and it only got better with each episode...much like another show that NBC unfortunately knifed in the back...

We hardly knew ye...

It just makes me wonder what else is NBC gonna screw up and frankly, I'm over NBC, I'll still watch their shows but any show of theirs that look remotely good I'll do my best not to get attached...because I know how it'll end. Thankfully, "Awake's" series finale ended VERY well and I think for the most part gave us good closure on the series as well as what's going to happen next, which I have a few guesses. Either way, I raise my glass to you "Awake", You were the best new show this year and your reign ended too soon, however I'd rather see you end now than become stupid in the long run. May your Boxset sales be OFF the charts!


  1. I see your point because some shows really don't get a fair shake (Community). Besides, most shows nowadays seem to be getting either lamer and lamer, or are just "ghetto" versions of already established shows (ex., Do No Harm also seems like a cheap rip-off of Dexter). It seems the only shows that stay on the air are cop shows and sitcoms (which I do enjoy for the most part), but how many cops do we really need on TV? Infamous just screams "overly dramatic, not worth the time, and cancellation coming soon." Oh well, at least NBC has some pretty good comedies (The Office, Parks and Recreation, Go On, 30 Rock). But to me their dramas mostly seem like cheap, overly dramatic messes that make good actors look terrible.

  2. I just watched the first episode of Hannibal. And then I opened a browser and typed in 'Hannibal Dexter Ripoff' in my google search. I am glad to see others are thinking the same thing.

    1. I haven't watched "Hannibal" but I'll take your comment into consideration, considering that "Hannibal" and "Dexter" share a producer, Sara Colleton.