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A "Grimm" Dilemma Part Two

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So I've written about my issues with "Grimm" before, but I think now is the perfect time for a very unfortunate "I told you so.". "Grimm" has been on NBC for all of 4 Seasons and it has been renewed for a 5th (somehow) and yet with those 4 Seasons...nothing has happened. Yes, I understand Adalind got pregnant and had a super baby, Wu now knows about Wesen and Juliette is a Hexenbiest, yes, those things did happen...but...ultimately those things mean nothing and I'll explain why.

Can I start with the obvious question? Let's talk about The Royals. Does anyone know or has their exact motives been explained at all? They WANTED The Key...for some reason...and now they want Adalind's baby, yes, I understand they want the child because it's a member of The Royal Family now, but that seems to be the primary focus of The Royal Family...which they're wasting a lot of time and resources and family members trying to find her. Yes, I understand Adalind's baby is SUPER BABY but as I've said before The Royal Family have NO WAY of knowing how powerful Adalind's baby is (unless a long held theory of mine proves to be true about The Royals, which I'll get into later). But now Adalind's pregnant this will play into events, I honestly don't care at this point because this doesn't advance the plot really.

"Grimm" is way to episodic in nature to deal with what they are dealing with and unfortunately they don't have too many episode that are full on story arcs to build certain plot points. Case in point, Josh came back after he found Hundjagers in his house searching for The Key, Trubel left to go help Josh, but there wasn't any follow up to that. After not being mentioned for so long The Key is FINALLY brought up again. Notice, neither Victor nor the new Royal Kenneth have even addressed The Key AT ALL since they've been around. Don't they know that The Key is the reason Eric was killed? After all Eric is in fact The King's son and I'd imagine an investigation into his death might be paramount than finding his bastard daughter.

Speaking of bastards, let's talk about The Resistance, what are they exactly resisting? Taxes? Corruption? Wealth Inequality? Abuse of Powers? Even after 4 Seasons we still have no clue who is the good guys are in this conflicts! We're assuming it's The Resistance because a lot of good guys are associated with them but at the same time, we don't know what The Royals' motives are and we don't know what The Resistance is fighting against. So it's very hard to care when you don't know what's at stakes. Thus far, The Royals with all their money and power haven't done anything incredibly horrible, all they seem to do is just sit around being rich assholes THAT'S IT! They've never shown any interest in controlling Wesen, influencing world affairs, establishing a dictatorship, NOTHING! Basically, The Royals seems like a bunch of toothless rich assholes who are bored and just wanna cause trouble and they suck at it.

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We're evil because reasons.

And as much as the show would like to shoehorn Nick into it's plot, it's doing a terrible job of that. Nick has so far just been the outside man on a lot of what is going on with The Royals & The Resistance and everything else. He's just been handling cases AS ALWAYS. The status quo of the show hasn't changed at all really. No major game changers has been introduced, and it doesn't help the fact that Wikipedia is now exposing major plot points by revealing that the child Adalind is carrying is Nick' that makes sense is anyone's guess...probably because Juliette had sex with Nick as Adalind. Either way, it's dumb and at this point it's just exhausting and I'm pretty sure we'd all much rather get to something that actually The Key and WHAT THE HELL IT UNLOCKS! The 1st Season pretty revolved around The Key as Sean was trying to get it and Nick's Aunt Marie told Nick to protect it at all costs and now we're talking about who's pregnant with who's baby...

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This was important, wasn't it?

The writers did something awesome by introducing the character of Trubel and putting Nick in a teacher role as he no longer had his powers. It'd do him some good to kick back for awhile while training a new Grimm. We all knew Nick wouldn't be without his powers for very long but it was an interesting change of pace. Unfortunately, they did do much with Trubel and she eventually left with Josh to go and protect him. Admirable, but again, The Key is referenced and Nick isn't involved. Nick just seems to be a peripheral character in this series and that kinda sucks since the entire series is about him. But sadly the major plot points and looming threats don't directly involve him. The Royals are only interested in Nick because of his mother, but not because Nick is an active member of The Renard is and even with Renard being active in The Resistance, we still have no clue what they're doing.

Finally, Wesen are pretty much jerks. Getting on the topic of the Wesenrein, how exactly does that work? So they're the Wesen KKK, right? And they hate Wesen mixing with other Wesen but they're okay with Wesen mixing with humans? Also, I have to say I'm actually on the side of the Wesenrein as mixing two different Wesen could result in some kind of mutant creature to which Monroe and Rosalee explained that the dominate Wesen form will take over, of which I am dubious of. Setting that aside, I hate the fact that Wesen have defined personality traits and don't seem to veer away from them, almost as if they're defined solely by their Wesen type and not by their personal choices, Furthermore, the vast majority of Wesen have been criminals and even Renard said that the vast majority of crime is Wesen related.

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Wesen KKK?

What exactly is stopping Wesen from taking over the world? I mean Hexenbiests have magic powers and all so who exactly are keeping them in check? They seem to be the most powerful Wesen their is and telekinesis does come in what's the cut off here? Is there a different Wesen that is resistant to Hexenbiest magic? Are Hexenbiest in an isolated part of the world? Because you'd think there may have been some Jewish Hexenbiests during The Holocausts that were like "Awww hell no!" and used their powers to bust them out of there. This isn't like Magneto where he was the only one and he was young and had no clue what was happening to him. There's a whole entire Wesen culture and that's the kinda of stuff I'm thinking about when you introduce me to characters to who can move stuff with their mind and control people.

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Apparently, being Wesen is transferable ?

In the end, it's getting harder and harder for me to ignore certain things on this show and it's kind of becoming a parody of it's self. Especially now with Juliette becoming Wesen, the operative question being can anyone "become" Wesen or can only Hexenbiest cause other people to become Hexenbiests? Also can the blood of a Grimm take away the powers of all Wesen or just Hexenbiests? I'm confused and I'd really like "Grimm" to get out of this episodic format and start moving more in a serial format, that way certain plot points can get addressed and characters can really grow and motives can be exposed. At this point, "Grimm" is kind of becoming a supernatural soap-opera and it's getting really sad. I'm waiting for things to start getting serious and so far that's not happening. Anyways, let me know what you think and I'll catch you guys later.

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