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Gotham S01E19 "Beasts Of Prey" Review

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Sorry for the tardiness, Kiddos. I had a job interview today so I had to go to sleep early last night, but last night I did get to watch "Gotham" now back on FOX! Oh and by the way, HAPPY "MORTAL KOMBAT X" DAY! Yes, the long awaited sequel to 2011's "Mortal Kombat" is out now and I'll be reviewing the story mode (as a movie) a little later on today, but for now let's talk about "Gotham". A few things to get into but for a quick re-cap, Alfred got stabbed, Jim Gordon is elected President Of The Policemen's Union and Fish Mooney is still trying to escape The Dollmaker. Are we all up to speed? Yes? Let's dive in.

Milo Ventimiglia makes an appearance as The Ogre, a VERY, VERY, VERY loose adaptation of The Batman villain The Ogre who's actually Ogre-like in appearance. Milo does his best Christian Grey impersonation here and with his natural Italian flare and brooding good looks, he's able to play creepy very well. The thing is with "Gotham" is that it's sadly not a very well written show, I'll make my case later on. But in the scenes where we were shown how The Ogre operates, the writers chose to present that information to us in flashbacks...only one problem...no one's having the flashback. Jim & Harvey were just talking to a bartender and the next thing you know, BOOM, Flashback and we see the whole scenario. It'd have been much better if the scenario was played out before our eyes. That would give us something of a ticking clock and add some suspense to The Ogre and what he does exactly.

However, we will be seeing him and more than likely he'll be coming after Dr. Leslie Thompkins since Com. Loeb basically sicced him on her. Which, I gotta say is pretty underhanded, even for a corrupt cop. Here's the thing that I don't get, if The Ogre comes after the love one's of the cop who's investigating him, that means The Ogre is shamefully predictable, and unless he has a rat inside GCPD, he really wouldn't know how to find them, except by following them. Furthermore, how would he know who's investigating him, he wouldn't so long as GCPD kept it out of the papers. This isn't entirely rocket science. Furthermore, Newspapers & Police can work together, have Jim Gordon leak a fake story about the person investigating The Ogre, set a trap for him and wait for him to arrive. That's how they did it in "Red Dragon"...granted it didn't work in "Red Dragon"...but then again The Ogre ain't no Hannibal Lecter. Either way, now Jim is coming for The Ogre and after him, he's going for Com. Loeb.

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While we're on the subject of characters that I like, let's talk about characters that I don't, namely one Fish Mooney. For ages I've been saying that she's a poorly written character with no real place in the story and that was made abundantly clear when she attempted to kill The Dollmaker. The scenario in question featured The Dollmaker arriving in his office to find Fish Mooney there, when The Dollmaker pulled a gun on her, Fish held up her hands revealing the knife behind her back. Quick recap, you have a woman, whom you captured, in your office, who previously gouged out her own eye to show you her resolve, with a knife in her hand...any logical person would have put a bullet in her head and left it at that.

But the writers, determined to make Fish Mooney somehow matter, had her come up with the most BULLSH*T excuse for having a knife I've ever heard that I can't even explain it to you...that's how bad it was. Look, Fish was an decent enough launching character but she should have been dead a LONG time ago and the fact that Jada Pinkett said she wasn't returning to the 2nd Season makes me really happy. I just find it unfortunate that more than likely it won't be The Penguin that kills her. Oh well. Fish ultimately manages to escape The Dollmaker's island, but not before being mortally wounded and flying a chopper of all things. Whether or not she survives isn't the point, the point is, she ain't coming back anyway...so why am I wasting time here?

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Things are weird on The Bruce Wayne front. With Alfred still recovering from being shanked by his mate Reggie, Bruce sets off to find Reggie himself to find out who he was working for. Sadly, I didn't quite catch the name of the person he was working for, but we all know he was working for the suits at Wayne Enterprise. What Bruce chooses to do with this information is on him, what's also on him is accessory to murder! Selina, realizing that Reggie was going to rat on Bruce to whoever he was working for, decided to save both their collective asses and push Reggie to his death after he went after his much needed bag of heroin. Clearly, Bruce is shaken by this, what it does for his relationship with Selina and his growth as a character remains to be seen. Hopefully, they don't just gloss over it, after all, Alfred won't be too happy about finding out his mate's dead, even after having stabbed him and such.

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Damn, dude really wanted that heroin.

In the world of Oswald Cobblepot, he recently came into ownership of a new bar, apparently a bar favored by a one Salvatore Maroni, who The Penguin plans to execute. No small mystery why since The Penguin pretty much attempted to kill him and vice versa. The sadly reality is, I don't see this plan working at all, and that's not because of a lack of trying on The Penguin's part...I just think something named Fish Mooney is going to intervene (Lord, I hope not!)./The Penguin;s been getting shafted ever since he took over Fish's club. I'm still waiting for this guy to rip off the mask of civility and show his true colors. Thinking back to an earlier episode, while on the phone with a woman who declined to believe him, he kindly hung up and turned to his victim gleefully saying "She didn't believe me.", his victim was trussed up in the closet and terrified. Whatever happen to that guy? Bare in mind THAT guy managed to swim his way back to shore, murder a college student, subdue another and steal his car ALL BY HIMSELF! The Penguin is quite capable and yet this guy looks like he'd probably get his ass kicked by a toddler.

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Still not ruthless enough.

We need to see him do something ruthless, like REALLY ruthless! Which is why I'm hoping he kills Maroni. No offense to David Zayas, but The Penguin needs a solid kill under his belt and to get back some of his cred. After all, he did win Maroni's trust by knocking over his restaurant and then casually murdering the people who did it. Something like that needs to happen again. Hopefully, he shows his true colors before the season is over, otherwise I'll be pretty disappointed. Long story short, this episode is another one of those bridge episodes, just a vehicle to get us where we need to be and too many of "Gotham's" episodes have felt like that. I am curious to see where this goes, but in all seriousness, this show has gotten EXTREMELY lucky in getting a 2nd season. If it wasn't for the Batman angle, this show would have NO legs, and sometimes Batman can't even save you (look at "Bird Of Prey"). Anyways, I'll catch you guys next time!

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