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The Following S03E08 "Flesh & Blood" Review

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Part two of the many reviews I'll be writing today. So "The Following", as of last week, we've gotten to know The Bret Hart of Serial Killers and Dr. Strassus' best student, Theo Noble (his last name being confirmed in this episode), and from what I've seen, aside from being extremely proficient with technology, he hasn't shown any finesse in his killing or covering his tracks. This episode doesn't exactly help Theo's case, but let's get to it when we get to it;

Since we're on the subject of Theo, let's address him now because this episode really showcased how much of a rookie this guy is. For starters, he kills a guy in a super market? Breaking and entering...DNA...unless he cleaned up afterwards, I'm not really sure how he managed to get away with that. Secondly, the lawyer character. Theo actually trusted someone to upload his material to a server and then destroy it? He should have asked himself the question, "Would I trust me?", and OF COURSE, HE WOULDN'T! From what the guy said, Theo just showed up in his house and confessed everything and gave him the thumb drive. You mean the best of the best didn't check to make sure the thumb drive was actually destroyed? That had me shaking my head. One stupid mistake.

Another stupid mistake was killing Nancy and her husband Bob after they pretty much found him out. The thing is, Theo should have done better to cover his ass better, and by cover his ass I mean MAYBE getting an employee list of the place he's supposed to be working at, stopping in to put in some face time and then leave when it's convenient for him. Granted, he probably never set foot in the place but he's a chameleon, right? And besides, he can put his name on the employee manifest to show he was there, or something. But instead, The Wonder Boy creates a sloppy murder-suicide and thanks to 2 stupid mistakes, The FBI managed to catch up with him by finding his wife's name. In the end, wanting to play house pretty much screwed him up. But now that his family's gone, this actually frees him up to be pretty ruthless...however, calling Ryan Hardy wasn't smart either.

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I shouldn't have called him...I should be better at this...

I'm curious as to why, Theo didn't just kill Ryan Hardy ages ago. If he was really this massive genius couldn't he have found someway to rig the office he worked at to blow? After all, this guy can afford cameras and explosives and all this other stuff...you'd think he'd be a little better at covering his tracks. Not that Joe covered his tracks perfectly, but his kills were simple and didn't involve elaborate traps or murder suicides. Michael Ealy is good, but I want to see more of that wide-eyed enthusiasm he had when he went to go shoot up the bank. He was gleeful and happy and fun to watch, now he's pretty much brooding all the time and very stoic. Not that we need a Joe Carroll clone, but Theo is seriously lacking personality.

Since we're on the topic of personality, Joe Carroll gets some screen time as he comes to terms with his impending death with a daydream that had me howling with praise. These daydreams are getting more and more interesting and more and more fun as Ryan had a dream of sharing a drink with Joe over a game of pool while voices his frustration that The FBI isn't listening to him and Joe had a daydream of escaping prison once again with Ryan coming to his rescue in a car. What do these mean? What are they leading to? After all, Ryan declined Joe's invitation to witness his death, so will we see Ryan & Joe in the same room again, for real? Who knows? But I love these dreams and if Joe is relegated to being a dream guide for Ryan, a hallucination, then so be it. Anything to keep their banter going. Obviously, Ryan is not over Joe after a sudden slip of the tongue but him & Joe instead of him & Mike in an explosion together. Will Ryan make more slips? Who knows?

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I'm thinking of you, Ryan.

Speaking of who knows, let's switch to the topic of Mark, who despite being M.I.A is still listed in the credits. Clearly, he's pissed off and after being wounded by Mike and deserted by Kyle & Daisy, chances are he's out for revenge. That little weasel doesn't have "Dead" written on him just yet but how he'll play a role in things to come is beyond me. Having Theo here is enough but adding Mark to the scenario is just overkill. Mark & Theo are so VERY different, it's doubtful they'll get along and truth be told, I don't see Theo lasting very long. I'll keep my eyes peeled for him because chances are he's gonna come after Daisy first before he sets his sights on Theo. Hopefully, Mark stays hidden until the 4th Season and takes up a main villain role there, I won't like it, but it at least leaves someone interesting to pop back up.

Switching topics again, let's talk about Mike & Max (so many "M" names). These two have chemistry out of this world! They show their little byplay when Max made a comment about Mike's hard head, to which they both managed a little chuckle. Max & Tom have NOT had a moment like this AT ALL. And Tom wasn't even in this episode and shock of all shocks, I didn't even notice. He had no reason to be in this episode, other than to do his voyuer thing, but still, how bad is it when a character is supposed to be another character's boyfriend and you don't even realize he's missing? I'm fine with them breaking Max & Mike up, that's cool, but replacing him with Tom...the guy has ZERO charisma and they have NO chemistry together AT ALL. They're not even cute to look at together. Why the writers did this is beyond me. Perhaps this will come to some kind of conclusion but one in which Max gets back together with Mike and we all pretty much forget Tom ever existed.

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EVERYONE: Don't you have a boyfriend?

This episode was a bridge episode, getting us to where we needed to go in order to move the action along. Ryan & Theo are now dead set on each other. Theo doesn't have a family anymore and can be a ruthless and focused as he wants to be. He can pretty much dedicate everyday of every hour messing with Ryan Hardy remotely. Which makes me wonder, why not just kill Ryan in a freak accident? The fact that he called Ryan makes Ryan aware that someone is doing this to him...I thought Theo's whole thing was he's a ghost? Whatever, I could go on and on, but I won't. I'll just say that I am excited for the next episode and curious about where they take this series Post-Joe (if that'll happen) and how they'll keep his memory alive. Let's hope a bastard son doesn't pop up somewhere down the line, that'd be awful! Here's to looking ahead! Catch you guys later!

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