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Gotham S01E21 "The Anvil Or The Hammer" Review

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So last week's episode concluded with Barbara entering into Christian Grey's oops, I mean The Ogre's 50 Shades Of Grey room, quite the cliff-hanger, NOT. In other news, Penguin finally managed to set up Maroni at his favorite bar.  Meanwhile, Edward Nygma finally broke bad by stabbing the boyfriend of Ms. Kringle. I've been saying for awhile now that this show needs to do something balls to the walls crazy if it's gonna get renewed and with one episode left, it needs to do that now more than ever! Does the penultimate episode bring certain events to a head? Let's get to the play by play.

Let's start off bad and work our way down, shall we? Barbara continues to be a cat stuck in a tree and I have absolutely no idea what her deal is or where this storyline was going. Clearly The Ogre fell head over heels in love with her (boy, did I ever call that?), but now he's willing to kill for her? Excuse me, but what? I thought (from the previous episode) that The Ogre was looking for someone to love him out of an anger at the woman who pretended to be his mother. That at least made sense to me. But now he wants to kill for Barbara, for some reason. If I may go on a tangent, whenever you're stuck with a serial killer who sets you free and openly admits that they have no plans of hurting you or killing you and is in fact in love with you, PLAY ALONG!

I can understand being incredibly scared, but eventually a survival mechanism has to kick in and you start thinking of ways out of there. The best thing Barbara could have done is played along, learned to pretend to love him or at least do what he says. Also, and here's something I immediately thought of, when The Ogre asked her "Who do I kill?" she should have said Carmine Falcone. That way The Ogre or Carmine would be dead. And after all, wasn't it that incident with Falcone (where Barbara stupidly came back for Jim) that started her whole downward spiral? The drinking, cheating on Jim with Renee', running off to her parents and then coming back to have a slumber party with a couple of street kids? Speaking of parents why'd Barbara want her parents killed? And why did she stand in the walkway like some coked up hooker when she say Jim? This character makes no sense, and I get it, she's Batwoman (at least in the comics she is, here, she might as well be mud) but honestly, unless they turn her character around, she's gonna be NOBODY, QUICK!

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I'm a coked up hooker.

Speaking of nobody, can we address Edward Nygma? Since this series started I have been extremely skeptical on the portrayal of The Riddler. The Riddler is one of my favorite Batman villains and sadly the guy gets an incredibly bad rep (Thanks to Joel Schumacher). I was find with The Riddler being a lab geek, I was fine with his attempts to woo Ms. Kringle, but overtime he became pretty much a punchline to a joke nobody was telling. The Riddler has ALWAYS been the smartest guy in the room. A smarmy self-important genius who flaunted his intelligence where ever he went. He was never portrayed a loser and that's what this guy is, a loser! And his entire story was focused around trying to woo some chick who wouldn't give him the time of day. Lame!

If we can go back for a second and look at the animated Riddlers, both of them had revenge as a common motive. Primarily revenge for making them (The Riddler) look foolish. The Riddler HATES looking foolish. He takes that as a serious offense to his intelligence. This guy accidentally stabs someone and covers it up and we're supposed to believe he's gone over to the dark side now...right. I'm sorry but I'm completely checked out of this story. They had the potential to do something really amazing with The Riddler, they had the potential to turn him into Jigsaw meets Louis Bloom from "Nightcrawler", or Walter White meets Hannibal Lecter. A good natured man gone rogue due to increasing belittlements at his job and personal life, BUT NO! It's all about Ms. Kringle. This annoys me to no end! I'm so frustrated with this.

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Now on to The Penguin. I've been saying for awhile now that he needs a victory, a 1 in the Win column and unfortunately, he didn't get that. Far be it for me to believe the writers had the balls to kill off David Zayas' Salvatore Maroni but this makes NO sense...even for a TV show. So were'd lead to believe that The Penguin sabotaged the hit in order to start a mob war between Falcone & Maroni. Okay, one major problem with that: THE PENGUIN IS ONE OF FALCONE'S TOP GUYS AND MARONI HATES HIS GUTS!! Did it EVER cross The Penguin's mind that if Maroni came after Falcone that he'd be NUMBER ONE of Maroni's sh*t list? After all he did deceive the guy, point a gun at him and pull the trigger. I'd say a thing like that gets you pretty hit on the sh*t list. Also, Maroni has spent enough time to know how Penguin thinks and wouldn't be surprised he was set up.

This is EXTREMELY sloppy on The Penguin's part and the writers. If The Penguin was just some independant up and comer, a nobody hiding in the shadows looking to fill the void, that'd be a different story, but everyone knows him, he's exclusively with Falcone, out in the open. This is disappointing. I have no clue how this is going to turn out and I'm really not keen on following events. I'm certain Maroni won't die and neither will Falcone, so how is The Penguin going to come about? Ugh, sloppy. I don't know, I was really expecting The Penguin to come out on top of the situation and give us a moment where we were like "Oh snap, this guy ain't to be messed with.". When the series started off The Penguin came off as smart and resourceful despite being timid and scrawny. But sadly he became a punchline, comic relief that was timid and scrawny. Ugh, he NEEDS a victory. He NEEDS to look like a formidable contender for the crown of Gotham and sadly...he just looks like a idiot.

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Haha, I'm such an idiot!

All hope isn't lost. Lucius Fox was introduced and that's pretty cool. Obviously he'll come into play later in the season but something bugs me. Thomas Wayne was surgeon, not a business man. Sure, he probably had investments in various business but Wayne Enterprises was Bruce's baby. And I suppose that's the main issue with prequel series, right? You start to notice things you didn't notice before and none of them make too much sense when you consider the source material. But whatever. "Gotham" was renewed for a 2nd Season, so I guess regardless of how I feel about it, it's gonna happen anyway. For my money, I'll probably be watching but I doubt I'll be sharing my opinion. Only time'll tell. Until then, I'll catch you guys later.

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