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Pretty Little Liars S06E05 "She's No Angel" Review

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With apologizes to everyone, I know I'm late but I was so freakin' tired Tuesday & last night and so very much so looking forward to my day off that I just didn't feel like writing this or my review for "Hannibal" (which if it's not up later today will be up tomorrow). Anyways, with that outta the way. And so last episode, after digging through the trash for Aria's throw away pills, Spencer finally managed to get her hands on some real no foolin' drugs in the form of pot. Of course, this didn't go unnoticed as Ezra caught here and basically told her she's just running from having potentially murdering someone...again. And while The Liars aren't exactly back to where they were, they're okay with each other. We found out that Charles DiLaurentis did indeed exist at one point in time and is allegedly dead and that "A" is potentially a friend of Charles after he had spent time in Radley. Anyways, that's where we were, let's see where we are now.

Mona's back this episode and I'm not entirely sure what's up with her. In the 1st and 2nd Season, Mona was "A", she had eyes and ears on The Liars at all times and a network of operatives looking to get even. But lately it seems like she's lost her edge. Mona managed to terrify Allison to the point of faking her own death but now Leslie appears to scare Mona...wha? Well, Leslie must be one horrifying b*tch because she spent some time in Radley as well, time enough for her to know Bethany Young and the much ballyhooed Charles DiLaurentis, leading The Liars to suspect that Leslie might very well be "A". Of course, we know she isn't.

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Meanwhile, Druggie Spencer (which is weird, she bought some pot last episode...okay pot cookies but she hasn't been high or anything...not yet anyways) is having dreams about a very deeply disturbed interpretive dancer in Radley. Spencer assumes this maybe the girl (she assumes) "A" made her kill (if she killed anyone at all) or it could just be the girl from the post looking all crazy and such, either way, very cool sequence. This leads Hanna & Spencer to discover Charles' file of which declares Charles to be dead. Leave it Hanna, however to say exactly what I was thinking; "Charles isn't dead dead until we find something to prove it.". Documents can be edited and altered very easily, how else was Allison able to flaunt the law all the years? So Hanna is right on the money in saying that. Of course, with this "new" "information" Aria's discovered, Hanna's, although correct assertion may prove to be false anyway. "A" has tits!

Yes, in a not so surprising "twist" (did anyone ever really think "A" was a Dude?) Aria's new friend, (I'm doubting very much Clark will become Aria's new boyfriend, they have NO chemistry AT ALL) Clark managed to snap a photo of a person who appears to be "A". Rather than act like a rational person and ask if she can keep a copy of the photo (after all Clark did give her a picture before, it wouldn't hurt to ask) she decides to act like a total idiot (ie, herself) and steal his photos. I doubt he's going to appreciate that very much, but who knows? Whatever happens with this development will be pretty interesting, the photos of "A" not Aria & Clark.

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Them titties though...

Speaking of relationships that don't work out, Allison & Lorenzo. I'm sorry but he lost me the minute he showed up with a name like Lorenzo and had the audacity to look like he just walked off the set of a Prince music video. Does anyone take him seriously as a cop because I sure as hell don't. That being said, his fascination with Allison and interest in her makes me a tad suspicious. He's thinking of hiring a girl who faked her own death, committed perjury and a number of illegal activities to coach another group of girls? Yeah, Rosewood's finest...And speaking of Rosewood's finest, I have to had to the morons that even they recognize Allison essentially brought most of this on herself. Mona was extreme but Allison did blind Jenna and did blackmail several people. Sure, she's reformed but...has she really?

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Tell me this doesn't look like a screenshot of the latest Chapter of "Trapped In The Closet"!

Still running with the relationship theme, Spencer ran into a one Dean Stavros at an N.A. meeting. For those of you who don't remember, Dean Stavros was Spencer's rehab coach and also the guy who fell asleep on her ass (well done, sir). We haven't seen much of Toby lately (I'm sure he's off somewhere scowling at Lorenzo and sipping some tea) but the tension between Spencer & Toby is there and has been for awhile now. If she breaks up with Toby to hook up with Mr. Stravos, I won't be mad at that, I like Dean way more than I liked "Methlab" Johnny. That being said, Spencer hasn't hit bottom yet or at least not bottom bottom (digging through Aria's trash for pills is pretty low though) but eventually she'll get there as the "A" hole goes deeper (yeah, I said that). Oh and speaking of "yeah, I said that." moments, I had to pause and laugh my head off when The Liars were talking about "A's" motives and wanting to hurt them and Spencer said "No, she [Melissa] just buried her alive." as if that's not a reason to be pissed off at someone, as if that's an afterthought, that nearly killed me.

I'd talk about Emily getting a tattoo but I think I just did. All in all not much happened in this episode aside from an interesting dynamic between Mona & Leslie, and now that The Liars know Leslie was in Radley how exactly will she fit in? Who knows, who really cares, we know she isn't "A" anyways so where is this Season going? The Summer of answers my ass. Until next time!

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