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Pretty Little Liars S06E06 "No Stone Unturned" Review

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Good morning, everyone, of course that depends on where you are in the world and in my case it is 5:25am here in Washington (State, not D.C.) and there is LOTS to get to this week that I'll have to cover on the weekend but before I slug off to work, I decided I'd best get my review for "Pretty Little Liars" up and running, a day late and a dollar short, just as it used to be. Not a whole lot of events to recap from the previous episode, except the revelation that "A" has boobs and The Liars now suspect Mona's friend Florida Ev...I mean Leslie Stone as "A", let's dive in and see what happens.

We kick things off with a HUGE bit of irony that I just found too delicious to ignore. In reviews gone by and even current reviews I've long since pointed out The Liars' Olympian achievement in leaping to conclusions and it seems that Emily has finally caught on to their foolishness and brought it up when arguing with Spencer about the likelihood of Leslie Stone being "A" citing the red-herring of Andrew as a previous folly. If ONLY The Liars thought more about things like that, or "thought like "A"." maybe they wouldn't make fools of themselves and pariah's of other people so often. But of course, Emily's sudden burst of logic was shutdown by Spencer (who's supposed to be the brain of the group, more like the addict). Anyway, just needed to point that out.

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Getting to the meat and potatoes of the episode, after deciding to commit a felony and some light breaking & entering, Hanna & Spencer discover a few glaring issues about Leslie and themselves. I've often joked about Hanna being a gangsta and eventually dropping a rap album sometime in a later Season but committing a felony and stealing Leslie's car officially makes Hanna the gangsta of the group. Back on point, as it turns out Leslie has several pairs of non-prescription glasses for reasons that are unknown (maybe to make herself look smart...maybe because she's secretly Supergirl...glasses worked for Clark Kent...I don't know); either way these things don't point to her being "A", simply just another wild goose chase for The Liars to have before Mona swoops in for the save.

I gotta say, I'm extremely disappointed in Mona. Previously, Mona was working some pretty awesome "A" magic in previous seasons and now she has lost her powers even since being in "The A Hole" for awhile. But what's to keep Mona from getting back into "The Game" and using her powers for good? It was never explicitly stated that "A" microchipped Mona or even has in interest in Mona. I mean sure Charles kidnapped Mona but she was just a dress rehearsal for Allison. Now that Mona's back, what's keeping her from hooking up with Caleb and using her "A" powers to help track down Charles. After all, Mona seems to be quite good at forging documents and other felonious activities and cyber crimes and Caleb is no stranger in those departments, just makes me wish they could form a task force of sorts, something akin to the small task force of Toby, Ezra, Caleb & Allison is the 1st episode of this Season. Mona does stop by to drop some knowledge on The Liars and poke holes in their already flimsy reasoning for believing Leslie is "A", but she doesn't hang around much after that.

Shifting gear to relationships, Caleb and Hanna and back to being hot and heavy, or at least I hope, if that little bit of premarital was any indication of where they are, I think they'll be okay. Which is good for me because they're a great couple. I'd be rooting for Toby and Spencer but unfortunately they've been doomed ever since Toby decided to become a professional moron...I mean Rosewood Police Officer, at any rate Toby is probably off somewhere sipping some tea right quick watching Allison & Lorenzo (still can't get over that name). Aria very clearly wants to get with Ezra, but after seeing Ezra having a chat with another woman (holy crap, Ezra having a chat with a woman?! What madness is this?!) is very clearly looking to move on. I'm just hoping she doesn't move on with Clark. He seems like a nice enough lad, but whatever happen to Holden Strauss?

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Oh, you stole from me, cool. Wanna go out?

Holden and Aria had a nice little flirtationship back in the day and even covered for each other for a bit. Holden even got Aria into Martial Arts...which Aria has not done recently I might add, and while she was dating her instructor, that shouldn't stop her from hiding another dojo. This Clark guy just seems forced and this late in the game we really don't need a new character with little to no backstory getting involved with one of The Liars, let alone Aria. Spencer & Dean Stavros might become a thing after Dean pretty much laid down the gauntlet and become infatuated with Spencer (after what I imagine was a glorious sleep he had on her ass). I'm okay with these two hooking up, their hooking up would remind me of a certain Hollohan song, "Helping Each Other Die". I'm so morbid.

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"Buy me all the cigarettes..."

Emily, I have to pause right here and just ask, how many bisexuals can this girl find? I'm just a little annoyed on how frequently Emily's relationships seem to work , not exactly work out but work in terms of they're painfully obvious. Maya was the one who made Emily realize she's a lesbian, Paige hated Emily and that was obviously repression, Talia was a "married" woman (by the way, whatever happen to her, I don't quite remember) and now Sarah's into it. Just once I'd like to see Emily rebuffed just because then it'd add a nice bit of conflict where previously there wasn't any. Especially with a character like Sarah who's already unhinged, adding a bit of tension in Emily's "feelings" for her and the uncertainty of having those feelings reciprocated would be an interesting way to go for them, but no. Of course, now that the two of them have hooked up, this makes their bond all the more stressful because now they're not just linked through trauma they're linked in a relationship which is a completely different animal. Maybe this might work out better if they end up breaking up, which is bound to happen, Emily's lost every major girlfriend she's ever had.

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"You're safe here, Sarah...even though "A" once drove a car through our living room, you're safe."

So The Liars discovered they've been microchipped by Charles and Hanna sarcastically quipped "why don't we just turn in our heads?" which is a good question and it's moments like these where The Liars prove their own stupidity. Microchips have signals and serial numbers, wouldn't exactly be too hard to find the manufacturer of the chips, get a purchasing log and find out where the signal is being broadcasted or what devices within the area can long on to the signal in order to get a range of where Charles could be...and of course, The Police is capable of doing this. But The Liars won't go to the police (can't say that I blame them) but with something physical being placed in their body is actual evidence of their being tampered with. I'm interested to see where this goes and what's gonna happen with Charles and what he has planned for Dear Ol' Dad. Until next time, Kiddos. Laters.

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  1. Great review, as usual... ow man the microchip thing is so annoying because it's just like you said, proof and reversed tracking... but NO! I mean WT* I feel like skipping to episode 10. Very poor writing...