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Pretty Little Liars S06E07 "Oh Brother,Where Art Thou" Review

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We're back at it with what seems to be like a nothing episode, in fact most of the episodes up until the reveal of "A" will feel like chewing the fat. But for now, this episode was yet another stepping stone to get us in the right direction of where things need to be going. Not filler but no real major developments, okay so maybe a few. Let's get to the play by play and figure out what's going on.

So in this episode we seen the much discussed and very much alive Charles DiLaurentis invite his bother Jason to an arcade for his birthday party. Can I just say that I'm tired of the whole "Come alone but someone finds out and interrupts and the villain thinks its their fault" thing, it's been done and done and done, and you'd think when the villains sees that the hero is just as surprised as they are and willingly expressing their protest to the intrusion, The Villain ignores this and blames them. Just once I'd like to see such a meeting take place. Of course, if it took place here we'd get to see "A" early or Jason would know who "A" is. But Charles never said they'd meet face to face, so they could have still met.

One thing I enjoyed is that they addressed the relationship between Mike & Mona. Mike has been largely absent for a few episodes and I was wondering if they'd completely forgotten about him and his hooking up with the world's cutest sociopath. Thankfully, they addressed and they're trying to work things out. Speaking of work things out, I'm glad to see Mona helping Allison and the little moment they had in the car when Mona says "I owe you more than a car ride." was a step in the right direction. After all, Allison did risk her ass to save Mona. Hopefully, Mona gets fully integrated into the group, although still rightly suspicious of her, they do view her as a pretty solid resource.

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Cheer up, Mona. The writers remembered we were a couple once. 

Spencer and Toby are gonna be on the rocks, when Toby popped a few of what he thought was candy turned out to be drugs and they finally kicked in when he and Lorenzo had the drop on Charles. At this point Charles reached a level of Walter White-ish luck. But now Toby knows that Spencer's been on that stuff and that's gonna cause some SERIOUS issues in the future knowing that not only his but Spencer's safety could be hindered. On the flipside of that, that candy was meant for Spencer to help with her stress and he shouldn't have taken it from her. Either way, potential friction there.

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Toby, was the sh*t good? Please tell me!

The girls removed their microchips and this late in the game, I'm not sure they should have done that, they could have made it work to their advantage, pulled their chips out and carried it with them only to lure Charles into a trap of their own making. Simple, remove the microchip, they meet up at a place, Spencer tells Toby, Toby gets together a silent task force, The Liars meets up, Charles shows up, The Liars aren't there, actually it's the police carrying the microchips and boom Charles is arrested. Might not go down quite like that but pretty much. But now the police do know about Charles thanks to Allison and the fact that Charles will be revealed in the Summer finale shows that maybe just MAYBE telling the police (no matter how horrible Rosewood P.D. is at it's job) might have been the best move all along. We'll see, until then, a few more episode until Charles is revealed, can't wait.

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