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Pretty Little Liars S06E08 "FrAmed" Review

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We're only a few episodes away from the exposure of Charles DiLaurentis as Big "A" but now a new player has been added to the board and the game has gotten far more interesting than what it originally appeared to be. I'm curious if I'm correct in thinking this but we'll see, let's get to the action.

With an episode titled "FrAmed", of course the first thought that jumps to everyone's mind is the episode will be about "A" or Charles framing someone, after all "A's" have a long standing history of framing people, but where this episode went was nothing short of genius and I have to say I was surprised that I never stopped to think "framed" meant "picture frame". So when the pictures of The Liars posed on those metal bed appeared in the gallery, I was like "OH SNAP!". The taunting that Charles does is pretty bold and while we still don't know the full extent of what happened in The Doll House, having The Liars on full display and in front of Aria's mom no less is pretty ballsy.

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That's pretty freakin' awesome.

What's even more ballsy if the fact that Charles has acknowledged Det. Tanner's existence, of course, Charles was ALWAYS aware of Tanner and has had oodles of time to collect information about her since the previous Season, and not to mention The Liars now have a pretty valid reason why they couldn't tell Tanner about "A", after all Tanner did follow "A's" frame job completely to the point of having The Liars sent to jail. Basically "A's" been playing Tanner like a fiddle ever since she showed up. So the fact that Tanner is just now realizing that she's on Charles's radar is kinda silly on her part. She's just now getting into The "A" Game and man does she have a lot to learn.

Let's talk about super felony committing Alison, who has enough testicular fortitude to break into a police station with ease, and if anyone played "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City", you know that's one of the toughest missions ever. But now after having seen the fair haired boy in the birthday video she's starting to have second thoughts about the brother she never knew, emphasis on "she NEVER knew". I'm not quite sure where this is coming from, after all this guy tried to kill you and your friends. I'm with Hanna on this one. But now Alison's worried about them using "lethal force", which Tanner said "if need be.", which means if Charles pulled out a 12 gauge, they'd have no choice but to put him down. This apparently soured things between her and Lorenzo after the dude might lose his job over this, then again, they were never a good couple to begin with.

Switching gears just a little bit, let's talk about the reappearance of "Red Coat". Previously we were all thinking Charles was acting alone (not entirely) but now Red Coat has reentered the picture and I can only imagine who this is, after all, we don't even know who The Red Coat of the Season 2 finale was. With so many red-herrings it's hard to keep track of who actually was an "A". Mona was the first "A" and pretty much the ONLY "A" we're aware of. Pretty Little Liars. wikia doesn't even count Shana as an "A" (rightfully so, in my opinion), Cece Drake was suspected to be "A" and "Red Coat" but it turns out she's one of the good guys (or is she?) and I have no clue what suspect. So are they setting up Red Coat to carry on into in the 2nd half of this Season and into Season 7? Or will Red Coat and Charles both be exposed in the summer finale? I'm curious.

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A & Red Coat sittin' in a tree, S-P-Y-I-N-G...

Last but not least let's talk about the two most obvious red-herrings, Rhys Matthews and Clark. At this point, I could honestly care less what either of them are doing together, it's probably something very innocent that The Liars took for something else. Either way, don't care where their story is going since Clark won't be around after the 5 year gap and neither will Rhys Matthews (I'm almost sure of it). Just as I'm sure Ashley Marin with all her thuggery and Ella Montgomery and all her stupidity can't do anything to protect the girls. So we've got one more episode before it all comes crashing down. So place you bets now everyone, WHO IS CHARLES?! Wren Kingston? Darren Wilden? I'm gonna say, Aliens. Take it easy, ya'll.

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