Tuesday, August 1, 2017

STRANGE LOG: 7-31-2017

Not a whole lot to say but I do have some projects coming down the pike and I want you all to get ready for those things and just to give you guys a general update on my life, let's get to it.

So "Pretty Little Liars" has concluded it's 7 Season run and while all my reviews of the series (starting in the middle of the 4th Season and ending in the middle of the 6th) have been lost due to Photobucket being the absolute bane of my internet reviewing capabilities I am none the less reflective on the time I've spent with the series and am indeed feeling the loss of having a series that toed the fine line between being entertaining enough to watch and enjoy but dumb enough to riff on. "Pretty Little Liars" was in all regards (to me at least) a rare treasure of a hilarious soap opera with some good enough characters and a decent enough story. Now that the series is over however, I doubt any of the actors will find work (stable work that is). Lucy Hale already has a show coming on The CW, I haven't watched the trailer for the thing and I'm almost certain it's doomed. It'll be interesting to see where these girls turn up next and what Freeform will move on to next. Either way even if I did stop watching after "A" was revealed, I will probably be tuning in in the future just to finish this thing out.

Yes, Cece Drake had a dick the whole time!

Moving right along, in order to fill the void of "Pretty Little Liars" I have moved on and taken an interest in ABC's 2011 series "Revenge", once again a soap opera with an interesting enough plot centering around primarily women and a plot for revenge (as if that wasn't obvious). While I'm only 3 episodes in, I can honestly say that it's interesting enough to keep me entertained and despite the insanely rich hoytie toytie nature of the characters I do like watching them get taken down a peg or two. The only character I've attached to thus far is Nolan, and while Emily Van Camp's Amanda Clarke is comely and has a sympathetic backstory, she has to grab me as a character I should be immediately rooting for. Sadly, Netflix will be giving this show the axe on the 28th so I doubt I'll be able to finish it. August is looking to be a busy month, what with my wife's birthday, the American "Death Note" and the assembling of "The Defenders", Oh goody!!

That being said, I'm curious if "Revenge" is a show worth continuing or if I should simply scrap it. Anyways, speaking of scrapping things my 1st entry into my "Project Canceled" series is nearly done, and I'll be reviewing the single season NBC series "The Event". The purpose of "Project Canceled" is to find TV shows that were canceled and see if they deserved it, speculate as to why they were canceled and basically give them a chance to be seen, watched and reviewed and bring people's attention to the fact that maybe this show got the axe through no fault of it's own...maybe it was given a death slot, wasn't promoted right or was placed in a bad line up. Such is not the case with "The Event" and I'll be explaining why when that article comes out.

Here's a little skin for ya from "The Event".

Moving right along, I've been investigating animes for my "Anime RE-Claimed" series and "Prison School" is an anime that piqued my interest. The premise is hilarious and the characters immediately struck me as just a bundle of fun. Yes, I'll openly admit the nudity and general perviness of the characters didn't dampen my curiosity either but this anime and others like it remind me that anime used to be hilarious and didn't revolve around people having super powers and such. So I'll be checking out more of "Prison School", "Durarara" and "Daily Lives Of High School Boys". Really looking forward to finding some good animes and I hope these pan out.

...and a bit more skin from "Prison School".

Anyways, that's about everything I need to discuss in regards to August and what's going on. Sorry I've been sluggish with my articles, Fatherhood and work is an all consuming pass time and I'm loving fatherhood but work is a necessary evil. Anyways, here's a GIF of some Anime characters getting fresh with an unexpected twist, why? Because you won't see it coming!

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