Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Gotham S01E15 "Scarecrow" Review

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This episode oh boy this episode...the start of it wasn't promising at all, what with the opening detailing Fish Mooney's...capture...whatever. And unfortunately, Fish Mooney is a featured character in this episode. But all is not over and done with as we get a bit of business with The Penguin and the titular character The Scarecrow, all that to be reviewed after the break.

Let's start off with Fish Mooney...because it's best to get the bad stuff outta the way first before you can get to the good. We last saw Fish Mooney begin taken hostage by...er...whatever and now apparently she finds herself in some underground fight club ran by Girers (wrong show, my bad) apparently organ hunters as they returned a young woman with her eyes harvested. Fish's takeover was less than inspired and painfully obvious to anyone with 2 functioning brain cells. What's actually going on? Who knows and honestly who gives 2/3 of a damn. Unfortunately, I have a feeling quite a bit of time will be spent on this and will cause Fish inevitable return to power or something like it...OR hopefully it's linked to a very awesome Batman villain and I haven't made the connection yet. Regardless, I hope Fish will get her's at the hand of The Penguin so she can finally stop dragging this show down.

Speaking of dragging the show down, Bruce Wayne makes his unfortunate return to the show, this time going on an annual hike he and his father go on, Bruce this time choosing to go it alone this time sans Alfred. I'm pretty sure I, like many Batman fans thought that once Bruce started to tumble he was gonna fall into the notorious hole that would soon be the Batcave (you can at least foreshadow that) and Bruce would have to muscle his way out of the hole and eventually use it as a secret place to be alone and such...BUT NO, it was just a place for little Bruce to throw the girliest tantrum ever and fall down...no lesson, no nothing just Bruce throwing around some rocks...Batman everyone...Batman.

Now, moving on to bigger and better things, right off the bat the explanation of The Fear Toxin, INGENIOUS! Despite the fact that it still has the shimmery effect of the toxin uses by The Scarecrow in "Batman Begins", the origins of this fear toxin isn't a hallucinogenic plant but rather adrenaline gland secretion condensed to inoculate himself from fear...to cure fear, genius! The origins of Scarecrow was quite interesting in it that his father injected him with the fear toxin, Johnathan is insane and afraid now BUT once the effects wear off, Johnathan Crane is gonna A BEAST! And those scarecrows at the end were pretty freakin' scary lookin'. So kudos there.

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This is pretty freaky!

As for our man Oswald, Maroni was ready to take his neck but after some greasing from Falcone, Maroni has warmed up to The Penguin and as such granted him immunity (for as long as Falcone's alive). I like how this was resolved, but still, while I like Oswald and what they're doing with him, I'm still waiting, WAITING for that moment when he goes completely unhinged and everyone sees that they shouldn't have f*cked with him. I'm still waiting for that moment. Hopefully that moment occurs once he gets his hands on Fish Mooney, either way, I'm hoping that will be Oswald's shining moment and not just another moment where he's saved by the skin of his ass.

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Get up out my face, Riddle man.

All in all, this episode had some some good moments, some moments that were EXTREMELY eyeball rolling and some moments that were just moments. This show needs to start laying down some groundwork for some serious sh*t, and while the producers did state that A Joker arc was gonna be introduced before the season was done, this show really needs to start laying some cards on the table quick, otherwise this is gonna be just another lame cop drama...and in many cases it is. Bullock & Gordon are doing their best to keep this show a police procedural BUT there is only so much that can be done with that genre, and the extensive rogues gallery that Batman has NEEDS TO START PULLING THEIR WEIGHT! Anyways, those are my thoughts, let me know what's going on.

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