Wednesday, February 25, 2015

STRANGE LOG: 2-25-2015

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So I missed 2 "Gotham" reviews...yeah, it's been a pretty rough week and the fault of my current living situation. For those of you outside of the know, I moved to Washington to be with Kim, and while we're together we're not living together, I'd elaborate but that's letting you more into my business than I'd want you. Moving right along, because of the slip-shot nature of these articles I figured a "Strange Log" was in order to let everyone know what's going on and what's coming up, so let's get to it.

As far as The TV Round Up goes, it'll be continuing but unfortunately the only show that has premiered thus far and is currently on-going is ABC's "Forever" and I absolutely love this show. Yes, it needs a little work in being episodic as opposed to serial, I'd like it to be more serial but still Ioan Gruffudd and Judd Hirsch are a pretty good team and Alana De La Garza might've fallen on hard time after "Do No Harm" failed but she rebounded quite nicely. I'm really hoping this show sticks around, if it's anything like it's poorly written predecessor "New Amsterdam" I don't think it'll be around for long, but while it's here I'm gonna enjoy it.

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With "Pretty Little Liars" now officially ending in Season 7, I am now more inclined to continue reviewing it. I have to admit, I'm gonna be pretty sad when it goes off the air, if not for anything except for the simple fact that I love riffing on it despite enjoying it. I really enjoy reviewing it and it has really forced me to up the ante of my funny. I'll miss Hanna's gangstaness, but we're a good 2 years before I should be giving "Pretty Little Liars" it's walking papers.

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Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for the arrival of "Wayward Pines" on FOX coming in May and ABC's "The Whispers", but I'm more so looking forward to "Wayward Pines" as it looks like a cross between "The Prisoner" and "The Stepford Wives" (if it was done seriously). I'm not sure what to make of this series but it has Terrance Howard in it and it's about a small town and you know me, I LOVE me some small town mayhem. I will be reviewing the pilot of "Wayward Pines" & "The Whispers" here, due to my current living situation I have no clue when I'll be able to return to video making.

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Speaking of reviews, returning to the reviewing docket is "The Following"! I continuously admit that I did myself a major disservice by not reviewing The 1st Season and not continuing to review the 2nd. I shant be making the same mistake twice and while this season threatens to be Joe Carrol-less (let's face it, he is what makes the series) I'm reviewing it nonetheless because, hey, serial killers. Although the return of Mark Gray doesn't inspire confidence, I can rest assured that the EXTREMELY BLAND Lily Gray is behind us and in the ground, where she belongs.

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Speaking of serial killers, the "Hannibal" reviews will continue as well. We all heard the announcement of the role of Mason Verger being recast from Michael Pitt to British actor Joe Anderson. Michael Pitt's performance as Mason Verger was stellar to say the least and he will be missed very much so by yours truly. We'll see if Joe does his own thing with the character or will try to emulate Michael Pitt's Verger. Either way I can't be more excited for this season since they'll be introducing Francis Dolarhyde a.k.a The Red Dragon!

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In other news I will be reviewing the new "Mortal Kombat X" game coming out in April! No, I won't be playing the game, at least not to my knowledge, I haven't decided if I actually want to buy it or not, if I do it won't be for awhile. What I mean by reviewing is I will be reviewing the story mode of the game. The last game's story mode viewed like a movie and could be watched as such. Today I just brought the issue #2 of the new "Mortal Kombat X" comic book so I can be informed when I do my review. I could NOT be more excited about this game, hopefully Reiko is in the game and hopefully as the surprise main villain. I really like me some Reiko. I cannot WAIT to see this Kotal Kahn character!

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"Pretty Little Liars" (Ongoing)
"Gotham" (Ongoing)
"The Following" (March 3rd. and On)
"Hannibal" (Ongoing)
"Wayward Pines" (Pilot Episode ONLY)
"The Whispers" (Pilot Episode ONLY)
"Mortal Kombat X" (The week of the 14th of April)

In terms of Youtube videos things haven't settled into a good enough area yet but once they do I shall be making my return to the small screen. I have a movie reviews lined up and POSSIBLY a let's play featuring my lovely wife, Kimmy! As far as my storyline goes, I want to do Season 5 but after the move so many of my props are still in Michigan, once I find employment here I'll work towards trying to do some stuff here and there and I'm interested in attempting to do a short film, so we'll see what happens. All in all that's all I have to report, things are smoothing over. Hope you guys have fun, here's a GIF of Alien & Predator playing poker.
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  1. thanks for keeping up with the reviews despite it all. I would dare to ask you do some "Why Haven't You Watched"if you have a chance, since my life will never be the same after The Lost Room and The Booth at the End (though from the last one I never found the fourth episode from the first season, go wonder). All the best.

  2. Booth at The End Episode 4:,p0,d0

    Lost Room Episode 4:

    Thank you so much for your loyalty!

  3. oh you'd never guess that but I'm from Sao Paulo, Brazil, aceess to Hulu: denied!

    1. WELL HELLO FROM Formerly Detroit, currently Washington (State, not DC). Good to know I got fans in Brazil! YAYS!