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Pretty Little Liars S05E20 "Pretty Isn't The Point" Review

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Howdy, kids! Yesterday was my birthday so I took the day off, yes the "Gotham" review will be coming but it'll be coming out a little later (and boy, do I have somethings to say about that episode). For now we have "Pretty Little Liars" to get to and now we're finally getting to some real meat and potatoes this season, and with only 5 episodes left, we finally know what's going on with Mike, that Alison isn't "A" (as if we didn't know that already) and something big is bouts to go down, but we'll get to all that and more after the break.

Let's start off with Mike as this is the most important focus of this episode. For awhile now The Liars have been running with 2 major theories: #1: Mike is working with Alison. and #2: Alison is "A". Both theories have been debunked at Face Value but with this show you can never be too sure, but in this case I'm sure. The episode opens with The Liar sifting through Mike's room, and I'm sure many others were waiting for The Liars to come across Mike's porn stash, would've been hilarious but at least now we know Mike had jock itch. Mike has been something of a MAJOR after thought on the series and only until he started dating Mona did he become relevant.

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I'm totally scoring some heroin from Spencer, you want any, Mike?

Now he's a major player in things and we finally know what he's been up to and what's going on with Mona, sort of.  Before I get into that though, I'd like to ask, WHY IN THE HELL IS EVERYONE IN THIS TOWN RIPPED?! I mean Mike is training to fight Ivan Drago, but what's Andrew's reason? Is he huffing from The Ric Flair bag of intensified beef products? Is their steroids in the coffee? I only ask because when Andrew was doing his Bo Svenson impersonation he looked like he'd been working out ever since Spencer was about to show him her tits...(man, I miss druggie Spencer). Setting that aside, Aria gets the poor guy to do her spy work for her and shock of all shocks, Andrew actually gets into it.

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"If he spies, he spies."

Will there be a relationship between these two? Maybe, after all Ezra's dumb ass was under the impression that he was holding Aria and not the years of abuse from "A", so maybe Aria can hook up with someone who's smart for a change. We'll see. Anyway, as I figured out, Mike is one of the good guys and in an interesting twist of fate that I didn't see coming, Mona faked her own death pull out pints of blood and storing it in a freezer to frame Alison. The thing is, the episode ended with us seeing Mona's body, that wasn't a healing coma (unless Mona's secretly Shoa Kahn...or Superman), but I digress. With the possibility of Mona being alive, it now sets up an interesting place for this series to go, and theres something else it establishes but I'll talk about that later. My pet peeve with this is the fact that why in the hell did Mike wait until NOW to tell Aria what was up?

If Mona's ultimate goal was to help The Liars and catch "A" and Alison, then why didn't Mike just tell Aria what he just told her? It's not like that was time sensitive information, he could've told her at any point in time instead of act like a suspicious douche. Either way, Mike's not the enemy (as if anyone believed that). Switching gears, Hanna "Thug Life" Marrin began her training for the beauty pageant only to discover (through "A" Holery) that her Step-Sister Kate Randall (who used to look like a dude in the 1st Season, seriously, go check) has entered the pageant. Obviously, I was right about "A" pulling some stuff, but I didn't expect it to be so tame, I was expecting something grandiose on a "Carrie" level, like Hanna almost wins until "A" dumps a bucket of Mona's blood on her...I'd like to see that...(yeah, I got issues.)

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COACH: What do you do well?
HANNA: Lots of things.
COACH: As in?
HANNA: Gangsta shit.
(Honestly, I love making these "gangsta shit" jokes)

However, that can still happen what with Emily now entering the pageant as Hanna's proxy. I'm really not to keen on where this storyline went, The Beauty Pageant thing was Hanna's thing, Emily's thing was dealing with Talia and her constantly talking about food and lying ass. Speaking of Ass, we've finally got to meet Talia's husband and it's now no small mystery as to why she's into women, her husband is an emasculated weenie who's clearly oblivious to the fact that his "wife" is a lesbian. Ya see the interesting thing that SHOULD have been done here (and I know I'm speaking prematurely because the season isn't done) is maintain the fact that Eric wasn't aware of his wife infidelity and then have him justifiably get in Emily's business about it, after all Emily is still in high school, Talia is a grown woman, I know Emily's on her way to college and sh*t but c'mon!

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Hi, I'm Eric, Talia's husband. She totally has my balls in a mason jar by our nightstand. I don't pose any threat to you whatsoever, please continue making out with my wife.

You can't tell me that wouldn't have been a far better place for that story to go? There's still time for that happen, so I hope that Eric isn't the pencil neck geek that he's set up to be, but I'm not holding my breath. Switching gears once again, what is going on with Spencer & "Meth lab" Johnny? It's obvious Spencer and (her soon to be dumb as a post Rosewood Police Officer Boyfriend) Toby will be broken up by the time this season is over (unless by some miracle Toby loses his job and gain his brain cells back), but Spencer displayed some MASSIVE stupidity here in this episode. Let me count the ways.

For starters, breaking & entering, Spencer already beat a murder rep, she doesn't need to be adding legitimate felonies to her already impressive list of criminal activity, not to mention she didn't wear gloves when breaking in, not to mention she was caught in a vehicle with STOLEN GOODS inside of it, had Toby been doing his job he'd have arrested both of them. Spencer OPENLY admitted to vandalism (the curator can see to that) and was somehow convinced that "Meth Lab" Johnny was being exploited to him and is owed royalties for works of VANDALISM! I'm no lawyer but I'm almost 100% certain that vandalism can't be exploited.

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Yo, you got any meth?

This episode was really good, it's finally getting the ball rolling to where we need to be and we can sort of see the groundwork being laid for the finale of this season. Janel Parrish (Mona) mentioned she would be in Season 6 but in a different capacity, what that means is anyone's guess but with it now established that she COULD be alive, I'm holding out hope that she is. Strangely enough, Jenna and Chloe Bridges' character Sydney haven't been see for awhile and that makes me suspicious about those two, while it's been established that they're not the enemy, they ain't exactly friendly either (unless it's to Emily). Long story short, some good ground was covered in this episode but the disintegration of Toby and Spencer's relationship leaves a sour taste in my mouth, but Caleb and Hanna are still together! If they can continue to produce episodes of this caliber leading into the finale, I'll be one happy man...and if we can keep getting dancing Hanna montages I'll be an even happier man (I ain't sayin' I'm crushin' on Hanna, but I'm crushin' on Hanna...don't judge me). Until then I'll see you kids later!

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  1. I guess the water has steroids, Caleb has gfrown bigger too lol
    At least, they gave us something that really makes sense, and the possibility that Mona is really alive after all. But that gives me the creeps, since we had it in a very bad way when it was back to that guy in season 1/2 (Ian?) who was prisioner from A for while. Ow and thinking about that, there is no way in hell that Mona would kill the Ian guy back at season 1/2... so I guess we`ve been dealing with Uber A since day 1.
    BTW, every major character is in the pilot (except Caleb): the Liars and family (including Melissa, Wren and Mike), Jenna, Toby, Mona, Ezra, and even Red Coat (Spencer has a glimpse of her at Alison's room, they could use it to say it was Alison, Bethany, Black Widow, whoever they want to). So the door is pretty opened to justify who is Uber A.... disapointed. No real clues there.