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Pretty Little Liars S05E19 "Out, Damned Spot!" Review

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And here we are once again with "Pretty Little Liars". This episode, not sure what to make of it...more red-herring-ing from the writers, *sigh*, is anyone buying this Mike is working for Alison crap? I sure as hell am not, even if he is working or Alison, I'm "sure" there's a "good reason" for it. Anyways, let's get to the review proper and see what's up.

So The Liars are donating blood, everyone except Emily who's trip to Haiti (and quite possibly her blood alcohol level) prevented her from donating but that didn't stop "A" from framing the others with leaving The Liar's DNA on Mona's dress (and not in a Bill Clinton fashion). Aiding in the framing of The Liars is Mike (Aria's brother, who's apparently training to fight Ivan Drago), swiped The Liar's blood and passed it to Cyrus Patrillo...OR so we're lead to believe. What I do believe is that Alison called Mike, told him what was up (and for whatever reason didn't tell anyone else) and now Mike is working to protect The Liars from "A". What I'm saying is Mike was stealing the blood to KEEP "A" from getting it but some how "A" managed to get it anyway.

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"If she dies, she dies."

What Alison told Mike to convince him to join her is beyond me, because apparently she can convince Mike to help her but not anyone else...and that...just makes me raise an eyebrow. Speaking of raising eyebrows, let's address Emily and her new budding relationship with Talia (and her husband)...will there be a threesome in Emily's future, will the husband eventually show up in a jealous rage? More than likely...knowing this show. I could get on a soapbox with this show and Lord knows I want to, especially this insane relationship, but I won't. Instead, I'll just sit her and wait for the fireworks to start exploding.

Spencer & her friend "Methlab" Johnny have decided to take a walk on the wild side and vandalize Hollis College. Spencer being on the wrong side of The Law will more than likely put her at odds with her soon to be dumb as four rock (because he's a Rosewood police officer) boyfriend Toby. I'm already setting my watch to see how long Toby and Spencer last in light of this new development that Spencer like's being a bad girl......lost my train of thought there for a second, anyways. Here's the case, if Spencer & Toby do break up, I call Bullsh*t immediately, and here's why: After all that Toby & Spencer been through? I can't imagine they'd break up over something as minor as a felony.

Speaking of felonies, let's talk about Aria (not a good segway), despite saying some really intelligent things in this episode; "The court of public opinion in this town really sucks !". Aria isn't proving to be smart at all, what with tailing Mike, using Andrew to do it, answering Mike's phone and immediately confronting him afterwards. The Liars are some of the sloppiest investigators known to man with the exception of Hanna & Spencer (who individually are smart but collectively are completely stupid). The #1 rule of investigating someone is NEVER LET THE PERSON YOU'RE INVESTIGATING KNOWN YOU'RE INVESTIGATING THEM! Madness.

And speaking of madness, let's address the fact that Melissa was brought up in this episode, especially after not being mentioned or addressed for...well...for awhile. And despite Aria's very astute observation that Melissa wasn't "A", we still have no clue why SHE STUFFED ARIA IN A BOX AND DANGLED HER OUTSIDE A MOVING F*CKIN' TRAIN!

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I have a feeling we'll be seeing Melissa again and not to mention she also mentioned Wren as well and there's a guy we hadn't seen in awhile Last but not least, Hanna "O.G." Marrin, is having trouble paying for college, her initial reaction was to seek help from her dad, and while she didn't pop a cap in his ass like she should've, she did pop an emotional cap in him by bringing up Kate (another character who hasn't been brought up) and realizing where her dad's loyalties are. Moments like this showcase just how much of an O.G. Hanna is. Hanna's a freakin' gangsta. The foreshadowing of the beauty contest will more than likely be a set up for "A" to screw her over, but seeing Hanna looking her best will be reward in and of it's self. Not to say that I'm crushing on Hanna, I just respect her gangsta. Instead of entering a beauty contest, Hanna might wanna look into finally releasing that long-awaited rap album she shouldn't been working on ever since her mom got convicted of murder.

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That Face You Make When You Wanna Kill Someone But You're Trying To Get Right With Jesus.

In conclusion, episodes like this are laying the groundwork for things bigger and badder to come along, now with The Liar's blood in the wrong hands and with Det. Stupid (I mean Tanner) on The Liar's trail, it might come down to another murder conviction and orange jumpsuits for the girls. Alison did say they'd all be sharing a cell with her, let's hope they make good on that promise by the finale. Until then, I'll see you all later.

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  1. Oh man I've just written in another blog that Mike is probably helping Alison protect the girls... he just failed because of that nurse. The writers are sucking at the opposite game LOL. He will probably get killed by the end of the season for helping the girls.
    So, Wren was mentioned again, and he was in the pilot, and he could easily steal the blood that mike left behind... Uber A Wren Theory? I don't like it, but...
    Ah, bad episode. Just pointless.