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Hannibal S03E02 "Primavera" Review

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Is it possibly for this show to get any weirder than it already has? Apparently, yes, and if this episode is any indication of just how weird this season will get then OH BOY! In the previous episode we focused just a tiny bit on Bedelia DeMaurier and Hannibal's impersonation as Dr. Fell, but in this episode we switch back to Hannibal's arch nemesis & best friend Will Graham, what craziness awaits us in this episode? Check it out after the break.

So we pick up right where we left off with the Earth shattering moment of Will Graham being literally gutted and left for dead watching his surrogate daughter, the beautiful Abigail Hobbs bleeding to death from a neck wound that Hannibal reopened. Still pretty horrible even after having seen it a few times (just so I can relive the madness...don't judge me). Before I start getting ahead of myself the imagery of submersion appears to be resurfacing and dare I say much more prevalent in this Season with the 1st 2 episodes featuring characters being submerged in liquid. Last Season, Alana mentioned how she felt like she was drowning and an image of her slowly sinking under a thick black liquid accompanied that metaphor, now we have Bedelia slowly sinking in water and Will Graham sinking in blood.

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Just so we're clear...

That being said, HOW DARE YOU! I'm saying that to the writers because at long last, I was finally fooled! I'll admit, I actually thought Abigail was alive (against my better judgment) but I did say "What?!" out loud, so I wasn't completely like "Oh yeah sure she survived! Pfft!" I needed some convincing. The convincing was there what with the doctor saying "There's someone here very anxious to see you.", and with Abigail's rationalizations (Hannibal's a surgeon, he knew how to cut me, he wanted us to live, ect. ect.) of course I was fooled! Never the less, it made it all the more tragic when Will had to let Abigail go, but I have a theory about that. And because this is my blog, I'm going to share it. Will realized that Abigail was going to side with Hannibal no matter what, even his subconscious projection of Abigail was hopelessly devoted to Hannibal, therefore Will was able to let Abigail go and forgive Hannibal, because ultimately Hannibal lost something too.

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Hello, beautiful.

The broken heart basically spelled it out for Will, it was Hannibal's way of saying "I miss you.", why else would he disturb the peace, as Hannibal put it. Sure, he killed Mr. Dimmond but he didn't have to display his body. Hannibal wasn't Will Graham to find him, as made evident by Hannibal remaining at the scene of the crime KNOWING Will would know he was still there. I love how this show doesn't spell things out for you but gives you insight into how the characters act (or might). I'm still concerned about Will. If he told Inspector Pazzi that he didn't know which side he was on for Hannibal's sake, I doubt Hannibal will be fooled again, but Will was musing on what would have happened had he left. Then again, when Will said it (death) was the only place he could make for her, was he acknowledging that the situation wouldn't have gone any different and that he was determined to catch Hannibal? I'm so confused, in a good way!

Great episode, like previous Season they don't just go from zero to crazy, But I'll have to give them point for bringing back the Stag in what can only be described as quite possibly the worst acid trip anyone has ever been on. If The Shiva Wendigo makes an appearance again, I'll be very happy. I don't think I've ever fully praised the special effects team, making realistic dead bodies and showing what looks like actual flesh is such an amazing feat. That nightmare inducing Stag really showcased what one can do when sound production, and special effects merge to become one entity. Again, this show is the ONLY show that made me pay attention to sound design.

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This is disturbing, awesome and disgusting all at once.

All points are converging slowly and Hannibal is officially a wanted man and a fugitive. It'll be interesting to see where they go from here and of course, I'm am excited and eagerly awaiting The Red Dragon! Until next time, Kiddos. Catch you on the flip-flop.

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