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Pretty Little Liars S06E04 "Don't Look Now" Review

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My apologies to everyone who was expecting this review at the usual time, unfortunately/fortunately with my current employment situation I come home frequently tired and though I do watch the episode, I am too tired to review it and even now I should be getting my rest as I have an EXTREMELY busy (and prone to be frustrating day) day tomorrow. So with that out of the way, let's get to the episode proper.

Starting off with a few character notes, this season is noticeably different from all the others, despite everything that happened it's still similar but so much has happened and yet very little has changed. After having been kidnapped and psychologically tormented by "A" The Liars really don't come off as paranoid or unsettled. Unfortunately, this show is falling into the trope of certain issues breaking up characters. Namely, Hanna & Caleb, I am not one for relationships in TV shows unless I can really feel them and Hanna & Caleb are PERFECT together. And while Hanna is trying to deal with the trauma (which is good) she isn't exactly allowing others to deal with the trauma. That being said Caleb shouldn't have said he put a tracker on her car, now that he said it out loud "A" is aware of it. He should have just monitored Hanna and if there was any irregularity, he would investigate.  Caleb played his hand too early following The Liars like he did.

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Caleb is disappointed in you.

I get where Hanna is coming from, being monitored 24/7 is something a person doesn't entirely get used to but at the same time Caleb should have been more quiet about his tracker, not something you wanna talk about until you ACTUALLY need it. Speaking of actually needing it, Spencer has finally hit an all new low, digging through the trash for pills, Aria's throw away pills at that. The minute Aria said she threw them out you could tell Spencer was about to flip out. Kudos to Troian Bellisario for having subtle in her acting. She plays a drug addict very well. I could help but chuckle at Spencer attempting to score some pot, she's so adorable.

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They're prescription brownies, I swear!

What's not adorable is the notion that Spencer may have killed someone (seriously, this girl is just raking in the assault charges, but so far Aria & Emily are the only two with bodies...Hanna she's need to kill a few people before she can drop that mix tape, long tangent, sorry). Given the fact that Charles or "A" didn't actually have The Liars electrocute each other, I doubt that Charles had Spencer murder someone for him. More then likely, Spencer will be framed for something, but at this point in time can Rosewood P.D. really fall for this kinda crap? After seeing that "A" was capable of kidnapping The Liars right outta police custody, can they REALLY be dumb enough to fall for another frame job? Pffft, who am I talking about here? The Rosewood P.D. is so bad at their job I can't even think of anything to compare them to. But I digress.

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SPENCER: Oh no, who'd I kill this time?

As always with this show, all road lead to Radley, as Charles DiLaurentis now confirmed to have committed suicide (as highly dubious notion on this show) at 16 his existence is officially confirmed, but his death is not. Much like my Hanna, I am extremely skeptical about the headstone in the backyard for Aunt Carrol's house. Charles wasn't buried, he was cremated, so why would he have a headstone? There's no body down there. Regardless of how old the headstone was, it doesn't mean he's dead. But leave it to The Liars to jump to conclusions that he's dead and whoever is "A" is assuming the identity of Charles because they spent time together in Radley.

Considering no one really knew who Charles was, how is it that "A" would find the EXACT DiLaurentis family who put him in Radley and the friends of Allison and harass them? Where would this person get the money, resources and where with all to do all of this? That's what's bugging me and when someone in a few episodes back asked the Million Dollar Question about how (then) "A" suspect Andrew Campbell was able to afford all his equipment and such. How does an escaped mental patient fund all of this? Did anyone ever bother to track the purchase log of the items found within The Dollhouse? I imagine considering some of those items are exact replicas of items found in The Lair's room some of it had to have been custom made. Why am I better Detective than the morons at Rosewood P.D.? Wait, just answered my own question.

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Does "A" have a closet of nothing but black hoodies?

Long story short, this Season is shaping up to be the biggest red-herring of them all and with a jump in time coming and another season in the works, I just can't conceive of where this show is planning to go, but I'm along for the ride...of course, like Peter Hastings, I'll be bringing along my trusty bottle of whiskey (lying, I don't drink.) Cheers, everyone.

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