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Pretty Little Liars S06E03 "Songs of Experience" Review

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I seriously need to start writing these intros AFTER I finish the previous episode, it'll maintain my train of thought. Anyways, last episode, Sara put some serious doubt into The Liars (namely, Emily) about Andrew's guilt and while Aria is out for blood and Hanna is looking to move on (more or less) Spencer and Alison are determined to solve the mystery of Charles DiLaurentis. Of course, Alison's father was no big help, and this only makes Spencer and Alison more dubious on the notion that there is no Charles DiLaurentis. So what's next for The Liars and Andrew "Walking Tall" Campbell, let's find out.

So we begin "Songs Of Experience" and it doesn't seem like much has changed, The Liars are still unsure of Andrew's status as Charles DiLaurentis and shock of all shocks, he was trying to help. Not entirely sure what that means though. Despite being adopted, which let's face it, isn't suspicious at all, surprise, people actually get adopted. Anyway, we can finally lay the Andrew nonsense to rest...or can we? I have a feeling that despite his not being an important character, we haven't seen the last of him. Which is good because I've always liked Andrew. Will he be integral in aiding The Liars to solve the mystery of "A"? Who knows?

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Let this be a lesson to you, Andrew. You can't go 'round thinkin' you can save bitches,

Speaking of characters we haven't seen for awhile, Dr. Sullivan returns after being largely absent since Season 1 (I believe?) and I was shocked because I was really hoping she'd show up again, especially after having figured out that Mona was "A" back in the 1st Season, and Mona somehow managed to bribe her to disappear. My thing is, don't you think Dr. Sullivan would be used to The Liars bailing on her, not that they did a lot, but considering things haven't gotten better for them, she should be aware that given their previous circumstances more is going on when all of the girls vanish at once. I really hope she sticks around.

And BRAVO to Hanna for wanting to talk about what happened, and while none of The Liars did at first, talking about it, they came to the (unfortunate) realization that no one was actually hurt. However, leave it to Spencer to turn a good thing into a bad thing, because now The Liars know that they'd when the chips are down, they'd eat each other and they know exactly who they'll eat first, and that's a cold bucket of water. But hopefully a lot more happened in that Dollhouse and so far that was just surface stuff. Here's to hoping more flashbacks are coming because blowing this load as early as they did kinda ruined the real good set up they had going into this season.

Anyways, Charles a.k.a Charlie. So Jason has recognizes the name as his imaginary friend Charlie. While that's what Jason thinks, we all know Charles is very real, we've seen photos and home movies of the kid. Whatever Mr. DiLaurentis told them must have been quite a bombshell. Obviously, Charles is family, the only thing I can think is that perhaps maybe he's presumed dead, brain dead or something (might lead back to Radley, who knows? Charles had a vested interest in telling The Liars he was the one doing this to them, so why threaten Sara if The Liars tell anyone about him? The Liars basically told Mr. DiLaurentis, is he allowed to know? Charles just assumed The Liars wouldn't immediately tell The Police about him, but leave it to Charles to be 100% correct and thus far The Liars haven't cracked a single word about him to anyone who could legally do something about it.

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Apparently, Charles has seen "V/H/S"

Sad about Mona not being around, I have a feeling that if she doesn't show up in this half of this Season, she'll show up in the next. Lorenzo has me suspicious, I almost never trust new characters, this includes Sara, now rocking The Miley Cyrus cut (doesn't look bad to be perfectly honest). I think she's still working for Charles as a spy, maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm right, but when has a romance for Emily EVER worked out? I'll wait. Also Lorenzo and Allison...not sure I like the parring, Allison is well...Allison and Lorenzo is...well...Rosewood P.D....which means, he's stupid. Okay, I take that back, maybe he's not stupid but is really is playing with fire and Toby knows it. Getting on Toby, can you seriously blame him for still being suspicious of Allison? After all, she did blind his (incredibly hot) step-sister (who he was boning, lucky bastard) and got him sent to juvenile.

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Allison is talking to Lorenzo...let me sip this tea right quick...

To wrap up, this was a set up episode, the hammer won't be dropped until next week where we get some answers about who Charles is. This is The Summer of Answers as Ms. King put it and dammit, I'm expecting to get some. Off the wall idea, Lorenzo is Charles and Mr. DiLaurentis disowned him because he's Black. Haha! I kid, but stranger things have happened. That being said, I'll catch you guys for "Hannibal". Peace!

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  1. Great review! I got this theory in my head of 2 teams working against each other and against Alison, A team (Uber A, Big A all seasons; Mona S1 and 2, trying to be a double agent since) and B team (Shana, Jenna and Melissa). They get things done by blackmailing etc. but for this to work out, Charles need to be a DiLaurentis renegade sibling and CeCe has the evil twin, who is doing bad stuff in front of us without us knowing (like killing Wilden, I mean, she is no good but that was a stretch). Then we would have Uber A as CeCe's twin, Big A as Charles. The Twin killed Mrs. D and is at odds with Charles, and he will revenge his mother's murder by killing CeCe's twin in the finale... IDK