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Pretty Little Liars S06E02 "Songs of Innocence" Review

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The 2nd episode of what's shaping up to be a pretty dark season of the penultimate season of "Pretty Little Liars" and already they're establishing a few things in terms of where at least this half of the season will go. But The Liars are now free from "A" A-Hole (yes, that's what I'm officially calling it). We've caught up on the goings on, and now here we are, let's get to the action.

So before we get into the episode proper, despite being mentioned, there was a noticeable lack of Mona in this episode. Considering that she was practically "confirmed" to be dead last Season, it's weird that such a revelation wouldn't be considered news. I mean, Allison was just missing, Mona actually shed blood, "A" pretty much "Gone Girl'd" her ass. Then again, considering Allison is a walking ghost, it's only right that the 2nd time a person comes "back from the dead" it wouldn't really mean much. That begin said, it'll be interesting to see just where Mona goes and what role she'll play in events to come. After all despite everything that happened in previous seasons and in the A-Hole, The Liars still went back for Mona, and that means a lot.

That being said, I was hoping the writers would leave the events of what happen in The A-Hole a much larger mystery. It's true that they really can't stretch it that far, but it'd have been nice to have a few flashbacks here and there whenever a character did something out of the ordinary or reacted strangely to something. That being said, "Choose Who Suffers" is a fun idea, but that can't really be all that "A" did to them. I say that, knowing full well that electrocuting your best friend is probably going to strain relations with them. Still, what does "A" want with them? It can't just be to break them up. Before having to pull the fire alarm on his little project, Charles was preparing to bring Allison into the fray...would his motives have become clear then? Who knows?

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No, Allison, you don't have a mysterious long lost brother named Charles who's trying to kill you and your friends, now never ask about him again.

Allison seems different this season, although she still has Rest Bitch Face (which is unfortunate for her) she does seem to have genuine human emotions (maybe). I'm saying that because when confronted about the revelation of Charles DiLaurentis, Allison went straight to her father and then straight to Spencer and had a legit moment. When Spencer thanked her, Allison said "You'd have done the same for me." and fortunately for us, we have 5 Season (technically 4) to prove that (Hell, Aria even committed murder for her, currently the 2nd Liar to have a confirmed kill under their belt, Emily was the 1st). So what's up with Charles? Is Mr. DiLaurentis telling the truth? Well of course he's not but at this point why lie? Hell, his daughter was almost kidnapped by Charles so if he knows something, regardless of whatever family secret B.S. he's trying to cover up he needs to speak up NOW!

And speaking of speaking up...I can't go on without addressing Spencer and Aria. Maybe spending 3 weeks in The A-Hole hasn't wisened Spencer up to the fact that Rosewood P.D. is filled to the brim with people who can only find their heads looking in mirror. Even Toby (having been on the "A" team before) was aware that evidence on Andrew is just all too convenient and easily traceable, even if it did take them awhile to find it. "A's" smarter than that and Spencer knows it, so why she's expecting Rosewood P.D. to be able to link Charles DiLaurentis & Andrew Campbell is beyond me. But she knows deep down Andrew's not guilty and she's gonna find out all she can on Charles...that is of course if she can get a handle on her drug problem. I know I think Druggie Sleep Depraved Spencer is pretty hot, but can we PLEASE have at least ONE season where Spencer doesn't have a drug problem? Hell, Emily got over her alcoholism faster than that and Emily's killed someone!

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Hey Spencer, remember us?

Spencer NEEDS to tell Rosewood P.D. about Charles DiLaurentis! Nothing gets information faster than a court order and whatever Mr. DiLaurentis is trying to hide a subpoena would fix that right quick. That isn't to say that Charles wouldn't cover his ass but at this point his name is out there and somebody, somewhere knows something. Maybe it was Mrs. DiLaurentis, which is why "A" killed her and buried her in the backyard. Maybe. Either way with this much information, Spencer is making a complete and total ass of herself NOT telling Rosewood P.D. (even if they are complete morons). But at least Spencer didn't attempt to commit perjury like this show's greatest genius Aria Montgomery. Luckily, the Lawyer saw through the ruse and decided to end the madness like a sane person.

So Emily's gotta gun now. I gotta say that out of all of The Liars, Emily & Hanna appear to be dealing with this situation in healthy ways at least. Emily's working on self-defense, and while she's paranoid about it, she's resolved not to be a victim anymore and that's healthy. Hanna's moving to a much darker place and is slightly paranoid but at the same time she's getting her head back (with Caleb's help of course, if those two break up again, I'll be over this show). It'll be interesting to see where The Liars go from here, who choose who to suffer and if that'll play into the events of this season. There was already a hint of guilt in this episode with Aria randomly telling Spencer "I'm sorry.", was that supposed to be "I'm sorry for choosing you to suffer."? Maybe, maybe not. But these girls are pretty damn ballsy to be out and about and in school the next day (how exactly are they graduating again? They must have missed SO much homework!).

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Upon further review, The Grand Jury has determined that "if he spies,he spies."

So is Andrew Campbell innocent? Well according to the law he is, but that won't matter. With this being the penultimate season, we better stop with all the red herrings and get some solid answers. That is what this has been teased as, "The Summer of Answers". So let's starting getting some definitive answers A.S.A.P. and that starts with just what in the Hell was Andrew doing with that listening software? It'll be interesting to see where things go from here. Hopefully and probably it'll be interesting. I'm up for it. As Spencer said, "Game on, Charles.". Until next week, kiddos!

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