Friday, January 31, 2014

More Stephen King Craziness

So it's been awhile since I updated you guys on what I've been reading. Well not really because I did make a video reviewing Doug Dorst and J.J Abrams' latest literary blunder "S.". After being incredibly frustrated with that, I decided to come back home and consume more Stephen King and I have been since my last post regarding Mr. King's work. So here's an update on what I've been reading. Try as I might, I still can't get through "It" and I REALLY don't like how "Carrie" is written. Also I've been reading a few of his short story collections here and there but I won't cover them in this post since this is about the novels. At the moment I am reading "Needful Things".

 photo Under_the_Dome_Final_zps1c3618a2.jpg
Since my last post I said I was reading this and I have read it, and I've enjoyed it..for the most part. I do understand that there is a CBS series of this book and I attempted to watch it. I say attempted because the book was FAR superior in my opinion! I really like the concept of this book and some of the characters, save for a few. But this book really annoyed me, specifically the character of Big Jim Rennie. Since he was the bad guy, I suppose the fact that I absolutely hated him made him a good villain. But I hated him to the point where the book became pretty much unbearable whenever he was around. I really liked Dale Barbra and Rusty. I'd DEFINITELY recommend this book over "The Simpsons Movie" ("Under The Dome" came first, btw). Good book but still didn't sit right with me.

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This was the next book I was eager to consume and I was waiting with baited breath for it's release. I'm a sucker for time travel stories as much as I am for serial killer stories. This is probably the story I've listened to the most since I think it's the most accessible, probably because of the 1st person narrative. I really liked this first half of this book, when Jake goes through the rabbit hole the first time. Stephen King does a great job of capturing the awe and confusion of time travel. Those first discovery moments are always fun, but once he stays in the past it gets kind of stale, only briefly and then turns into a love story. I didn't care much for the love story portion of it, which is unfortunately a big part of the novel BUT oddly enough I didn't exactly hate it either. This was a nice time travel story that didn't get too wrapped up in explaining it's self. Very fun novel.

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The title made me wanna read this one...well the title and the cover. Theres a reason why they say "Don't judge a book by it's cover." because this is a clear case of that old adage. This book wasn't bad but wasn't what I was expecting. There characters were okay and the idea going in could have been REALLY awesome but the end result was kind of...random. I have to be vague with this one because anymore detail would give everything away. "Duma Key" tells the story of a contractor who survives a horrible accident which results in him losing his right arm. To help with his mood swings, memory loss and suicidal thoughts, Edgar takes up his old hobby of painting. In strange fits of "phantom limb" syndrome, Edgar paints pictures that are far more real than he thinks they are.

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Can't go wrong with Christopher Walken, I kid. I was familiar with the movie and The USA series starring Anthony Michael Hall & Sean Patrick Flannery as John Smith & Greg Stillson, but I never watched a single episode or the movie. STILL, I was aware enough of what the book was about and decided to check it out. This is early King and I can already see his issues with a certain group of people wasn't a recent issue. The book wasn't bad, although I gotta say, Greg Stillson (next to Randall Flagg) is probably my favorite Stephen King villain. The book is about a guy who survives a car accident and is put in a coma for many years, when he awakens he finds that he has psychic powers to predict people's futures, when he encounters Greg Stillson, he gets a glimpse of a future he absolutely MUST STOP! Decent read.

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Actually a novella, but it's still on the list. This book is AWESOME! Great read from start to finish. The book tells the story of an English teacher challenged by his ex-girlfriend to join the modern world. Spitefully he buy a Kindle that curiously comes in pink. While toying with the gadget he stumbles on to one of it's special functions while accessing the Kindle book store and discovers novels written by authors long dead and even more mysterious, novels that authors haven't written to his knowledge. The concept of this book is AWESOME and it's inter-connectivity to other Stephen King works makes this story all the better. HIGHLY recommended! Can't say enough good things about this!

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"N." is a short story added in Stephen King's "Just After Sunset" collection. I know I said I wouldn't cover short stories but this is the exception to the rule. This is probably my favorite story of King's as it reads like a true tribute to Lovecraft. The story is of a man who discovers a horrible secret in Ackerman's Field. I have a friend named Julie who has slight OCD and now whenever I hear OCD I automatically think of this story. PLEASE go check it out. The graphic novel is okay but the short story is where it's at! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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"The Shining", often considered Stephen King's flagship novel, "Carrie" aside. I saw the Stanley Kubrick film a long time ago and forgot much of it. It's clear that Stephen King wasn't happy with Kubrick's version and made his own version (which wasn't well received). So being the jerk I am, I decided to check out the book and see which version I like. I have to say, the book didn't impress me much. Early King is an interesting era,  everything after "The Stand", King's writing seems to have gotten much more poetic and tighter. This novel didn't too much scare me or invoke much horror in me. It was a fun read, but now with the realization of an unnecessary sequel "Doctor Sleep", it kinda sullies the whole thing.

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