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Pretty Little Liars S04E16 "Close Encounters" Review

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Ya know, the more I watch "Ravenswood" the more I feel like I'm reviewing the wrong show. Not because "Ravenswood" is good or anything, but because each episode leaves me something to chuckle about for hours. "If he finds out, it's The Grinder for both of us." that's a direct quote from "Ravenswood" spoken by a Creepy Little Girl...I sh*t you not, "Ravenswood" has a Creepy Little Girl in it. *sigh*

Chuckles aside, let's talk "Pretty Little Liars". The heat is on and The Liars are back, this time a few more revelations are made, plot holes are found and storylines are brought to a semi-conclusion. At the end of last week's episode, we found The Liars high-tailing it to a location thought to be Allison's hide-out after inadvertently leading "A" to her location. "Whoever finds her get to keep her." was the challenge and one liar is determined to find Allison.

This episode was yet another groundwork episode, it's clearly building to something but I'm not quite sure what that something is (I sadly doubt it'll be a direct confrontation with Ezra). In last week's episode Allison gave Emily a note telling her to meet her at The Kissing Rock, Emily arrived and found no Allison. Still madly in love with Allison (for whatever reason) Emily is now the odd woman out once the forgotten engima Shana corners her in a church and tells her that she is Allison's childhood friend and Allison wants to see Emily. Shana was a peripheral character, originally introduced as Paige's jealous ex-girlfriend who worked at a costume shop, she later became a friend of Jenna's, a mourner in Ravenswood (seriously, why was she there?) and now all of a sudden she's Allison's childhood friend? With this show's track record, I believe her, but I also can't fault The Liars for suspecting foul-play immediately.

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Seriously, what was this about ?

Emily gets her wish and gets to meet Allison in the flesh. Allison confesses that she can't return and she can't trust any of the other girls EXCEPT for Emily. Before Emily can get an answer from Allison about who "A" is, Spencer arrives and scares Allison away leaving one enraged Emily. I understand Emily's anger, BUT to be fair the last time Emily went missing she was in a box getting ready to be cut in half by a giant buzz saw, so I don't fault Spencer for fearing for her safety. And since we're on the topic of Spencer, she's causing quite a bit of turmoil these days. Spencer's Dad informed Toby that Radley is willing to pay Toby a decent cash settlement for the accidental death of his mother and issue a gag order against him. Spencer urges Toby not to take it, due to Allison's mother being on the Board Of Directors at Radley. However, the damage is done when Toby signs the settlement and orders Spencer to leave it alone. The moral of the story is that Spencer, though well-meaning and having the best intentions, she needs to realize that sometimes the fight isn't always her's.

The real meat and potatoes, not to mention perplexing part of this episode comes when Aria's much forgotten, neglected not a boyfriend, karate teacher Jake returns from a tournament expecting Aria to be excited ONLY for him to discover that she's back with Ezra. Adding insult to injury Aria (being the dumbest of The Liars) says "I hope we can still be friends.". I doubt the last thing he wants is to be friends with her, BUT when he sees Ezra (by the way, I don't recall them ever meeting) screaming at some blonde woman, he can't help but tell Aria. Now, this entire episode takes place over the course of one day, PLEASE remember that fact. Now tell me, how is it that Ezra had the time (in between Jake seeing him, Aria coming back to his dojo, Jake telling her about Ezra, Aria going back to his apartment, confronting Ezra) to plant KNIVES in Jake's punching bag?! He LITERALLY HAD NO TIME TO DO THIS! Unless someone else did...but why and how (AND WHO WOULD KNOW TO DO IT?!). PLOT HOLE!

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Let this be a lesson to you Ezra, you can't go shoutin' at bitches in public and expect no one to notice.

By the by, I have to say now that we officially KNOW Ezra's Big "A", I have to say, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS GUY! I can see the col, calculated manipulation he has going and his "happiness" of being Aria as smug pats on his back for a con-job well done. Despite the fact that he ALMOST got caught and his explanation of what Jake saw was so obviously transparent I'm surprised Ezra didn't suddenly blend into the background, he's got some VERY devilish mojo going. So who was that blonde woman that Ezra was screaming at ? Is Allison REALLY attempting to divide The Liars like Spencer believes (sounds like something Allison would do)? And is Mona re-donning her hoodie and gloves for one final HURRAH?! I don't know, but I do know I'll see you all next Wednesday.

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Is this a real place? Someone get back to me on this ASAP!

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