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Pretty Little Liars S04E15 "Love ShAck Baby" Review

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Once again we're back with our favorite The Liars and man oh man do the lies stack on this go around. Last week, Hanna revealed that she had Allison journal, a cadre of secrets so personal that it may rend their little circle of friends asunder. "A" laid down the gauntlet in a slide show claiming "First one to get to her can keep her" and thus the race was on. Find out how it went, below the break...

This episode is setting up a lot, for starters we get absolute concrete evidence that Hanna & Caleb are officially donesville...this was made abundantly clear when during the "Previously on..." segment they reminded us of Travis. Travis is the young man who "A" tried to pay off for being an eye-witness to Detective Wilden's murder. As the way things are now, it looks like they're setting up Travis to be Hanna's new boyfriend...words cannot express how disappointed I am about this.

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Yes Caleb, I'd cry too if I broke up with Hanna AND had to go back to an inferior show.

With that out of the way, let's get to the episode proper. In typical "Pretty Little Liars" fashion, NOTHING is straight forward and the same goes for Allison's scared journal of secrets, which is written with pseudonyms of her friends and a liberal retelling of events and secrets so personal that The Liars aren't aware of them. But before we could find out anything REALLY juicy, Ezra managed to acquire the journal. I'm still wondering how Mona is going to factor in this season (since I'm 100% convinced that that was indeed Mona who walked into the cabin at the end of last week's episode). I'm expecting Mona to come out of left field with a bombshell for Ezra.

As for other developments, Spencer gained some information in regards to Toby's mom. Apparently (according to her dad) Toby's mother's death was not a murder, it was indeed an accident but the result of said accident was a cover up created to protect a patient there. Who else was at Radley aside from Mona & Spencer (in one of Spencer's most attractive moments...shut up! I have issues!)? Cece Drake was at Radley and if memory serves correctly, didn't Dr. Palmer say "Stay away from that blonde girl."...Cece's blonde and she also used Allison's name when she was at Radley. Mistaken identity much ?

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Bitch Face Activated.

One of the frustrating things about this show is everyone's lack of honesty in regards to their romances. At the moment Aria is seeing both Ezra and Jake; however she even lies to her friends about which one she's speaking to and I'm failing to see why. I'm not even going to get into the ethics of dating two guys at once (especially when the other doesn't know about it), but why lie to your friends about it? At this point I doubt they'd care if Aria and Ezra are back together, despite the turmoil they've endured; which reflecting back makes me wonder how much of that was real. Oh Ezra, you sly dog, you!

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That awkward moment when you realize you've been reduced to rifling through a teenage girl's purse...

Developments of this episode were few but significant, like I said, Ezra's acquisition of the journal now means that he is (possibly) able to obtain Allison's location (a LONG shot) but as good as a place as any to start. Now that we're finally seeing the "A" side of things, are we to assume that Ezra is working alone and no longer has operatives? After all, Mona's switched sides, Cece's been discovered, Toby was an insider and Spencer was never committed. I'm sure Ezra has SOMEONE working with him, after all he has the money to hire people. Then again I don't think he'd hire anyone, since everyone he had working for him had a personal score to settle with Allison. Ezra was smart to insulate himself from the actual "A" Team. However, I do feel like Mona is gonna pop up and expose Ezra, or Allison is gonna leave a HUGE clue waiting for them somewhere.

Spencer's dad is helping Allison's Mom with her pending divorce...and knowing the two of them slept together and caused Jason, doesn't sit well with Spencer, who pretty much called Jessica out in the coffee shop...cause that's how Spencer rolls. At this point, I'd just really like to know how it's all gonna come together. Allison's alive, Ezra is "A", the game is set, the pieces are on the board, heads are gonna roll and answers will be had...THEY'D BETTER BE!

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