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Pretty Little Liars S04E14 "Who's In the Box" Review

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And we're back oh my brothers and only friends, after an indecently long hiatus we join our favorite liars where we last left them, in the back yard contemplating the "confirmed alive" Allison (then again I never thought that bitch was dead anyway). But as logic would have it, the girls aren't exactly thrilled that Allison is alive, since her being alive has several implications, all of them being unpleasant, but as far as a post-break episode goes, this one lays the groundwork for some big things, so let's dive in!

First off, Ezra has indeed been confirmed as "Board Shorts". And now, looking at him in light of this new knowledge makes me wonder what exactly set him off against Allison. Keep in mind, Maggie tricked Ezra into believing Malcolm was his kid, and Ezra didn't have much of a reaction aside from severing ties to her. So it couldn't be Allison's potential pregnancy...then again, she was a minor at the time so...Whatever the case maybe, Ezra is really looking to make a big play, especially after The Liars found his secret lair. I have to say, the scene between Mona and Ezra was incredibly delicious. My point of view is that Mona attempted to threaten Ezra, only to have it back fire, Ezra with his whole speech saying that "Fear can be a very good thing, Mona. It can keep you from underestimating people, it can keep you from making mistakes about how far you can push someone before they push back.". I think Mona got the idea that Ezra ain't to be flexed with and that it's better to work with him then against him. Which REALLY calls attention to Mona being outside of her element. Previously, she was "A" but now without he resources she's only little "A", A-Lite.

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Don't f*ck with me bitch, I'll straight up kill your ass.

This also raises the question about how Mona managed to connect the dots to Ezra? I bet some of you are wondering why she doesn't just tell The Liars, but I think she knows they wouldn't believe her, especially about Ezra. I do think that was Mona who entered the cabin at the end of the episode, attempting to gain dirt on Ezra as leverage and hopefully show to Hanna and the others that she's on their side because personally, I think Mona's done with The Liars and just wants to see Allison crash and burn. When Ezra asked her point blank "Do you think you're entitled to that much revenge?", revenge against who? Maybe they both knew they were talking about Allison. And speaking of Allison, let's address the news girls. Hanna, being the badass that she is, managed to figure out that if Allison isn't dead, someone else is, perhaps maybe if they find that someone else, they can find Allison. Smart plan. But the end result left me a bit puzzled. "Sarah" sounds so much like Allison, almost to the point where this couldn't be a coincidence. I'm starting to think that maybe Allison and Sarah are in fact they same person. After all, Hanna said the dates don't match and "Sarah" was spotted after the concrete was poured, which means someone else is in that grave, not Sarah and certainly not Allison.

In other news, Toby is still searching for answers about his mom. Forgive me, but I forgot why this is relevant since I can't recall what information "A" was planning to exchange for this. Oh wait, The RV! That's right. I knew it'd come to me. But in typical "A" fashion, she snubbed him and now Toby and Spencer are left doing all the leg work. However in the overall plot of the show...I'm not 100% sure what this means if Toby's mother's death wasn't a suicide. If it was murder, then who killed her? And how does she factor into Allison?

Last but not least, Caleb stopped in for a brief moment but unfortunately did very little, he mostly sat back and reflected on the times when his world consisted of cellphone modification and hacking instead of horrible CGI and ghosts...okay that was a shot at "Ravenswood", I'll get serious. No, Caleb is still unable to tell Hanna he failed his mission in taking care of Miranda and still hasn't mustered up the courage to tell her she's dead...and you'd think after all the crap Hanna's been through (being hit by a car, Caleb getting shot, her mother almost going to jail and Mona being revealed as a slightly psychotic stalker) one more dead girl wouldn't so much as raise an eyebrow. I was almost certain that when Hanna followed Caleb to the coffee shop he'd spill the beans about the events of "Ravenswood" (omitted the ghost bit, because honestly...) but he didn't and unfortunately that's the show for you and after an exchange of goodbyes Caleb slouched back to "Ravenswood".

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Yes Caleb, I'd cry too if I had to go back to an inferior show.

As for next episode, I'm guessing we'll see more Ezra slowly unravel. That speech about fear works both ways and now that The Liars are aware "Board Shorts" is on the game board and is potentially calling all the shots, it'll be nice to see how Ezra does damage control. I am looking forward to seeing what Allison wrote about them in her journal, can't exactly be flattering and if Ezra had it this whole time, he may have been playing them all since day one! The finale of this season is titled "A Is For Answers" and we'd better get some because Season 5 (which might be the final Season, I hope) looks like it could be a doozie! Anyway, I gotta go watch "Ravenswood" now. Catch you all later!

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