Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Following S02E02 "For Joe" Review

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*sigh* Ya know, I'm really wishing I reviewed the first season instead of this season. This season is starting off to be rather...out of sync with the previous season. There are some good points and bad points with this season but I'm starting to feel like the bad is out weighing the good...then again it's still early.

So we get the low down on what Joe Carroll has been up to since his scuffle with Ryan Hardy in the lighthouse. Joe has been hold up in the backwoods with one of his prison groupies who thinks she can change him and her daughter who is curious about him and his savagery. After being discovered by a lecherous priest Joe Carroll reveals that he's struggling with depression over his failures of being a husband, father and as a writer. My question is he talking about Joey or his cult when he says he failed as a father? My guess would be Joey since Carroll really seemed to like and care about his son...as much as a serial killer can. Still this backwoods trailer park Joe Carroll is so out of sync with the previous self-important, cult leader, Self-Made god, Charles Manson Joe Carroll. When Joe kills the priest he seemed to have an explosion of ecstasy, looks like he missed the thrill. The dynamic between Joe and Judy isn't interesting AT ALL. I'm hoping she's just canon fodder and Joe convinces her daughter to kill her and they link up with The Twins. After all, he can't love her that much, she's a whore and he knows it. Still Joe seems to have some kinda care for her daughter Mandie. Only time'll tell what'll happen here but I'm REALLY hoping Joe goes back to being who he was.

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As for the positives, The Twins continue to be the best thing about this show right now. Sam Underwood is owning as Mark & Luke. What I enjoy about them is the difference in their personalities. I think I can tell them apart. But the interesting thing about them is their M.O. killing people and then spending time with them...talking to the bodies, cooking dinner and engaging in chit-chat with dead people. Neither of them seem to bat and eye or recognize how unbelievably insane they are and it's awesome. These guys are WAAAAAAAAAY off the deep end. I don't know what their backstory is but I'm interested in seeing it and how Joe reacts to them.

Meanwhile Ryan is still on the wrong side of the law and this time getting in deep doo-doo with The FBI. Weston is tired of reaching out and cuts Ryan off. Personally, I don't blame him. Ryan is trying to take on the fate of the world and failing at it. If the encounter at Havenport taught him anything it's to ALWAYS HAVE BACK-UP! I can only hope Ryan's solo act ends soon. And speaking of acts, I don't trust that Art Dealer chick AT ALL and I have Molly from the first season to thank for that. Last surviving witness, very suspicious. Thus far the chasm between the cults have grown with Emma using the fail-safe number to contact Carlos only to discover (much to her surprise) that Joe Carroll is alive. It's weird, why won't the new cult induct the old cult? What's their beef? I don't know but I'm REALLY hoping this season kicks it into over drive because I REALLY miss the deep admiration and respect the followers had for Joe Carroll and his callous leadership. One of things I loved about the first season is that there were moments that were "heartfelt" until you realize that they're serial killers. I want that same feeling again this season.

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Mark can cook though, I'll give him that.

Only time'll tell if this season will stack up to the first, right now it doesn't look likely, but I'm really hoping The Twins and Joe link up at some point and get a new "book" going. I'm REALLY hoping this season doesn't let me down. 13 episodes left, make'em count.

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