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Pretty Little Liars S04E18 "Hot For Teacher" Review

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And once again "Pretty Little Liars" is moving much faster than "The Following". Druggie Spencer is getting hot on Big "A's" trail and some revelations have been made about Shana and Allison and yet still not much Mona.

So last week Spencer started her drug binge to continue her ongoing, obsessive investigation into Big "A" a.k.a a one Mr. Ezra Fitz (Fitzgerald, if you're nasty). Druggie/Crazy Spencer continues to be strangely hot to me and I'm not hating it. What I'm loving is that Spencer is once again trailing on the dark path BUT for all the right reasons. Last season we saw Spencer become an "A" operative to get some undercover work done and this season Spencer is once again recalling that mild insanity that got her keen insights into "A's" mind. Meanwhile, Hanna (as I've been saying before the 2nd smartest person in the group) is really showing her fortitude to be a match for Spencer's hardcore tenacity. I'm getting ahead of myself. It seems that Ezra is onto Spencer when levels a veiled threat against her saying "Sloppy work leads to sloppy consequences, I'd hate to see you suffer." OF COURSE, The Teacher Ezra is referring to Spencer's drug problem but A Ezra is saying "Back off bitch, I'll straight up kill your ass.".

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Don't f*ck with me bitch, I'll straight up kill your ass.

So we now know what the deal is with Shana (except for what she was doing at the Ravenswood Memorial), as it turns out she's on the level and is working for Allison as an Errand Girl. All of Shana's jabbing were carefully placed investigative moments for her to get a bead on the girls. Shana elists Emily to grabs some cash from Allison's house, but the plan goes awry when Shana is attacked by "A" and Emily's Lord god Allison is left with only a handful of cash as she boards a bus to parts unknown. The strange part of this is that Shana has been able to operate in Rosewood without much scrutiny...until she hooked up with The Liars. Did "A" just now get on to her jive? If so, then "A" is seriously slipping. Also, Emily successfully grabbed the money and (somehow) successfully hid it in a bag of coffee (which I was almost certain would get stolen, take notice "The Following" sometimes the obvious route isn't always the best one); so with that Shana could've easily returned to Rosewood and grabbed it...Yeah she was threatened but did she NOT think this was gonna get real at some point?

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That's The "Shit just got too real, I'm out." Face.

Ezra, I absolutely LOVE knowing he's Big "A" because he is on point with everything, snaking Spencer's "permanent record" and even using Mr. Jesse's soft spoken pyscho-babble (which really made no sense if given any critical thought) when talking to Aria (the dumbest of the group) and how easily she's manipulated. Ezra's not brilliant, Aria's just that easy (take that however you wanna). What IS brilliant is the fact that just below where Aria and Ezra sleep is a lair complete with surveillance camera footage, photos and communications to other "A" operatives. Quite an impressive operation Ezra is running there, which leads me to ask just who is working with him? Gabe mentioned that false Cece Drake sightings were reported...maybe they weren't false and of course, it could always be my favorite little sociopath, Mona. Whatever is going on, it's clear now that Ezra is "A" and Spencer means to bring him down. Would Ezra be so careless as to have his apartment in Ravenswood A'ed up? Well Ezra had cameras on the spot and encouraged Spencer to walk away, that's enough to reveal a chink in Ezra's A-armor. But let's not forget, Spencer means to return and maybe she'll bring the full wrath of Crazy Spencer upon him.

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Stupid bitch, I had Chickpeas all along! Muwahahahahahaha!!

Aria is making a move to speak to Jesse but has yet to reveal any solid details regarding her many lies and her wanton stupidity but when Ezra (indirectly) came up she immediately left. Only time will tell if Jesse can help Aria (indirectly) see the light once all has been revealed about Ezra. Ya know, I'm amused that at the end of the day all they had to do was just Google Ezra Fitzgerald and some interesting results would surface...kinda takes the threat out of "A" but we'll see. Things are moving MUCH, MUCH faster than I would have expected for what is NOT the final season or even the last 3 episodes but I'll be damned if a lot isn't on the table right now. Next week's episode looks like a filler but I'll be covering it, same Ugo time, same Ugo channel. See you guys next week.

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