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Pretty Little Liars S04E21 "She's Come Undone" Review

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Since the time I started doing these I never missed a Wednesday...until today. Sorry everyone, I was working yesterday and got in late and didn't really have the time to sit down and write what I thought about this week's episode. There isn't much to say about it considering this was one of those transitional episodes; an episode set up to get us where we need to go for the finale which is just *checks watch* 2 episodes away! YIKES!

So in the aftermath of the explosion of last week's episode, both Aria and Spencer were facing HEAVY revelations and personal issues. Aria is dealing with the revelation of Ezra being a true crimes writer, carefully stalking The Liars to solve the case of Allison's murder (actually he's Big "A" and using that non-sense as a cover) and Spencer's pill-popping habit has been brought to light and she's potentially facing rehab. This week, Aria is a complete and utter emotional wreck and finally realizing the depths of her own stupidity. She makes it up in her mind to torpedo Ezra's life by informing the Principal of their affair BUT who should stop her but (the smartest character in this series) Hanna Marin. Yes, Hanna has proven that she is in fact the SMARTEST character in this entire series. Why? Well because Spencer lost her mind, not once BUT TWICE and became a pill-popping drug addict (despite being incredibly hot when she loses her mind), Aria has ALWAYS been an idiot, and Emily still worships the ground Allison walks on...Face it, Hanna is the ONLY well adjusted character here.

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You're awesome but you dress like someone's grandmother, please stop it.

That being said, The Liars still have to deal with the money Shana left after she skipped town because sh*t got too real. So it's up to Emily to appease her Lord God and Master Allison with a monetary tribute, however Emily's main squeeze Paige sees the envelope of cash and demands answers. Of course, instead of saying she's doing a favor for Shana (because technically she is), Emily spills the beans about Allison. Paige allows Emily to send the money but only after laying down the law that Emily CANNOT have contact with Allison anymore. It's evident that Emily doesn't love Paige anymore, after all she did tell her that she could no longer worship her God and Savior. Needless to say, Paige goes to the cops with this information, MAYBE "A" might intercept this message, BUT I'm EXTREMELY doubtful. The sh*t's about to hit the fan and it's gonna be MESSY!

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Talking to members of The Cult Of Allison can be difficult.

Meanwhile, for reasons that are unknown to me, Spencer (in drug rattled rage and insanity) attempts to dig up the past in regards to the night Allison vanished. Correct me if I'm wrong but, the Liars KNOW Allison's alive and they KNOW Spencer didn't hurt her, THEREFORE why would it matter if Spencer's dad and Allison's mom made some agreement to keep Spencer's name out of it. Spencer KNOWS she's innocent and EVERYONE else does as was she hoping to accomplish here? Hanna's making out with random boy and that doesn't sit right with me considering she has a boyfriend...SHUT UP, SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND! Aria's going on a long road trip...where is Aria's brother....what's his name...the one dating my favorite little sociopath Mona? I hope we see more Mona in episodes to come since I am almost 100% convinced that she is the hooded figure with the pages of Ezra's "novel". I don't blame Aria for doing on a warpath in Ezra's apartment but there could've been some VERY useful information there. Oh well...

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Some poser showed me their diploma from a university, I was like "Whatchu want me to do, congratulate you!?" I took it and threw it ON THE GROUND!

The next episode is "Cover For Me". It's bouts to go down! 

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