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Pretty Little Liars S04E20 "Free Fall" Review

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Boy oh boy is "A" a genius or what ?! Ya know it's surprising that I dropped reviewing a show about a group of serial killers in a cult and yet the reviews for a show specifically aimed at teenage girls is going strong (and showing no signs of stopping). Man, the world is kinda crazy ain't it? But anyway this is a DOOZIE of an episode with all focusing on Crazy, Druggie Spencer (my personal favorite). It's full steam ahead with only 4 episode until the finale!

Let's start off with the pay off to the Wren Kingston prescription pad that was teased at the end of episode 18. Second, I have to say that episode packed SO MUCH punch in VERY little time. For pay offs that in any other TV show would be episodes in the making, in a single episode we witnessed the official dissolve of Aria & Ezra, The Self-Destruction Of Spencer Hastings and The Genius That Is Ezra Fitz (a.k.a Big "A", a.k.a Board Shorts a.k.a Beach Hottie a.k.a I FREAKIN' LOVE THIS GUY!). So as predicted, Super Hot, pill-popping druggie Spencer FINALLY hit rock bottom (rock bottom for ABC Family that is) and found herself in Ezra's desk with a face full of Allison's journal and no memory how she got there. Naturally, Ezra being the mad (but not so, and you'll know why in a minute) genius that he is capitalized on this prospect but not as "A" but in his most deadliest form, A TEACHER *insert dramatic music here*!

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I warned you not to f*ck with me, now I must kill you...

The chess moves in this episode are BRILLIANT and EVERYONE plays a gambit that ultimately results in NO success for anyone. Spencer's "intervention" and simultaneous "moment of clarity" resulted in one of THE BEST MOMENTS OF ? no, f*ck it, I'll say it, ONE OF THE BEST MOMENTS OF A-NESS EVER! Spencer has been one of "A's" deadliest foes and for Ezra to torpedo her THIS HARD from his Teacher's desk IS BRILLIANT! Let alone his defense to Aria that Spencer could've potentially killed someone, I mean credit where credit is do, the man had a VERY solid point and that's what made it SO damn incredible! Also Spencer's history of doping in the past didn't help her case and the end result had Spencer looking like a raving lunatic in front of her friends when she's the one making the most sense!

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That face you make when you're making so much sense that it's scary.

Getting back to our man Ezra. Ezra had Aria solid on Spencer's druggie-ness until hubris and diarrhea of the mouth resulted in a slip of the tongue that I caught IMMEDIATELY and would cause Bill Duke to say:
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Turns out, Aria's has wised up a little (only a little) and caught Ezra's slip of the tongue. But stupidly she ASKED Ezra about it. That made me roll my eyes. When you catch someone in a lie the BEST thing you can do is NOT call their attention to it UNTIL YOU BUST THEM WITH THE TRUTH! STUPID! But she gains back some smart points for checking out Ezra's 2nd crib out in the woods and even discovering Ezra's Secret "A" Lair (now rid of any A-Ness)(Yes, laugh, it's funny!). Then Aria discovers THE A-BOMB (if you will), a manuscript THICK with Allison and Ezra interactions. Not exactly evidence that Ezra is "A" but enough for Aria to question who he is and BOY DOES SHE EVER! Although...I have to ask a very serious question...WHY IN THE BLUE HELL WOULD YOU GET INTO A SKI-LIFT IF YOU'RE TRYING TO ESCAPE FROM SOMEONE?! YEAH, BECAUSE BEING NEARLY 80 FEET IN THE AIR IS A PERFECTLY LOGICAL WAY TO SUCCESSFULLY END A CHASE! STUPID!

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I'm just now realizing how stupid I am and that's making me cry.

Ezra was now put in a position he's NEVER been in, THE DEFENSIVE and boy oh boy what a defense he comes up with! Turns out, Ezra is passing off his obsession with Allison as an opportunity to get a true crime novel out of her disappearance. I actually give him credit for this, Ezra is an English Teacher...and we all know the old saying, "Inside every English Teacher is a frustrated novelist.". That and this gambit, although effective in ending his relationship with Aria, DOES take him off the chopping block as "A" because he has a "valid excuse" for his shadiness. Will Aria buy Ezra's bullsh*t sob story about wanting to solve Allison's murder ? OF COURSE SHE WILL, not saying she'll get back together with him though.

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Wait a second...he had Chickpeas ALONG!!

And last but not least, the cutest little sociopath and my personal favorite Mona! Looks like Mona and er....ummm...wait...wait don't tell me...ummm...alright, tell me (checks wikipedia) MIKE! Yes, Mike...Aria's brother...Yeah, looks like Mike and Mona are gettin' serious (although, Hey Mike, I get it. Mona's hot and all but you're a Freshman last I checked Babynuts, kinda soon to be askin' for the "L" word to be said...just sayin'). But we now know for a FACT that Mona's been doing recon for Ezra and was more than likely the girl in the blonde wig at the zoo...although don't you think the girls would recognize the height difference, even in the window?  It'll be interesting to see what becomes of Mona as I still think she's playing for The Liars and is waiting for just the right moment to attack. At least that's what I'm hoping for.

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Well done, Mike...well done.

DAMN! This was a GREAT episode! Everything is coming to a head and parts of it are going to hurt and hurt BADLY! The next episode is titled "She's Come Undone", this could refer to Spencer and Aria's mutual meltdowns. Just so we're keeping score, right now the only sane members of The Liars are Hanna (The Genius) and Emily (and she's sorta driven mad with Allison lust). It'll be interesting to see how the team pulls together in the finale. "A Is For Answers" and if we don't get any...I may have to go "A" on someone's A-ness". See you guys next week.

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