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The Following S02E03 "Trust Me" Review

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Thus far this season is lacking the inspiration of the first season and it's getting to be quite glaring. A lot of predictable stuff happened in this episode that I thought I'd be happy about but after seeing the realization of it, I'm actually pretty disappointed.

So for starters we (and I say we because I doubt anyone was actually surprised) were 100% right about The Art Dealer chick, Lily Gray being in on the Subway massacre. What we didn't suspect is that she was in fact the mother of the Twins (Mark & Luke) in a slap-dash reveal that was meant to be shocking but only came off as a "Who talks like that?!" moment. Also with the plot "twist" of her being their mother, it only raises a bunch of questions and makes Mark & Luke's "Family time" with the dead people much more psychotic than it was before (if I'm even allowed to say that at this point). Quick rundown of what happened thus far, Emma is the last surviving member of Joe Carroll's cult and is now playing with the new team thanks to Mark. It's good to see a familiar face in Emma since we lost Jacob (Nico Tortorella) and Paul (Adan Canto) last season. I hope Emma will last since she's the ONLY secondary main character from the first season that we know enough about to have a connection with.

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I have NO clue what I'm talking about, so just look at the pretty pictures.

Next up is Joe taking out his whore of a cover, Judy in a plot twist so uninspired I called it last week...actually I hoped for it:

" I'm hoping she's just canon fodder and Joe convinces her daughter to kill her and they link up with The Twins. After all, he can't love her that much, she's a whore and he knows it. Still Joe seems to have some kinda care for her daughter Mandie."

That's a direct quote from last week's review and while Joe hasn't linked up with The Twins YET, Mandy did kill Judy. However, Mandy's reverence for Joe appears to be artificial and I don't know if it's the acting or the writing. The thing is I understand Judy's a whore and Mandy didn't wanna be in the environment BUT at the same time that tension between her and her mother wasn't really there. Perhaps if there were episode where Mandy scowled at the various men who go in and out of the house and expressed anger at her mother for being a whore THEN that'd make the stabbing that much more impactful because theres build up to it. The only downside to that is there would have to be MORE episode with Backwoods Joe Carroll and that's not something I'm interested in watching. But it looks like we're gonna get a road-trip before we actually see the old Joe Carroll we know and love. I'm expecting when he links up with The Twins this show will get cooking again, right now it's barely thawed.

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Is Joe Carroll gonna have to choke a bitch?

As far as everything else is concerned, I like that Ryan is starting to work with Weston and is letting him in on some of the theorize he has in regards to Joe Carroll. Ryan's working theory is that Joe Carroll is still alive due to Carroll's father sowing wild oats and Carroll replacing himself with the body of one of his blood brothers. I like the reference to Roderick as it makes me happy that they're throwing the entire First Season out of the window. The case in point is that Ryan is 100% correct and Joe Carroll is indeed alive and with a logic explanation behind his "resurrection" I can dig it. HOWEVER! I am EXTREMELY nervous because I have a feeling that the next reveal will be that The Twins are somehow related to Joe Carroll...and if that's the case then I don't know if I can continue with this series. At this point in time, I'm REALLY disappointed I didn't review the first season, there were SO many moments that were just plain nail-biting and menacing. I hope to God they can recapture that this season, at the moment...it's not really looking promising. See you guys next week.

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That's The "I have made a profound mistake." Face.

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