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Pretty Little Liars S04E19 "Shadow Play" Review

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So unbeknownst to me, last week was "Ravenswood's" Season finale...a 10 episode first season? Things aren't boding well for Caleb's second home. And since we're on the topic, let's knock out a little bit of last week because who should show up in Ravenswood but good ol' Hanna Marin; swooping in in a huff to pick a fight with Miranda only to discover she's dead, OUCH! They kissed at the end of the episode, so I'm gonna go ahead and assume that they're back together...because that'd make me happy (Hey, you reading, SHUT UP! I like Hanna and Caleb as a couple!). Anyways, let's get to this black & white episode of "Pretty Little Liars"...

While this was a filler episode it was a pretty damn good one with a lot of subtle hints and ideas presented. Druggie Spencer along with Emily & Hanna break into Ezra's class and find Allison's journal of evil (now cementing the fact that Ezra is in fact Big "A" a.k.a Board Shorts a.k.a Beach Hottie a.k.a I love this guy). As Team Spencer relocate at her house for a team meeting, Spencer asks a VERY important question in regards to Shana; "What do we know about Shana?" (and I'd like to add "What in the hell was she doing in Ravenswood at the memorial?") Still under the idea that Shana is not to be trusted (although at this point I really don't think it matters since she split after A told her sh*t was bouts to get real if she didn't) Hanna and Spencer encouraged Emily to squeeze her squeeze for information. Of course, Emily isn't happy about that. Emily then states that reacquiring the journal was almost too easy and this sets our episode in motion.

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Seriously, what the hell was this about?

The episode is spurned on by a Spencer drug induced hallucination/dream brought on by a black & white movie. Quoting Raymond Chandler's "The Simple Art Of Murder", Spencer finds herself in a 1950s crime novel with Toby playing the part of a Detective looking for answers regarding Allison. As a fan of 1950s murder mysteries and crime flicks, I really dug this stuff. While this episode didn't add anything to advance the story, it did advance the story in a sense that now Spencer realizes she has the tools she needs to find Allison. We'll get to that but I'd like to touch on some other topics, specifically the idea that MAYBE Allison is in fact setting The Liars up to take the fall for something. When that idea was introduced and given what we know about Allison, it makes perfect sense. What makes even MORE sense is that idea that MAYBE Spencer inadvertently aided Allison's escape and may have known where she's hiding ALL ALONG!

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Tell me what you know!

Allison has shown herself to be Machiavellian in her dealings with nearly everyone, and when Spencer told her "You only tell us things that you want us to know." or something to that effect, and that's the absolute truth. I liked the fact that in Spencer's drugged up 1950s Black & White Allison is working in a "night club" (strip club) and considering that Allison was low on cash last we saw her, I wouldn't put it pass her to be flashing her goodies for top dollar. Personally, I hope that comes to fruition since that'd make complete logical sense. As we get to the conclusion of the episode, Detective Toby was constantly telling Spencer that she has what she needs! What is it that she needs? As it turns out, Allison's Journal was slightly altered with new words here and there. But Spencer (being freakin' awesome) took pictures of the original pages and therefore knows what was altered (in a shocking bit of incompetence on "A's" part).

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Finding "A"...There's an app for that.

With this knowledge, Spencer, Hanna and Emily rush to Aria's house only to discover (as if they couldn't see it from space) Aria is indeed back with Ezra! WOW! SHOCKING! While Spencer, Emily and Hanna can't definitively PROVE Ezra is "A" they have enough evidence to be disturbed by this "new" development. The next episode is "Free Fall", does this mean Spencer or Aria? Only time will tell. Until then, I'll see you next week.

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Aria is still with Ezra? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA?!

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