Wednesday, February 12, 2014

STRANGE LOG: 2-12-2014

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And so it's officially...The Strangeverse as a channel (ie, The Best Of The Worst, Deconstruction, DEXTER-ity, The Storyline) is DEAD! Dead as Dillinger and I won't be bringing it back. Why? Well because originally I wanted upload my videos to Dailymotion, NOPE! Dailymotion shut'em down due to Copyright infringement. My original home Blip shut my videos down due to Copyright as well as not garnering enough attention (despite the fact that people like Linkara, Spoony, Todd In The Shadows, Nostalgia Chick & the insanely UNFUNNY Nostalgia Critic are allowed to continue). So I put my videos on Putlocker (which is a STORAGE SITE!) and of course ALL my videos were removed due to (you guessed it) COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT!

At this point I'm disinclined to continue with doing elaborate movie reviews and continuing with my storyline or even allowing previous storyline videos to be viewed because at this point it doesn't matter. I worked very hard and put a lot of money into doing those kinds of videos NOT FOR MYSELF but for your enjoyment. Like most reviewers I wanted to share my thoughts and opinions on movies & television but now...I can't do that, at least not in a capacity that I'd like to (ie, I'd like to discuss a visual medium visually). I'm extremely saddened and disenfranchised by this since I wanted to do a 5th Season to concluded my storyline and now there isn't a storyline anyway. I still have all my videos on my hard drive and I won't delete them but at this point they won't be seen by anyone except for me and maybe some close friends.

I will attempt to write DEXTER-ity out a blog posts so AT LEAST those can stick around for people's enjoyment. But The Best Of The Worst & Deconstruction are officially over and done with in terms of being videos (I MAY bring it back in article format).  As for The Storyline videos, until I find some alternate way to do it it'll be discontinued as well. This is really saddening and frustrating. Anyway here are a list of upcoming things on this blog.

"Pretty Little Liars" Review....On Going

"Ravenswood" Reviews....TBA
"Hannibal" Reviews....March. 1st & On Going
"24: Live Another Day" Reviews.... May. 6th & Until End
"Turtle Power: A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Retrospective"....TBA
The TV Round Up...Possibly Summer 2015
Battle Rap 101....TBA
The Storyline...TBA
Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive Review....TBA
The Best Of The Worst....POSSIBLY

"The Following" Reviews....Feb.11th


  1. Or it could be in reality that you have the terrible videos.