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Hannibal S02E02 "Sakizuki" Review

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Damn this show just keeps getting more and more disturbing as time goes by. Now that we're settled into the path this season will take, groundwork is being laid for what I can only imagine will be the MOST hardcore reckoning in TV history. Mads' performance as Hannibal Lecter is not only good but it's down right terrifying.

Our episode picks up right where we left off, with the unfortunate Young Man awakening a midst a pile of bodies only to discover that he's been sewn into the tapestry of human something I can only describe as an over exuberant "Saw" trap. I was almost certain this was going to be a set up to Jame Gumb a.k.a Buffalo Bill...but silly me, that's Clarice's nemesis and was well after the Will Graham years.That being said, the episode proper sets the stage for an alliance between Will Graham and Agent Katz, as well as Will Graham working his magic and pretending to be MORE disturbed than he actually is. Truth be told, Will now KNOWS he is innocent and his merely playing the role of disturbed psycho to trick Hannibal...will this gambit work? Only time'll tell.

In the meantime, Hannibal is getting rather sloppy in his admiration of other serial killer's work. What is Lecter hoping to accomplish by doing this? I can understand killed Tobias Budge, after all Tobias knew Lecter was a killer but killing The Body Snatcher? I don't quite get it...and I think this will be apart of Lecter's undoing. However, I suppose in Lecter's mind he kills them in order to feel superior. Like Will Graham said, as a trophy and it seems that Lecter's raison d'etre is killing and cooking his enemies would be a way for Lecter to impose his superiority.

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I can't believe this is human.

I can't help but think that Hannibal actually likes Will Graham a great deal BUT because Hannibal is a psychopath, he can't quite manifest his fondness for Will in any normal way. I don't think Hannibal wants to kill Will Graham or eat him, would that were the case he would've killed him from jump street, same deal with Jack. Hannibal's thing is humiliation, like Will said, Hannibal wants to humiliate Jack by making him feel like a failure and Will Graham is his ultimate means of achieving that end. Speaking of Jack, it looks like Jack is wrestling with Will Graham's "guilt" just as much as everyone else is. We know (because of the premier) that Jack does eventually come to his senses but what tips him off? Will it be Will? Will it be Dr. Bloom? Or will it be Lecter (inadvertently of course)? Whatever the case maybe, it'll be interesting to see what Lecter's undoing will be.

As for Lecter's therapist, as it turns out she's EXACTLY aware of what Lecter is capable of and (smartly) skipped town, but not before dropping a bombshell on Will, OPENLY admitting that she believes Will (and by proxy) confirming Lecter is in fact The Monster Will KNOWS him to be. Hard to say if she'll resurface to shed some light on just how deep The Hannibal Hole goes and what exactly happen between her and one of Lecter's patients, but I'm really hoping she comes back. That being said, with the pending court case against Will, and Will now seeing more clearly than ever, Jack struggling with his decisions and Beverly Katz now batting for Team Graham, Hannibal is gonna have to work overtime to convince everyone that Will is a psychopath. But with Hannibal's puppeteer-ing skills, I'm surprised he hasn't ran for the office of Satan...yet.

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Hannibal Lecter for Satan 2016.

Still to come, Michael Pitt will be making his debut as Mason'll be incredible to see Michael and Mads mix it up on screen and where is my favorite red-headed, soulless (not because she's a red-head but because she's a journalist), cutie-pie Freddie Lounds? I gotta have my Lounds fix and you'd think with Will Graham being behind bars and Abigail Hobbs dead, she'd be ALL over this story. Hopefully she returns soon. Anyways, YIKES! Things couldn't be more crazy in this show. I hope you're taking notes "The Following", let Daddy show you how it's done. Until then, see you guys later!

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