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Hannibal S02E04 "Takiawase" Review

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I have to say I continue to be impressed with Raul Esparaza's Dr. Chilton, rather than playing him as a slightly inept psychiatrist, Raul's Chilton is more of a smarmy, brilliant yet over confident psychiatrist. I am absolutely LOVING what he's doing with the character. That being said, LOTS of ground to cover, so let's dive in!

First of all if you're a person prone to seizures then I feel really bad for you, as this episode would've overloaded your visual cortex, which bring us to Will Graham. As Dr. Chilton and Will discovered, Lecture may have been inducing seizures by manipulating Will's mind as he suffered from encephalitis. The strategic introduction of lights and potentially hallucinogenic drugs caused Will to lose time, memory and a sense of spacial recognition. It's clear that while Dr. Chilton still think Will is a murderer, he is also suspicious that Lecter may have done something to Will to convince him to murder. After all, Chilton is prescriptively responsible for Dr. Abel it wouldn't be too much of a stretch for Lecter to be responsible for Will.

Speaking of responsible, let's jump back on Will and Agent Katz. Will has made the shocking revelation that not only is Hannibal responsible for the copy-cat killings, he is also Jack Crawford's big fish, The Chesapeake Ripper. Of course, Agent Katz is skeptical but Lecter inadvertently tips her off and sure enough, a missing kidney confirms suspicion. However, she stupidly decided to break into his house and while she may have found a kidney in that plastic bag in the freezer, her fate remains unknown in regards to what Lecter did to her and how her absence will be explained (if Lecter killed her, which I'm certain he did). Will is slowly losing allies and will Agent Katz's foolishness ultimately result in Lecter's downfall? It's gotta be a contribution, but I have my theory based on previews in the next episode.

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I really should've thought this through...

As for our man, Lecter looks like he's playing a bit of a game himself, after (in not so many words) encouraging Bella to commit suicide, he leaves her fate in the hands of a coin toss (very Two-Face) and decides to revive her. I like the fact that while Hopkins' Lecter was much more deliberate in his decisions to kill, Mads' Lecter is much more "I'm gonna see where this goes." in his decisions. He could've easily allowed Bella to die and made her vanish completely, leaving Jack with the thought that she left him to die elsewhere, but Lecter decided to engage in (what I think) the more cruelest of the options and suffer Bella to endure Jack's anguish over her death. Will and Lecter are continuing to play this dangerous mind game but I think Lecter is realizing that Will is starting to put things together, especially with his alliance with Agent Katz. Now it's all coming down to an insanely murderous game of chicken, we know Lecter swerves first, but how and why are the real questions.

As for my theory, next episode it looks like one of the resident staff members at the asylum is responsible for The Copy-Copy Cat killings and Will urges this new pilgrim to kill Hannibal. It might be that Lecter does indeed dispatch Agent Katz and blames the murders on the resident. After all, Lecter is a crafty sonofabitch. With Will's trial postponed INDEFINITELY it'll be interesting to see what else comes to light in Will's memory hole. This show is taking so many interesting liberties with the Hannibal mythos and that I honestly don't know HOW it's going to conclude, for every hang up I had for this series, here we are second season and I am STILL impressed! I hope this keeps up.

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What's the most you ever lost in a coin toss?

In the realm of side stories, we have Amanda Plummer playing a crazy lady to MAXIMUM perfection, I've seen many lobotomy scenes in my life time, none made me cringe as much as this one and I think it was Amanda's gleefulness in performing the act. She openly admitted to the crimes and the story is thankfully wrapped up, but it was indeed cringe worthy. Still to come, I'm keeping my eyes out for Michael Pitt playing wealthy child molester and incesteous sex offender Mason Verger. A few nights ago, I sat down to watch "Hannibal" (the 2001 film) which feature Gary Oldman as Verger. For those of you who don't know, Mason Verger is known as Lecter's ONLY SURVIVING patient. Lecter convinced (a stoned out of his mind) Mason to tear his face off and feed it to the dogs, will we be seeing that delightful scenario play out in this season? Hopefully. But only time'll tell. Until then, stay classy.

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