Sunday, March 16, 2014

Hannibal S02E03 "Hassun" Review

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The shaky "friendship" between Will & Hannibal continues but this time Hannibal's actions are bordering on careless and at this point I have to question The FBI's competence in dealing with Will's case. A lot of questions are coming up and we'll get to all of those right now...

For starters I have to say that Raul Esparaza as Dr. Chilton is absolutely BRILLIANT casting, he comes off as the smug ass-hole he's always been and Raul just devours that role. Also, it was good to see my red-headed tabloid sleez-ball journalist cutie Freddie Lounds again...looking like she just walked outta the 1950s. Anyway, the centerpiece of this episode was undeniably The Trial Of Will Graham, and we now know that Graham is facing the death penalty...but as I said before, Hannibal's goal was never to kill Will. This episode shows that Hannibal doesn't want Will dead but rather wants to enjoy Will. The only way I can explain this is to say that Hannibal wants to see what will be said about him EXCEPT not about him but through Will. Essentially Hannibal is using Will as an anonymous front so he can reap the accolades for his crimes WITHOUT actually doing so. Of course, Hannibal can't do this if Will is executed.

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That awkward moment when Satan swears to tell the truth on The Bible...

But I absolutely have to question Hannibal's logic here, not only is killing people in the same fashion careless, it also narrows down the list of suspects of who'd have that information to rec-create those crimes, not to mention Will already fingered Hannibal for them...I'm not saying The FBI should IMMEDIATELY turn to Hannibal...but he would be on the table. I can't help but think that Hannibal's enjoyment for Will is clouding his judgment, after all one does not kill a judge without raising some eyebrows. This brings me to The FBI, so in order for "The Copy Cat Killer" to kill The Judge, he'd had to have been in the court room! Therefore The FBI should narrow down a list of people in the court room who have a connection to Will...which would once again lead them to Hannibal.

Also I have to call into question the fact that The FBI DIDN'T take a stool sample (or induce vomiting)...I think that'd be logical IF you think the killer DIGESTED their victim. I mean if there was enough of Abigail left for him to hack up an entire ear...ummm, just saying, that might've found more of her. Basically Hannibal's getting sloppy and The FBI isn't thinking clearly. The only one thinking clearly is Agent Katz as she's slowly realizing that the frame job on Will was almost too immaculate to be actual evidence. Jack is coming to grips with a war on two fronts, his wife is dying and of course he thinks his dog went rabid but he stood up for Will in the court room and that counts for something.

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Just so we're clear, you are The Devil, right ?

Meanwhile Will is playing a DANGEROUS head game with Hannibal in trying to convince him that he's as crazy as he wants Hannibal to believe he is. I'm curious if Hannibal's falling for it, but his constant defense of his innocence in setting Will up and his continuous affirmation of their friendship would lead me to believe that Hannibal is indeed falling for Will's mind games. The secret being is that Will KNOWS Hannibal is a monster and is working tirelessly to prove it. We already know how the story ends but I'll be damned if they didn't make this interesting! I'm in Serial Killer Story Paradise right now and it's every bit as horrible and beautiful as I imagined it would be. Still to come, Michael Pitt as wealthy, deranged, child molester Mason Verger and boy Oh boy are we in for a treat when Mads and Michael get to mix up mittens. This season is looking good! Until next time, bon appetite.

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