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Pretty Little Liars S04E24 "A is For Answers" Review

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And there we have it. Truth be told I'm more than a little disappointed with how this finale went...I supposed I jumped the gun when I thought this Season would be the beginning of The swan song. Despite having a spin-off it doesn't look like "Pretty Little Liars" is going away anytime soon. A lot of ground was covered in the finale, but not enough to really garner an impact in regards to coming to a logical conclusion. There were good things and some bad things and I'll cover them all. Let's dive in.

So as it turns out the mysterious visitor is Noel Kahn, who's only reason for being involved with Allison is "He has secrets too.". Okay, considering the fact that this series is based on secrets and lies, that's a good a excuse as any. Just makes me wonder how long Noel knew Allison was alive. Also, if Allison KNEW her friends weren't "A" then why did she say that didn't know who she could trust when they cornered her in Ravenswood? Allison pretty much vetted every "A" suspect (aside from Noel Kahn...because come the f*ck on, the girls were reaching with that one) so at the end of the day, who's left? Really, who is left? The twist with Allison's mom burying Allison alive, that's interesting. Usually scenes with live burials bug me but this one didn't. Then again Allison's mom has always been a nutcase. But if she buried Allison alive then why the hell is she mad at Spencer?

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Seriously, what's this bitch's problem ?

So Allison's Bitchyness was basically her getting leverage against everyone she suspected to be "A", of course that point in time it was Mona and I doubt Mona was the one who snuffed her with a rock. And thus far it looks like Cece Drake may still be on team Allison, which is weird because Cece fought Aria and put Emily in a box and was going to cut her in half...or was that all just one big misunderstanding? At this point the show isn't making much sense and I'm not crazy about this new direction they're going in. Basically every season starts off with the death of a character and the death of that character is solved as the episodes continue. Season One: Allison, Season Two: Ian, Season Three: Maya, Season Four: Wilden. So I'm guessing the mystery to solve next season will be "Who buried Mrs. DeLaurentis alive?" or "Who killed Ezra?". Well, we know who killed was "A" only problem is WE'RE NO CLOSER TO KNOWING WHO "A" IS THAN WE WERE AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SEASON!

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I don't fault the show for wanting to play up the mysteries but I was hoping somewhere down the line we'd get to see what happens on the other side of the spectrum, which is why I was excited about the prospect of Ezra being "A". After all, he has the money, and an intricate network of security cameras and multiple headquarters. But alas, as logical as that would've been, the writers feel the need to draw the mystery out to the point where I'm convinced that the end result won't really matter in the grand scheme of things. I say this because every reason "A" would have to want to hurt Allison is linked to other people. Allison was a bitch and she did blind Jenna, but ultimately Allison became MORE of a bitch because of "A" a.k.a Mona. Mona is pretty much the ONLY "A" that made sense...and the ONLY "A" we KNOW. Which sucks, considering since Season 3 a new "A" has been running The Game. But why? What's their motive?

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Poetic justice, apparently.

Mona's little happening upon a disillusioned Allison was perfect, as pretty much Allison created "A", BUT while Allison was gone what reason would Mona have to take up the "A" Mantle and torture her friends? Mona won, Allison skipped town. Notice, Mona didn't become "A" until Allison's "body" was found. Mona wanted to torture Allison's friends as revenge for the way they treated her, petty but understandable. But at the end of Season Two, we understood Mona was working for while her motives were her own, her methods were someone else's. But why this elaborate scheming? Why not just kill the bitch when they had the chance?

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Aria, I just want you to know that you and Det. Tanner are idiots.

I won't even address Melissa potentially killing a girl, why? Because it seriously doesn't matter. Here's a question, why did Melissa and Wilden attempt to kill Aria by stuffing her in a box with Garrett's body and hang her outside a train? Because "A" blackmailed her? Yeah...because attempted murder can be explained away like that. I don't care who's burying Mrs. DeLaurentis alive, all of this is nothing more than filler. I am curious if Allison is going to stick around now that pretty much everyone knows she's alive (no seriously, everyone knows she's alive). Seems like Det. Holbrook, played The Hastings against each other by performing separate interviews and corroborating what he got from them with Cece. You know who wasn't present? Det. Tanner. Ya wanna know why? Because she's an idiot.

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That awesome moment when a police detective actually does his job well.

Ultimately, I have no clue if I'll be watching Season 5, I'll have to know what's going to be the main focus, is Allison sticking around? At this point in time the dynamic of the show has to change and having Allison has an official member of the cast would be interesting. Is Ezra dead? Who's "A"? Who buried Mrs. DeLaurentis? I don't know and at this point, I don't care. And people said "L O S T" was confusing and unsatisfying. I'll see you guys back in Rosewood after the Summer, until then.

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Hanna didn't choose the Thug Life, The Thug Life chose her, and it chose well.

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  1. It`s very hard to drop the Ali`s evil twin theory after this episode... 'cause even if Jason was the one to hit Alison, why would he hit his mother?