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Pretty Little Liars S04E22 "Cover For Me" Review

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And now I'm officially confused, this show loves to do that to us and at this point it's just getting weirder and weirder almost to the point where any answers we get would be pretty unsatisfactory and kinda nonsensical. Certain reveals, behaviors and things just don't add up and it's all coming down to WHO IS "A"?!

In the First and Second Season, A was in fact Mona herself working with blackmailed operatives (e.g. Lucas and a few others). Mona was discovered in the finale of Season 2 and in Season 3 A was revealed to be Cece Drake and in this Season A is...Ezra Fitz...or possibly Mrs. question is Why? Mona's motive was revenge, Cece Drake, revenge...but this...Mrs. DeLaurentis thinks Spencer tried to kill Allison and that's why she's making The Liar's lives a living hell is just absolute bullsh*t and really doesn't make any damn sense. We ALL know Spencer didn't kill Allison, in fact we know Spencer didn't hurt Allison either because Allison did SEVERAL things AFTER in the encounter with Spencer and she wasn't suffering from a massive head wound.

Putting that aside, let's get into the disappointment I feel for Ezra Fitz NOT being "A". Although his status as "Board Shorts" hasn't been confirmed nor denied, thus far recent events (albeit unreliable as they are) have shown that Ezra was IN FACT just writing a book about Allison and nothing more. This disappoints me greatly because the fact of the matter is Ezra could've served as the infrastructure of the entire "A" Organization. Mona took her orders from Cece and Cece took her orders from Ezra, THAT'S the hierarchy I had in mind, but from the looks of looks like The Liars have been getting gang-banged by disconnected disgruntled enemies from Allison's past and that just doesn't make for much logical storytelling or the continuous progression of "A's" the series has. I mean is there is no hierarchy to the "A" Organization then that means there are several people out there just taking up the mantle of "A" Willy-Nilly. And at this point WHAT DOES "A" EVEN STAND FOR?!

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A is for "Angry"

With that said, let's get into the episode proper. Spencer is finally back from rehab and her drug recovery agent Dean Stavros is helping Spencer work through her issues...I like Dean but in all seriousness I hope he's not a lasting character...not because he's bad or anything but because it's too late in the game to start introducing new players to the field. He's just a character to swoop in, get Spencer back on track and quietly disappear. Speaking of quietly disappearing, Aria resurfaces on a college campus binge drinking at a frat house with some guitar carrying, soft spoken, worldly wise pretty boy named Reily who sadly looks like he's about to break out into a cover of  James Taylor song at any given moment (honestly Aria, what's with you?). Clearly heartbroken about Ezra, Reily convinces Aria that Ezra should be the one to leave and Aria returns to Rosewood demanding that not only Ezra leave her life BUT LEAVE TOWN!

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Here's a list of reasons why you're an idiot. 

Of course, Ezra being a complete logical human being and an adult doesn't comply BUT he does hand over his manuscript which reveals that Mrs. DeLaurentis is in fact the new "A". Anyway, getting back on track. It turns out Mona was actually into Aria's an "M" name, but spared him the trouble of dating her because Ezra was covering for her in his tell all book. Do I believe this? I sure as hell don't...but unfortunately I think this is the road they're going to take...and well...that doesn't make me happy. But all is not lost because Paige went against Emily and told the Police that Allison was alive and left them the address as to her whereabouts. Det. Tanner is skeptical of the new lead and suspects that Hanna is leading them on (because Det. Tanner has proven she's just as stupid as Aria) but Holbrook thinks it might be legit. Needless to say, Hanna (proving she's the smart one of the bunch) managed to connect the dots and realized that Emily snitched. The fall out from that will be interesting.

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Bitch, did you snitch on Allison ?

Now we're only one episode away from the finale and at this point I'm completely and utterly lost. If Ezra is NOT "A" then why in the Hell did he attack Spencer in Ravenswood? Or am I just assuming that was Ezra and it was in fact someone else dressed in the same exact costume as Ezra. Furthermore, why the camera footage if he was getting information from Mona? Why break into his own cabin to require Allison's journal? Why change certain entries in the journal? WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?! Geez, and people say "L O S T" was confusing. "L O S T" is pretty straight forward compared to this and this is because NO ONE IS TELLING THE TRUTH! The Season finale is titled "A Is For Answers" and we'd better get some damnit! Because if Season 5 isn't the swan song for this show, I might just drop it all together. We'll see, until next week.

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