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Hannibal S02E05 "Mukozuke" Review

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This is getting crazier and crazier by the second and good gravy were there some shocks and surprises this episode, also not to mention it's ALWAYS a treat to see Ms. Freddie Lounds (good gravy). Anyways, the fate of Beverly Katz is addressed and the cat & mouse game between Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter is off to an insane start, more after the break.

So Beverly Katz suffered what I can only describe as a death straight outta the movie "The Cell" starring Jennifer Lopez...anyone remember that movie, the horse scene...just me...oh...okay. Graham believes that Lecter sawed her in half, but why the hell would Lecter replace her kidneys with the kidneys of The Mural Killer? Honestly, sloppy work, Hannibal. But Hannibal has re-opened the scar on Jack's soul (and so close to his wife's suicide attempt) with Beverly Katz being a victim of The Chesapeake Ripper. That's 2 agents down, a rabid dog and a dying wife, Hannibal is really giving it to Jack in all holes with NO lube. Even Freddie had compassion on him and urged him not to observe Hannibal's handiwork. Ultimately, I think I was right in Beverly Katz bringing Jack onto Will's side, it's not enough to convince him but enough for him to lower his guard. After all, if Beverly was investigating Hannibal (per Will's orders) and ended up dead, all roads lead to Hannibal. How exactly will the not so good doctor get out of this one?

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I don't know but The Devil has a winning smile...

Surprisingly, Dr. Abel Gideon is ALIVE! Which is FANTASTIC because he did such an AMAZING job with that character I hated to see him go. But with Dr. Gideon alive and seemingly happy to help Hannibal, it's hard to determine what role he'll play in the cat and mouse game between Hannibal and Will. Obviously, Gideon is batting for Team Graham (as he kept Will from being a murderer) but perhaps he did so to protect Hannibal as well? Who knows? Only time'll tell. Scary situation for Hannibal falling victim to...whoever that orderly is. And I don't think he's dead and he knows Hannibal is The Chesapeake Ripper...and while he can't prove it, he's another thread Hannibal needs to tie up. Was that Will's plan all along? I have to question Will's intelligence is he's going to make a willful enemy out of Hannibal Lecter.

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That's The "I Have Made A Profound Mistake." Face.

This also can't bode well for Graham, because even if he IS innocent by the end of this season, he's still guilty of attempted murder...even if he was attempting to murder a serial killer. Just how that washes with Jack and The Bureau remains to be seen. But it's clear that because of Will's actions, he feels himself becoming The Monster Lecter made him out to be. Will this torture him in future episodes ? Despite being uncothe in his practices, Dr. Chilton is proving to be rather cunning in his dealings with Will, but his decision to allow Lecter to "interview" Dr. Gideon is questionable (of course, Chilton does not know this). I continue to be impressed with Raul's Dr. Chilton. Will is playing with one too many hot and unstable hands (Freddie Lounds, Dr. Chilton, Dr. Abel Gideon) and maybe he needs to because Hannibal is playing it close to the chest. His methods are slip-shot, his care for Will Graham is evident and that maybe his undoing. Time'll tell.

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No real reason to put this here other than to just ask "Why is she so damn pretty?!"

Once again the sound design is stunning and the imagery is borderline INSANE! Things are getting VERY intense for this series VERY subtle and yet so in your face that you'll feel the smack only after the red mark is gone from your face. The next episode, Lecter is throwing a dinner party and maybe Mason Verger (played by Michael Pitt) will show up then. I'm on pins and needles! This is shaping up to be one delicious season and I can't wait until the main course is served!

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