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Hannibal S02E09 "Shiizakana" Review

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If this show got anymore disturbing I might have to marry it. I am ABSOLUTELY loving this show and how it's expanding The Hannibal Mythos, specifically the Will Graham character. While I still like Edward Norton's Will Graham, Hugh Dancy has taken Graham to a place I would NEVER have imagined. While this episode was pretty predictable in it's set up, the ending was...well...I'll address that after the break.

So Hannibal is petty enough to try and get even with Will for attempting to kill him in episode 5 of this season. I call this petty because Hannibal seemed to be (weirdly) okay with Will attempting to kill him (which I think was apart of Hannibal's plan all along, to expose Will to his darker don't know now).Of course, I thought Hannibal's revenge for Will attempted murder was nailing Alana, but I should've known better, nailing Will's romantic interest was a bonus prize, killing Will and eating him was the grand prize. But as Will has pointed out, Hannibal doesn't want Will dead because he wants to be his friend. I have to say that this is the aspect of the show I love the most, the fact that these two ABSOLUTELY HATE each other and ADORE each other all the same, it's a Passive Aggressive's Wet Dream with these two.

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Everytime Hannibal cooks something I'm always thinking "Hm, I wonder who that is?" lol

Neither of them have the ability to kill the other personally and both outsourced the job to others. While Will stumbled onto a psychopath willing to do his dirty work for him, Hannibal (possibly) appears to have a cabal of lunatics just looming about to pay their dues to The "Good" doctor. Randall Tier, who I'm referring to as "The Robo-Bear" is quite an impressive piece of work, basically he's Ironman, if Ironman had a mental breakdown and went feral. It's crazy enough to suite the show's over the top nutcasery and plausible enough to wonder why no one has done this yet. I'm curious to see how Will survived with minimal scarring, as he appears pretty much unharmed when he lays Randall out on Hannibal's dinner table and declares they're even. I have to say, I love the narrative technique of constantly showing us the conclusion of things. This season began with (what I imagine to be the ending of this season) and this episode ended with the results of the battle between Will and Randall, beginning with Randall bursting through Will's window like The Kool-Aid Man. Of course, we all know, it ALWAYS ends at the dinner table.

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Oh, I see you brought dinner tonight.

My question is WHAT IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS HOLY IS WILL'S PLAN HERE?! It's VERY clear that Will still desires to bring Hannibal down (if the dream hadn't made that clear enough). I'm wondering what his plan is? Is he going to set Hannibal up for his murders like Hannibal did him? I doubt it. I just have a hard time accepting Will as a murderer because once he crosses that line, no matter what happens after that, Hannibal would've won...and I don't want Hannibal to win. But I trust Will that he knows what he's doing and has a plan to get Hannibal in the dark blues and mask that have become so iconic with his likeness. This show has managed to surprise me before, I trust it can do it again.

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He f*cked up when he went after the dog. You don't f*ck with a man's dog.

Speaking of surprises, what's Will's angle with Margot Verger? Or rather, what's her angle with him? I'm assuming she's going to let Hannibal (attempt) to murder her brother, but where would that leave Will and Margot? It's obvious they're not going to be doing anything together (because she's a lesbian) but comparing notes behind Hannibal's back...interesting. Anyway, I am OVERJOYED for the next episode because, MASON VERGER! I am REALLY excited to see this character! I LOVED what Gary Oldman did with him and I CANNOT WAIT to see what Michael Pitt will do with this character, it's bound to be AWESOME! The next episode looks BATSH*T crazy in only a way this show can deliver! It's gonna be great! Until then!

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