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Season Four Reference Guide

HOWDY YA'LL so by now Season Four has been more than wrapped up and WHAT a Season it was eh ? In order to help you guys understand this Season more clearly I decided to put together this nifty little reference guide. Much like Season Three, Season Four was LARGELY adapted from internet folklore. While Season Three was adapted from The Inglip Mythos, Season Four was adapted from the world of Creepy Pasta, more specifically Ritual Pastas. Don't know what I'm talking about ? Well here's the reference guide after the break...

For starters the entire Season was based off an original story by Creepy Pasta Jr. titled "The Jacket", which is a side story added to The Holders Mythos (which initially was what Season Four was based entirely around).

However, The Holders Series is MUCH more involved than I'm able to get with the measly budget I have. So I had to change this Season and focus specifically on ritual pastas.  Ritual Pastas are defined as:

"Pastas about rituals the reader may undergo in order to gain some sort of power of special object. Usually, failure to complete these rituals ends in death or some fate even worse."

The Holders Series is probably one of the most famous and largest Ritual Pastas ever. Last year I sort of became obsessed with The Holders Series. Eventually I joined The Holders Forum and am now a contributing author for The 2nd Generation of Holder Stories! But we're not here to talk about my achievements! I'm here to give you the references for Season Four. So let's get started.

Episode 01: Season Four Premier
The Season Four premier opens in the same way "The Jacket" does, with The Holder Of The Story arriving to receive The Story of how Ugo became The Holder Of the Jacket. Therefore the rest of the story is actually a flashback. When I first heard "The Jacket" I fell in love with it! I thought it was an extremely creative and awesome spin-off to The Holders Series, and as I mentioned before I'm kinda obsessed with The Holders Series, so I HAD to make this my wrap around story for this Season. Check out "The Jacket" below and see what I mean.

Episode 02: The Strange Review SPECIAL: The Skeleton Key
Yet another one of my favorite ritual pastas. "Salvation" is actually what got me interested in The Holders Series, and although they're not related, "Salvation" does read like a Holders Story. That aside, I've always wanted to do a review of "The Skeleton Key" because after thinking about it, I found that I really enjoyed more than I initially thought I had. And since the movie had "Key" in it's title and "Salvation" was primarily about obtaining a key, I thought this would be a good match. Check out the story below.

Episode 03: Deconstruction #2: The Ring
I'm sort of kicking myself about this one because I had already reviewed "8mm" on my Strange Review Series, and considering "Moonlight Films" (the pasta this episode is based on) is primarily a snuff film, reviewing "8mm" would have been a perfect idea for this. My next idea was to do a review of "S-V/H/S" the sequel to "V/H/S", but I wasn't sure if I was gonna able to get a hold of Cheese in time, so that idea fell to the wayside. At any rate, I've been meaning to do a solid review of "The Ring" and since this movie was about a cursed video-tape and "Moonlight Films" was about a video tape...I figured I was in the ballpark. Luckily though, "Moonlight Films" does slightly tie into "American Horror Story: Asylum", since Bloodyface skins his victims alive and makes furniture out of them, and since "Moonlight Films" is about the same thing, I figured I'd best include this one. Check it out below.

Episode 04: The Adversary
This was originally going to be "A Chat Over Dinner" another one of my favorite non-Holders ritual pastas, this one is pretty damn cool, since I always like mysterious "Know It All" Characters who can do things for people for a price. However this one isn't Faustian, this is simply just a chat over dinner with a mysterious stranger who seeks to know everything they can about you. This story was simple enough to include in this Season and wasn't very involved, so it seemed like a perfect fit. However the other person my actress got for the role of "The Stranger" dropped out of the project, so I had to re-do this episode and turn it into a Holder's stories, specifically "The Holder Of The Adversary", which explains The Army Man. Enjoy.

In my attempt to make 100% that EVERY episode had a Creepy Pasta reference, I RACKED my brain trying to figure out what I could put in here. Since this episode was mostly a dream sequence, I tried to look up all dream related pastas, but dream related pastas are VERY complex and involved. However, I remember back when I first started reading creepy pastas, I came across a neat, little, unnerving story called "Candle Cove" about a mysterious children's TV show. The Candle Cove Mythos has been expanded greatly, but the original story ended with a GREAT twist and I decided to incorporate that in this series.

Episode 05: The Back Up Plan

Episode 06: The Strange Review: When A Stranger Calls
I'm not a fan of Smile Dog, I actually think it's pretty stupid, however since Smile Dog is a popular enough story and mythology, I decided to incorporate it in. I used this as a moment to display Julie a.k.a The Seeker's disregard for human life. The myth about Smile Dog is that it causes people to go insane. Personally, I wish I would have reviewed "The Caller" for this and did a phone related Pasta, BUT sadly couldn't find one good enough for this. Check out the story.

Episode 07: The Strange Review: Halloween Special #3
There was NO creepy pasta reference for this episode. However, in a long running gag, EVERY Halloween Special MUST end with a character saying "Oh shit." =D

Episode 08: The Tale Of The Seeker
THIS IS THE BIG ONE! THIS IS THE BIG REVEAL! This episode I decided on while coming up with the concept for Season 4. Previously, Season 4 was going to be STRICTLY about The Holders Series, however when I realized that was going to be pretty damn difficult, I decided that Season 4 should focus on Creepy Pasta as a WHOLE! So I used various Creepy pasta stories as reference guides for the world I was building. When it came to The Seeker, I decided that the BIG reveal would be that The Seeker a.k.a Julie is actually the daughter of Jeff The Killer & Jane The Killer. I didn't use either of their names but in the story when Jeff & Jane faced off, the story ended with Jane being found dead in child birth. So now I created an original character born from The Creepy Pasta Mythos. Jeff The Killer, Jane The Killer and now Julie The Seeker. =D. Check out the battle between Jeff & Jane!

Episode 09: American Horror Review #2: Asylum
No creepy pasta reference for this story, but again The connection between this and "Moonlight Films" made it easy for me to incorporate "American Horror Story: Asylum" in the storyline. Previously, I wanted "American Horror Review #2: Asylum" to be the Season Finale, it's a BIG review and a show awful enough to warrant being a finale. Plus all of this was going to tie into "2012: Doomsday" being made by The Asylum, and the asylum The Seeker and I go to would be the place where "2012: Doomsday" was created. Which I did do. But a better option came to me when I was planning the finale, one so perfect and applicable that I HAD TO DO IT!

Episode 10: The Strange Review SPECIAL: The Jacket
I've always wanted to see this movie, but never got around to it, time got in the way. But since this ENTIRE Season was based on the story of "The Jacket" I decided that I ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO use "THE JACKET" as The finale!

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