Monday, April 21, 2014

The Public Rape Experiment

So recently I've been watching a butt-load of prank videos and things of the like because I really enjoy things like that and among the many pranksters on Youtube is Fouseytube. Aside from doing pranks, he also engages in experimental videos to gauge people's reaction to things such as bullying and so on, much like ABC's much acclaimed "What Would You Do?", also a show a very much enjoy. A few days back, Fousey posted a teaser for something he called "The Public Rape Experiment" which posited the question of if you heard someone getting raped in the bathroom, would you get involved or would you run?

Considering that rape has been among the most discussed topics of our era (what with Steubenville and many other cases), I was skeptical on how this video would present it's self. I was mostly worried it would cow-tow to the same tired Mary Koss Feminist talking points about rape (ie, only women can be raped, and if men are raped it's not as important or on the same level as female rape, ect. ect.). Thankfully, the video did not...although, what the video did do...wasn't much better. Before I continue, I should say (although I have no reason why I should have to say it, but considering the mentality of some people out there, it bares saying) I AM NOT ADVOCATING RAPE! I AM NOT A RAPE APOLOGIST! Rape is one of the worst crimes that can ever be imposed on another human being.

That being said, the video did as advertised, Marks entered the (Men's) bathroom and heard the sounds of a woman being assaulted and a man hushing her to be quite and threatening her with violence. 3 men quickly assessed the situation and rushed to the aide of the woman only to enter the stall and pause with wonder. The video maintained a mystery about what the men marveled at until the very end of the video and THIS is what I take issue with:

 photo THEPUBLICRAPEEXPERIMENTHD199_zps0fcea687.jpg

The video concludes with the revelation that the intervening men were treated with a mirror and an inscription which read "This is what a rapist could look like", naturally the men would see themselves. The ending implies that "All people are capable of rape." and citing that a rapist can be anyone. So here's my point of contention, the intervening men are basically told they're potential rapists. They rush in to stop a rape and they're told they're a rapist, what sense does that make? The woman in the video cited that she was shocked that no one came to her rescue and THIS should've been the focus on the video. Imagine if at the end of the video the intervening men rushed in only to be confronted with a mirror and an inscription above reading "This person can stop rape." implying that ANYONE who intervenes in such situations can stop them, but instead when they go in to help, they're basically called a rapist.

Again, the point of the video wasn't to say that anyone could be a rapist, the point of the video was assessing how someone would react if they were confronted with such a situation, and instead of learning a valuable lesson, that they have the ability to stop rape by simply acting, they get called a potential rapist for their trouble, and I can imagine a lot of men walking away from that thinking "I'm not a rapist.", and rightfully so since most sensible people aren't going to rape anyone (and that applies to both men and women).  I hope I'm making sense and you see how I think the aim of this experiment is a bit off. With shows like "What Would You Do?", The Marks are always asked about their decisions and congratulated for having the fortitude to intervene, it's encouraging and heartfelt because no one's expecting to get a pat on the back, they're just doing what they think is right, however in this video's case, they do the right thing but get told that they could potentially do the wrong thing. I think that's the wrong message, it's not encouraging nor is it heartfelt.

Again, the woman in the video cited how NO ONE came to her rescue, perhaps if the video ended by saying if more people like them intervened, things like rape wouldn't happen and all it takes a little action on their part. I'm repeating myself but I'm driving the point home. Big ups to Fousey for doing this video and wanting to tackle a serious topic in a very profound way, but the execution left much to be desired. Now here's a REAL experiment for you, have it be a man being assaulted by a female in the woman's bathroom and see what results you get! Catch you later!


  1. Finally, someone talking reasonably about this stupid and insulting video. Thank you...

    1. Thanks! Spread it around. I wanna get a dialogue going. Thanks again!

  2. I agree that the video could be interpreted this way, but it wasn't meant to be that way. On receiving lots of criticism for this video, Yousef commented on it explaining exactly how they made the video. Turns out that we don't see what the guys using the restroom see; the writing on the wall that they see was supposedly "Congratulations. You have just saved a life". If they had included that in the actual video, then the shitstorm surrounding it wouldn't be as bad as it is.

    1. Now I'm curious as to why he didn't include that bit, but thanks for informing me.